JISULIFE LR01 Review USB Charging Portable Lint Remover

Review of Jisulife Lint Remover: Tidying Up Old Things 2022. I think many have come across the fact that a favorite sweater, hat, scarf or other clothing (especially made of woolen and similar materials), which we often wear, quickly enough “overgrows” with pellets of different sizes and begins to look not very attractive. A machine for removing pellets will help to solve this problem, for example, the one that will be discussed in this review.

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The device arrives in a high-quality dense box:

The package includes:

  • lint remover JISULIFE LR01
  • microUSB charging cable
  • replaceable knives
  • cleaning brush
  • instruction

The machine itself is equipped with a 1100mAh battery and looks like a small barrel with strongly rounded edges, on top of a leather loop for fixing on the finger and carrying:

On one side, on the side, there is a button, a power connector and a battery indicator:

On the other side there is a window through which you can observe the degree of filling of the container where the cut pellets fall:

Below there is a grid with holes of different diameters into which the pellets fall when you drive the device over clothes, and then they are cut off with special knives located immediately behind the grid. The principle of operation in a simplified manner resembles the operation of electric razor knives:

The bottom cover with a mesh is unscrewed, giving access to the cutting element:

The size:

Cable length 1m:

The knives have a peculiar shape, when they work, they seem to “float” up and down and their purpose is not only to cut off the pellets, but also not to damage the very base of the fabric and not to make clues:

The disc with knives is removable, there is an impeller under it, which provides sufficient air flow to draw the pellets into the container:

I would like to draw your attention to a special pin, which is in the upper position when the cover with the mesh is unscrewed and disables the ability to turn on the device when the button is accidentally pressed, for example, during cleaning:

The typewriter button has three functions: a short press switches the operating modes between normal and faster disc rotation …

But the long press turned out to be a surprise … it is responsible for turning on the backlight, and quite bright:

The backlight, in contrast to the rotation of the disc, can be turned on even when the cover with the mesh is unscrewed:

The top cover can be removed with a slight twist:

Having removed it, we get access to the container where the pellets are collected, there is also a disconnecting pin:

In the center there is a unit with an engine and a battery:

As a “test subject”, let’s take an old sweater with a lot of pellets:

We turn on the machine and begin to drive through the “overgrown” place with almost no effort, in some places you can only slightly press the machine in order to remove a particularly tricky pellet. In most places, the first speed is sufficient:

We clean both on a flat surface and along side folds:

If there is not enough lighting, turn on the backlight:

The result of work within 20-30 seconds was very pleasing:

Handles even long spools:

It is stated that at the first speed, the battery will be enough for 2 hours of continuous operation, for the second 1.7 hours. I think this is enough to tidy up your entire wardrobe and more than once 🙂

After work, we clean the device with a complete brush:

The battery capacity corresponds to the declared one, the device takes about two and a half hours to charge. When charging, the indicator flashes red:

In general, the device is extremely useful for tidying up the appearance of not new, but still quite wearable things; it works very delicately, without damaging the fabric itself, but only by cutting off the spools. the JISULIFE LR01 machine is made of high quality, it does not make much noise during operation, and the presence of backlighting favorably distinguishes it from other similar devices.

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