iLife W455 floor cleaning robot review: Dirt has no chance

Robotic floor cleaners are a new direction in the development of devices for cleaning rooms. Today I will tell you about an interesting model – iLife W455, which is designed specifically for washing floors, and not for collecting dust and wiping with a damp cloth. The robot can be controlled through a proprietary application on a smartphone or using the control panel from the kit. Washing is carried out using a rotating roller and water, suitable for washing flat surfaces such as laminate, linoleum, tiles. If you have carpets or wooden floors, this device will not work. The washer has a large enough reservoir to collect dirt, so you do not have to clean it often. In the review I will talk about my impressions of the operation, the main advantages and disadvantages of the model.


  • Model: iLife W455
  • Cleaning types: wet
  • Water tank: 850 ml
  • Waste tank: 900 ml
  • Autonomy of work: 1 h 40 min
  • Dimensions: 28*29*18 cm
  • Control: remote control or smartphone

Contents of delivery

The iLife W455 robot came in a colorful cardboard box with a handle for easy portability. On the packaging there is an image of the device, as well as its main advantages. The manufacturer emphasizes the presence of a camera and control of the washer through an application on a smartphone.

The box contains: an insction manual (English language is present), a remote control (two AAA batteries included), a charging unit with a charging base, an additional cleaning roller, a sh for cleaning, and a hook-shaped tool for extracting hair.


The iLife W455 floor cleaning robot has a round design, like most robotic vacuum cleaners. However, the size of the device is even more compact than theirs. The body is made of silver and black plastic. On the top are compartments for clean and dirty water, disconnected by pressing the button on top and slightly pulling the handle. Also on top are the Mode, Clean buttons and a camera for navigation.

On the bottom you can see a cleaning roller, a sticker with technical specifications, and charging contacts. The wheels have no tread, just softbber. But the washer goes very quietly.

The design is quickly disassembled, on the inside there is a tank for clean water: a filter and a valve. On the other side there is abber plug for draining dirty water. Pour out, wash all contaminated elements of the body and rinse the tank in case of something – it is not difficult.


For the convenience of using the robot, I recommend immediately installing the application from the Play Market: ILIFEHOME. Works stably, quite easy to use. I have already used this application with other devices of the company, complaints can only be made about the translation into English. Adding a new device is intuitive, select the desired device model, the washer must be connected to a Wifi network and it is ready to follow your commands!

Control is possible both using the buttons on the robot, and using the remote control or through the application on the smartphone. In the application, you can also see the cleaning progress, battery percentage and notifications about the end of the water in the tank. In total, there are three cleaning modes to choose from: along the path, zoned and spot. There is also a manual option for controlling the trajectory of the robot. As the room is recognized, the application builds a map with objects that need to be avoided.

The selected cleaning mode is displayed on the indicator panel of the washer. And to the right of it are icons for connecting to Wifi and the status of the water tank. To get started, you need to check the battery level in the application and pour water into the compartment above the minimum mark (as an option, you can use shampoo for robotic vacuum cleaners with a little foam). Next, pick up the remote control or go to the application, select the desired cleaning mode – let’s go!

The washer went quite cheerfully “to explore the world” along the road abundantly wetting and driving the surface under him with a roller. The main thing is that the cables do not hang anywhere, and ordinary obstacles like tables, chairs, cabinets and other standard interior items are not a problem for the robot. Poke a couple of times, but understand what’s what. There are buttons on the remote control to change the intensity of the roller rotation, the volume of water supply, etc.

The process of work can be assessed on the video. Instead of smearing dirt on the surface, as washing robot vacuums do, the iLife W455 washes it away, leaving a slightly wet, clean floor after its passage. In the application, you can adjust the amount of water flow and the speed of rotation of the sh.

Since light dirt like loose earth, dog tracks or ketchup drops is not a problem for the washer at all, I decided to give him a real test with somewhat unrealistic working conditions. I scattered sugar, quite a lot, with a slide and lumps. In general, I wanted iLife to not complete the task and turn out to be a little better than a washing robot vacuum cleaner. And when the washer drove the first time over the sugar mountain, it was like that. However, by slightly adding the amount of water consumption and the speed of rotation of the sh, he practically overcame the hated mountain of sugar. There was no sugar left on the floor from the third pass, the floor, of course, remained slightly sticky – but that’s another story, I chose such a specific product for the test.

Then I decided to check what would happen to small items that suddenly ended up on the floor and weren over by a washer. I took toothpicks, as the smallest possible items, I thought that they would get inside under the roller. However, the toothpicks simply got stuck in the sh area and did not affect the operation of the robot.

After the washer has completed the task of cleaning the premises, it is necessary to clean the tank with dirty water, and it is also advisable to rinse the roller and wipe the bottom of the robot.

After itful work, iLife W455 goes to charge. Autonomy of work approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. By the way, the washer does not stop by for charging on its own, you have to do everything manually. In addition, the charging process is quite long, about 6 hours. Both features can be brought more likely to shortcomings.


The robot floor cleaner iLife W455 unambiguously performs its task with high quality. It will be a great addition to a regular vacuum cleaner without a wet cleaning function. And even if your vacuum cleaner can perform wet cleaning of premises, its quality can hardly be compared with that of the iLife washer. One simply smears the dirt over the surface, and the other will wash the floor so that there is no trace of dirt left. If you manage to get the floor dirty, you can use the multiple cleaning mode – the dirt simply has no chance of survival.

Management is clear and understandable, both using the remote control and through the application. The dirty water tank is large enough, you can pour it out quickly and rinse the tank with clean water. Of the main shortcomings, I can only note the inability of the robot to independently enter the charging base, as well as the fact that the charging process takes a lot of time. Of course, I would also like to see lidar as navigation, but we have what we have. In fact, even without a lidar sensor, the device is well oriented in space.

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