IMILAB V1 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review IMILAB V1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022. Today’s review is dedicated to the modern home assistant – a smart robot vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning function. The characteristics will not disappoint – dry and wet cleaning, high autonomy and suction power of 2700 Pa, intelligent recognition of the type of floor covering and, of course, work with the Mi Home App mobile application.

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Washing robot vacuum cleaner Imilab V1 with base and self-cleaning function: first acquaintance with the novelty


The Chinese company Imilab, known to some for its video surveillance cameras, has decided to actively engage in smart home systems. And she released not just anything, but a robot vacuum cleaner with a docking station for collecting dust. And all under the wing of the tech giant Xiaomi.

Imilab was founded in 2014. The founders of Imilab are employees of Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Acer. Imilab’s distribution network covers more than 30 countries in total, sales of various devices exceed 20 million units.

In reviews of Chinese goods, the ears of the Xiaomi rabbit often stick out, and most likely the first-born robot from Imilab, model V1, is a reworked Lydsto R1, the characteristics are already painfully similar. But we’ll figure it out in the course of the review.

I have long wanted for myself a sensible robot vacuum cleaner with navigation, so as not to lock it in one room and it cleaned up there chaotically. And there is something to clean – the kit often sheds. And in the IMILAB V1 model everything is like a selection: both navigation and minimal steps for maintenance.


  • Model name: IMILAB V1 (CMSDJ707A)
  • Cleaning type: dry, wet
  • Dust Collection Dock: Yes (CMJCZ01)
  • Wi-Fi Control: 2.4GHz
  • Vacuum cleaner power: 50 W
  • Docking station power: 950 W
  • LDS navigation (lidar): Yes
  • Turbo Brush: Yes
  • Maximum suction power: 2700Pa
  • Battery parameters: 14.4 V, 5200 mAh Li-on
  • Docking station voltage
  • Working time (min): 100-250
  • Vacuum cleaner charging time: 4 hours
  • Water tank: 250 ml
  • Dust container: 300ml
  • Docking station bag capacity: 3L
  • Noise (dB): <65
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Vacuum cleaner size: 350×98 mm
  • Docking station size: 356x250x193 mm.

Packaging and equipment

The device comes to the user in an impressive box weighing almost 11 kg.

IMILAB V1 is securely packed first in a heavy cardboard shipping box, then in a commercial box. Recycled cardboard protectors inside the box.

The country of manufacture of the product is China. The warranty is 2 years.


  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner V1
  • Dust collection docking station
  • Operating instructions (English)
  • Spare side brush
  • Reusable fiber nozzle for wet cleaning
  • 10 pieces. disposable wet cleaning nozzles
  • 4 spare dust bags
  • Brush with a knife for cleaning

Complete paper instructions are in English only, but other languages ​​are available on it by QR code.

It’s nice that they give you spare consumables to get started. When they run out, you can order them on AliExpress without any problems.


Available in white glossy only. Since IMILAB V1 is a whole complex for cleaning the house, consisting of a CMSDJ707A robot vacuum cleaner and a CMJCZ01 docking station. Let’s consider them separately first.

The design of the robot is calm, without bright elements. On the case there are a pair of backlit mechanical buttons. Dimensions: diameter 35 cm, height without lidar protrusion 8 cm, lidar 7 cm in diameter and 2 cm in height. Weight 3.9 kg. Many windows with sensors are striking.

The clearance of the main wheels allows the robot to drive over an obstacle up to two cm high:

The main brush can be easily removed for cleaning. The side brush requires a screwdriver. There is only one side brush (viewed from above, located on the left):

The dust container (300 ml) is combined with a water container (almost 300 ml) and can be easily removed from the robot body using latches. Water is poured into a hole with a rubber plug. To filter the exhaust, a HEPA fine filter, covered with a thin cloth, is used.

A nozzle for wet cleaning is installed on the bottom of the container, onto which rags (reusable from fiber or disposable from fine synthetics) are glued to Velcro. Water comes out through three holes.

By unscrewing the 8 screws, you can remove the protective bottom cover and gain access to the battery compartment. It uses an assembly (4S2P) of 8 18650 batteries with a voltage of 16.8 V and a capacity of 5200 mAh. The assembly is connected with a connector, it is quite repairable.

Moving on to the docking station for charging the robot and collecting dust. Here it is of impressive size (with a large bucket) made of matte white plastic. The separate station solution eliminates user contact with dust. The garbage bag (3L capacity) should last for a month of cleaning, then it is closed and thrown away.

