Is it possible to cool the room with a refrigerator? Yes, but there are nuances!

Have you ever wondered if a refrigerator can cool a room? Usually they say no, but I will say that it is possible. But not everything is so simple.

First you need to understand how a refrigerator works. If you know, you can safely scroll down to the designated line. Not? Then so. Thermodynamic equals… uh… stop. Entropy is closed….so, stop again. Let’s simplify everything as much as possible.

So, introduction. In nature, it is arranged in such a way that if you place a warm object next to a cold one, then the warm one will cool down, and the cold one will heat up until their temperatures are equal. And, of course, if you do not continue to cool or heat it further. It is clear that the boiler included in the network in a bucket of cold water will heat, and not cool itself. I think this is understandable.

And here our special agent-hero comes into play. And this is not agent 007, but a refrigerant liquid. Why does the refrigerator gurgle? This is exactly the same refrigerant in it and moves.

Have you seen what happens if you punch a hole in a can of deodorant or unscrew the spool in an inflated wheel? It will be cold, cold. The nipple of the wheel chamber will generally be covered with frost. In short, this is a very important point. With a sharp drop in pressure, the temperature also drops.

So, the refrigerant quickly becomes a gas from a liquid, i.e. his blood pressure drops. And it becomes very cold. And through the wall next to the refrigerant we have warm products. What did I say a couple of paragraphs above about what happens if you put warm next to cold? Correctly! Your food will become colder and the refrigerant will warm up a little. It will heat up a little, because you have a 7l pot of borscht, and there is much less refrigerant.

But your borscht stands still, and the spent refrigerant flew back to the back of the refrigerator, where there are a bunch of all sorts of tubes and a warning not to block them and not to put them close to the wall. Have you heard that there is a compressor in the refrigerator? And you hear it yourself every day. It builds up pressure and the refrigerant becomes almost liquid (and also very hot). Then it passes through all these radiator tubes and dumps excess heat through them, becoming liquid completely.

Why can’t the refrigerator radiator be covered? Yes, because the colder the air at the radiator, the faster it will cool and work better. From which slide will you slide down faster, from 5 meters or 20 meters? The greater the height difference, the faster. So with the radiator, the higher the temperature difference between the radiator and the air around it, the faster it will cool.

Op, and here is the very line that separates those who knew before from those who know how the refrigerator works now.

And now the main thing. You open the refrigerator door and a fresh breeze blows on you. Okay.. Except (let’s simplify it to understandable computer game language) 100 points of cooling that you get from the doors of the refrigerator turns into 120 points of heat that escapes from its back.

So yes, if you stand right in front of the open door of the refrigerator, you will be cool. Until, over time, that gradually accumulating excess heat from the back of the refrigerator heats the room to a completely unpleasant temperature. Well, remember the problems from the school like “7l/sec was poured into an empty bath and 5l/sec flowed out”? These extra heat glasses will gradually heat up the room.

“Hey, ara!” – you say, – “you said that you can cool the room with a refrigerator!”. Well, yes, he did. Can. In front, it cools with might and main. The problem is that it heats up more at the back than it cools at the front. So all it takes is just take away it’s allocated on the back of the refrigerator excess heat somewhere far away outside, outside the room. Let it heat the air somewhere. Therefore, you can put a refrigerator in the doorway, lay it around the perimeter and, voila, let it heat the corridor or the next room. You will get coolness from the open door of the refrigerator. Well, or not to lay, but put there outside there is a fan next to him, let him blow the heat somewhere there.

Not really, right? I agree. Then you can do it easier. Extend these tubes through which the refrigerant walks and make it so that it is compressed by the compressor and dumps heat out, and you only collect excess heat in the room. And it is even better to build in a fan in this part, so that it walks a cool breeze throughout the room, and not just next to the refrigerator.

Although stop … it turned out to be an air conditioner?

I hope that you have received an answer to your question whether it is possible to use the refrigerator as an air conditioner.

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