Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner: review of a model with a self-cleaning station included (wet cleaning, maps, control with Alice)

An inexpensive robot with a self-cleaning station? This is the Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner – a fresh model with wet cleaning, advanced laser sensor, remote control and voice assistants. The Kyvol robot independently navigates the room, is able to build detailed maps of the room and supports zoning, including the setting of virtual barriers.


  • Model: Kyvol S31

  • Type: Robotic Wet Vacuum Cleaner

  • Features: self-cleaning station, work with voice assistants

  • Suction power: 3000Pa

  • Pure water tank: 110 ml

  • Waste collection tank: 400 ml+4300 ml

  • Battery capacity: 5200 mAh

  • Battery life: up to 4 hours

  • Size: 35 x 35 x 9.8 cm

  • Control: remote control and app

  • Navigation: LDS, virtual restricted areas

  • The Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner comes in a large box: there is a self-cleaning station that also serves as a charging station, the vacuum cleaner itself, and a set of accessories. A great gift for a relative, friend or colleague, as well as for housewarming.

    The layout of the vacuum cleaner is classic: a pair of side shes, a central V-shaped turbo sh, fall sensors in a circle. There are contact and non-contact sensors for obstacles, height differences (determines carpets, increasing suction power).

    The robot is delivered in a package measuring 45 x 45 x 39 cm and weighing ~ 4 kg. Please keep this in mind when ordering self-pickup. It is better to order delivery “to the door”. Inside, the station and the robot itself are carefully packed in separate cardboard boxes.

    The kit for the Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner includes a wet cleaning module with spare wipes, replaceable HEPA filters, spare side shes, a remote control (with AAAx2 batteries), several garbage bags in the self-cleaning station itself. The user manual is detailed and contains information in English both about the operation of the robot itself and how to work with the application.

    The laser navigation module is located in the superscture and allows the robot to build maps in real time and navigate indoors. Height including superscture – 10 cm, which allows you to move under furniture on legs. The application is available to install virtual barriers and restricted areas.

    In front of the robot, there is a wide object sensor that allows you to timely detect static and dynamic obstacles and plan a path in real time, avoiding collisions. With the help of such a sensor and advanced navigation algorithms, the robot successfully goes around scattered toys and objects on the floor, goes around people and animals, furniture legs (tables / chairs), remembering the missed places when cleaning.

    On the back of the case there is a niche for a container that provides for the collection and filtering of debris. The reservoir is quite large (~ 400 ml), it can “empty” into the station’s garbage bag during the self-cleaning cycle. For filtration, a HEPA14 type filter is installed (replacement included). A tool for cleaning the rollers and wheels of the robot is also provided.

    On the top panel there are two hardware keys for quick selection of functions (home / mode), as well as an on / off button. The central sh has a combined profile of hard bristles and a silicone insert.

    The Kyvol robot self-cleaning station is large and supports robot search and recharging. A rather powerful suction motor is installed inside, as well as a garbage bag. The declared capacity of 4.3 liters is enough for at least two weeks of autonomous operation of the robot.

    You can use the Kyvol App to control your vacuum cleaner. Available for both Android smartphones and iOS. In the application, we select the S31 model, detailed settings are available, the choice of voice language, and software updates. The application allows you to set a cleaning schedule by hour and by day of the week, there is a cleaning time limit (“silent mode”). A breakdown of the premises by zones for cleaning is provided, as well as restricted areas and a virtual wall.

    The application itself contains plugins for working with voice assistants from Google and Amazon, you can additionally configure work with “Alice” or “Msya” – the application has an available API protocol.

    The control is carried out both using the keypad on the top of the case (“Start” / “Home” button), using the remote control (you can select the cleaning mode, switch the power or start cleaning by timer), as well as using the smart home application .

    Maintenance of the robot is simple and straightforward. It is possible, but not necessary, to shake out the dust tank – the robot cleans itself into the dust collector of the station (the frequency of self-cleaning is configured). To start wet cleaning, just fill the washing plate with clean water and place it on the bottom of the robot. Do not forget to change the napkin after cleaning. It is allowed to use a low-foaming, non-aggressive detergent (detergent for vacuum cleaner robots).

    The operating time depends on the power settings and ranges from 80 to 240 minutes. It is quite possible to perform a full cycle of cleaning in a room of 250 sq.m. I note a really powerful battery (5200 mAh). Garbage collects decently – this is the result of one cleaning cycle after a robot of another brand. Where Kyvol found so muchbbish – I have no idea, nevertheless, it’s impressive.

    Video version of the review of the Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner.

    In search of an independent model with a self-cleaning station in the kit, I chose the Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner. This is the most affordable version, which is offered with a self-cleaning station in the kit, and also supports simultaneous dry and wet cleaning in one cycle. Yes, and it’s really convenient – just change the bag to a new one every 2 weeks / month (there are several pieces in the kit, you can buy heels in stock right away).

    I will note the control with the help of voice assistants “Alisa”, “Msya”, Google Assistant, control through the Kyvol App branded application for a smartphone, as well as using the remote control, which makes the Kyvol robot convenient for older people. A full-sized 5200 mAh battery provides long battery life on a single charge, allowing you to clean your apartment or house in 1-2 full cycles. The price of the Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot, including the coupon, is only 26,490 ***, which is quite good for a model with a self-cleaning station in the kit. You can also buy on the OZON marketplace. Consumables are typical, suitable for “similar” models (Proscenic M7 Pro HONITURE Q6, Uoni V980 Plus, Uoni Lenovo T1 Pro and the like). For example, I am attaching a link to a lot with consumables and accessories for the Cybovac S31 model.

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