Power cord with “Euro” plug, 1.5 m long. It can be wound from the back. Indicators are hidden in the black circle.

Charging contacts and dust receptacle are spring loaded for precise positioning.

Under the cover there is a disposable dust bag, a filter and a complete brush with a knife for cleaning robot parts.

The dock screen displays three icons: bag filling, robot dust collection and robot charging indicator.

Comparison with Lydsto R1

Well, aren’t they alike? Containers and brushes are replaceable. Yes, there are differences in the color scheme of the case and buttons, but perhaps the most important thing: the IMILAB V1 docking station has a screen. And Lydsto also has its own mobile app.

Well, why develop a new similar device, it will take a lot of time and financial resources. Xiaomi knows how to count money.


When V1 is working, all actions are accompanied by voice prompts in a female voice in English. Their volume can be adjusted in the mobile application.

The noise level (~ from 1 m) during the operation of the vacuum cleaner fits into the declared values ​​and does not cause discomfort. If it distracts, there is a quiet mode in the settings.

I really liked the story with the automatic recognition of the floor covering by the V1 model – on the carpets, the robot itself adds power to select more dust from them, which lies deep. Suction power in turbo mode (2700 Pa) – my compliments, even sticky dirt is pulled out.

Brush work on rice. It can be seen that the brush does not scatter rice. The swipe speed is also configurable in the application.

Emptying the dust container. At the same time, the noise is like a full-fledged vacuum cleaner. It is good that this procedure is short-lived.

The device’s navigation deserves special praise, it is fast (20-30 sec for the first orientation) and accurate. If there is no WiFi connection, all maps are stored directly in the robot. See how he saw the legs of the chair:

Wet cleaning does not leave drops, puddles. For linoleum and even laminate flooring, just what you need to freshen the floor after dusting. The water supply is adjustable in the application, there are 3 gradations.

The efficiency and autonomy of the robot (up to 2 hours) are at a very high level, the model is clearly designed for large houses. Needless to say, the robot does not fall off the steps, understands the floors (via the app) and has the ability to bypass certain defined zones.

Here is the result of cleaning my small apartment to the maximum, in which a stupid robot had previously removed from Midea. We have carpets and a cat.

And after cleaning, the robot itself goes to the base, dumps dust and charges (about 3 hours full charge). Electricity consumption during charging and in standby mode is low.

Self-cleaning is a useful function, it saves time, and allergy sufferers will be grateful. Yes, the docking station takes up more space, but the advantages during use outweigh.

Although in this model the contact of the user with the dust from the container of the robot is minimized (even reduced to zero). Some maintenance procedures are still necessary, and the working parts of the vacuum cleaner have a service life.

Main nodes:

  • A container for collecting dust – it is recommended to wash it every day, but this is too much, once a week is enough – it can be seen from the operation.
  • HEPA filter – cleaning with a complete brush while cleaning the container.
  • Fiber nozzle for wet cleaning – replace after 6-12 months of use. It is better to wash immediately after a big cleaning, so that the dirt does not carry further.
  • Brush – replace after 6-12 months of use. Hair wrapped around the brush should be periodically cut off with a complete knife.
  • Side brush – replace after 3-6 months of use. To remove hair, remove the side brush with a screwdriver.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner sensors – wipe once a week with a dry cloth.
  • Dust bag in the docking station – an approximate filling time of 30 days, the docking station will signal a replacement.
  • Dock ventilation duct – clean if necessary.

Mobile app

It uses the familiar to many Mi Home Xiaomi Inc. The mobile application allows you to control the robot from anywhere, schedule cleaning and fine-tune all the parameters.

IMILAB V1 is available in the UK region, if you select RF, you will not be able to add a device, unlike Lydsto R1. Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.

Voice control of the device is still only in English.

Robot and application settings, automatic floor coverage detection is enabled there:

It is possible to update the firmware over the air and it is possible to use the smartphone as a remote control for the vacuum cleaner.

Cartography and dividing the area into rooms, for each then you can set your own parameters. All cleaning logs and service messages are saved in the application.


IMILAB V1 left me with only positive emotions. It cleans perfectly, it is controlled flexibly. There are still temporary rough edges with software, but you don’t pay attention to them.

A robot vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning function allows you to save time on tedious household cleaning, and you can spend it on yourself and your loved ones.

Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the shopping!

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