Korean Shin Ramyun Nongshim Plush Pillow and Blanket with Noodle Print

A warm blanket and a pillow are always good. And when this blanket and pillow have an unusual look, it’s even better. Quite by chance, in the next selection I came across a blanket and a pillow decorated with Chinese (Korean) ramen noodles. My heart sank, I’m an extremely impulsive person. You can’t show me such things. A couple of minutes later, a new item appeared in the purchase history:
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No, well, how can you not buy such a charm? I am an adult, accomplished man and I need this noodle print blanket and pillow! We really need it!

A couple of days later, the Chinese sent the parcel, and three weeks later I have it. Honestly, I don’t go for new products from Xiaomi with such a desire, as I ran after this package.

And here she is. My darling. In a bag. Lies.

I open the bag, there is only a pillow inside. Features a bright red Korean Shin Ramyun Nongshim noodle print. This is one of the most popular and popular ramen. They even sell it in ordinary supermarkets. True, I do not really like these noodles precisely because of their spicy taste. Too hot, you know the trick: real hot peppers are burned three times. This noodle also burns at least twice. But this is so, by the way. We’re talking about a pillow, not about noodles.

So this pillow came to me:

Dimensions, as stated, 45 * 33cm. The truth is, if you flatten the pillow. And in a state of being stuffed, it is slightly smaller:

Well, there, of course, plus or minus a couple of centimeters is also present. The Chinese cannot do otherwise, because they even lie on measuring tape:

But I was not offended. So, it was clear that the pillow is not the biggest. In order to sleep on it at night, it is too small, but for relaxation, or for decoration, it will do quite well.

There is a label on the pillow, in Chinese of course.

The pillow also has a hidden zip on the side. We open it, and inside there is a blanket:

Well, you can also see that there is a mesh inside the pillow, behind which there is a synthetic filler. It is sewn there behind the net, and in my opinion it is not enough. Later, I plan to take half a kilo of filler from a sewing store and fill the pillow more tightly:

Now about the plaid. Simply put, he is gorgeous. Such a drawing cannot be bought in a regular store.

The plaid material is very soft plush. With a small nap. The top is covered with a noodle print and the inside is just white. The blanket is trimmed with yellow fabric along the contour.

Sewing is really not to say that it is excellent. In some places there are threads and also in places there are crooked seams. But this is again the Chinese. They cannot do otherwise, they have it in genetics.

The print itself can be seen that it is applied to the pile. This is noticeable if the blanket is squeezed or stretched:

But in general, the drawing is applied well. Especially not to find fault.

The size of the blanket was also measured by me. On the store page it is written that the plaid has a size of 193 * 65cm. My measurements showed a size of 157 * 96cm. Well, yes, again it is clear that the plaid was measured with a real Chinese tape measure:

Of course, it was possible to show the seller about the discrepancy between the sizes. But okay. I’m not that bad.

Well, below are photos of trying on a blanket and a pillow. None of the children wanted to pose. Therefore, a teddy cat acts as a test subject:

After lying under the blanket for about an hour at room temperature, the cat said that the blanket is very soft and comfortable. It is warm under it, but if it were a little longer (about the height of an adult), then the blanket would be too small.
To be honest, I was afraid that the material would be completely synthetic, but to my delight, the material here is really pleasant to the touch.

Korean Shin Ramyun Nongshim Plush Pillow and Blanket with Noodle Print

Summing up, I can identify two significant disadvantages of this set. The first is the dimensions that do not correspond to the declared ones. And the second disadvantage is that if you do not live alone, it is dangerous to buy one set. My children had a fight, arguing who will sleep under this blanket today, and who will be noodles today. I had to make a schedule of duty over the blanket and urgently order two more blankets (I’m not kidding, it was). So that each of the children can feel like a cozy warm noodles.
But the set has much more advantages: soft, cozy, warm, everyone likes, unusual, inexpensive, causes a surge of fun.

In general, I can safely recommend such a blanket for purchase. It’s worth it.

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