Review Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuum Food Sealer: One of The Best!

Review of Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuumator: One of The Best On The Aliexpress/Amazon 2022. Devices such as evacuators have long been popular in many kitchens. Vacuuming food allows you to store food for much longer, preserve the freshness of greens, vegetables and seafood when frozen for a long time. Harvested dill in the fall in this way will not fill the entire refrigerator with its smell, and the fish will retain its aroma and will not share with the surrounding products. Also in the review I will point out why such a device will be useful in everyday life, not only for those who love workpieces. This model has all the possible functions. There is no need to look for a knife, it is already built into the device, INK-VS01 can both evacuate solid and liquid products, it can help in pumping out air from the outside, for example, bags for storing clothes are very popular. It can also just seal the packages. In general, the device has maximum functionality and premium appearance. Let’s take a closer look at it.

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Inkbird INK-VS01 Vacuum Food Sealer 110V Automatic Sealing Machine with Dry&Moist Modes Built-in Cutter for Food Preservation

Packaging and equipment

The evacuator comes in an unsightly box made of ordinary cardboard

The device itself is drawn on the front side of the box.A QR code was placed on the side to visit the company’s website

The package includes a power cable for a Euro-socket and a special nozzle for outside air intake.

The parameters of the vacuumator are as follows

Product specification:


Model: INK-VS01

Size: 382 * 104 * 62mm / 15.04in * 4.09in * 2.44in

Net Weight: 1.05kg / 37.04oz

Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Rated power: 220V

Sealing time: 8-12 seconds

Alternating current / sealing time: 10-20 seconds

Vacuum level: -80 kPa

Waterproof: not waterproof

Warranty: 12 months


The vacuum unit turned out to be very presentable in appearance. Made of durable black plastic and covered with stainless steel on top. Above, we can see a bag cutter, an LED control panel and a company logo engraved on the metal.

On the front edge there is a warning that the bag soldering device has a hot surfaceHere is a more detailed photo.From above, the trimming device is open only from the side of the slider, for which we would move the knife The control panel has 4 buttons. First choice of products (Moist – wet / Dry – dry) The second button is to seal the bag without pumping out the air. The third button is for air evacuation and subsequent sealing of the bag. The fourth button stops all processes. Above there are 5 strips of indication of work.

For a tight fixation of the bag for pumping air, there are latches on both sides, which open when the corresponding button is pressed

There is nothing particularly interesting on the back of the deviceThe power connector is covered with a coverThe lid opening hinges are made of durable plastic

At the bottom at the bottom there are legs and a sticker with characteristicsRubber feet allow the vacuum drawer to stand firmly on the table surfaceThe sticker shows the device model and power parameters. When the lid is opened, we see the working area of ​​the vacuum unitHere we see a connector for connecting an external tube and a button for turning on the air pumping mode without closing the lid. The seal is achieved by a polyethylene foam insert. The package is pressed to the heating element by an insert made of heat-resistant rubber

Having considered the appearance, we immediately proceed to testing

Tests and measurements

To understand the evacuation power, we will conduct a standard vacuum test on a dish sponge.

The sponge is compressed as tightly as possibleSideways only about one millimeter

Also check on solid foods

There are no complaints about the force of pumping out air, the vacuum generator easily copes with the evacuation of solid products. That ensures their long-term storage. Here’s an up-to-date example. We ordered fresh fish. The fish has not been frozen more than once and I would not want to expose it to this, but the entire stock cannot be eaten quickly, so we will save it using a vacuum apparatus.

Another unappreciated advantage of evacuation is the improved marinating quality of meat products.
For example, I am a lover of steaks, I prefer to marinate steaks simply in salt and spices. At the same time, vacuuming allows the salt to get inside the product faster and the meat becomes richer and more tasty, while not losing its juiciness, as if it were lying in the air.

After exposure under vacuum, the meat retained its juiciness and became incredibly tasty.

Now every preparation of meat for steaks is not complete without marinating under vacuum. I’ve tested this more than once, honing my steak frying skills. Taste sensations grow by an order of magnitude.

There is also good news for lovers of proper nutrition. Chicken is usually not famous for its juiciness, especially if it is breast. All problems are solved by using vacuum marinating and grilling.

Chicken is much tastier, cooked by this method, it is liked by both adults and children, and is fully consistent with proper nutrition. This makes it possible to test the possibilities of evacuating air from a bag containing a liquid product such as marinated chicken.

After marinating under vacuum, the chicken is unusually juicy and tasty

I tested the taste sensations of all friends and family members, all confirm the improvement in the taste characteristics of dishes

It is also worth noting the incredible convenience when working not with bags, but with rolls of vacuum film.

This is well reflected in the following picture.

This allows you to select the desired packet length based on your needs.

Vaccination from the outside also gives a wide field for imagination)))

You can keep food fresh in containers with special lids.

Can be used to store things in vacuum bags, which takes up much less space. There are many such packages at the latitudes of aliexpress

During operation, the device consumes a maximum of 117 W

In terms of noise, it has a standard level of similar devices. The work of the pump is audible.

As a result, I would like to say that such a vacuum apparatus will definitely come in handy in your kitchen, even if you are not a fan of blanks. We purchase rolls of vacuum bags and train in creating the most delicious dishes. This vacuumator meets all the requirements for such devices, has the ability to select a mode (for wet and dry products), is able to cut off the film, is able to seal separately and suck out air from the outside. Now Ali is working on various promotional codes for the sale by March 8 and the price of this vacuum cleaner has also dropped, there is an opportunity to buy as profitable as possible. Recommended for purchase.

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