ILIFE V7s Plus Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iLife V7s Plus: Review, Features, Pros and Cons 2022.

The review is devoted to the V7s Plus model from the famous Chinese manufacturer iLife. The robot vacuum cleaner is designed for dry and wet cleaning of smooth surfaces, it can also clean carpets with a small nap thanks to the installed turbo brush. Almost 12 thousand people have already ordered this model on Aliexpress, and this is a record figure. And in fact, iLife V7s Plus is a very interesting option for your money (200 dollars). Next, we will make a detailed review of the robot and consider its advantages / disadvantages.

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ILife V7s Plus Package Contents:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Network adapter.
  4. Remote control.
  5. Spare filters (2 pcs.).
  6. Additional side brush (1 pc.).
  7. Dust collector.
  8. Combined container for wet cleaning.
  9. Removable nozzle.
  10. Microfiber cloths (2 pcs.).
  11. Comb brush
  12. User manual.

Kit in box

Kit in box



As we can see from the review, the accessories include various accessories and consumables for the most effective cleaning. Unfortunately, the robot’s movement limiter is not provided here, so make sure that there are no unnecessary items on the floor before starting work.


The iLife V7s Plus model is made in the traditional minimalist design for the manufacturer. The body is made of plastic, has the shape of a tablet / washer, when viewed from above, the shape is round. The front panel is made in a pleasant powdery pink shade, the bottom is black, the side is white. Overall dimensions – 340 * 340 * 84 millimeters, weight is 3 kilograms.

On the front panel of the robot vacuum cleaner there is a cover for the dust collector compartment, as well as a single touch button combined with a status indicator.

View from above

View from above

A spring-loaded bumper with obstacle sensors is located in the front of the robot.

When reviewing the iLife V7s Plus, from the back, we see the drive wheels, front roller, contact pads, power button, drop sensors, one side brush and a central electric brush. In addition, a removable panel for wet cleaning is installed on the bottom, on which a microfiber cloth is attached.

Bottom view

Bottom view



The main characteristics of iLife V7s Plus are summarized in the table:

Cleaning type Dry and wet
Source of power Li-Ion battery
Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Working hours 2 hours
Charging time 5 h
Suction power 600 Pa
Obstacle height Up to 10 mm
Dust collector Cyclonic filter, 300 ml
Water tank Combined container, 300 ml (60 ml solid waste compartment)
Dimensions (edit) 340 * 340 * 84mm
Weight 3 Kg
Noise level 55 dBA


The robot avoids obstacles and prevents falls thanks to space scanning sensors located on the side and bottom of the iLife V7s Plus. If the object is not visible to the sensors, then a soft collision is provided by a protective bumper and a mechanical sensor. In any case, the navigation is simple.

The iLife V7s Plus robot vacuum cleaner cleans the floor with one side three-beam brush, as well as a hybrid rotary electric brush. We call the electric brush a hybrid because it has both stiff bristles, which are suitable for cleaning carpets, and soft rubber combs for smooth floors.

The robot has the following operating modes:

  • auto;
  • manual;
  • local;
  • around the perimeter.

Modes of operation

Modes of operation

During dry floor cleaning, the debris is directed inside the installed 300 ml dust collector with a pre-filter to retain large debris and a fine filter for finer litter, dust, bacteria and microorganisms.

As additional functions, the iLife V7s Plus robot vacuum cleaner automatically starts at a specified time, as well as wet cleaning.

As we have already noted in the review above, for wet cleaning it is necessary to install a separate combined container with a small compartment for garbage.

Water tank

Water tank

You also need to install a removable nozzle with a microfiber cloth on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. The wetting of the napkin is done automatically in the process of work, however, for the best result, you can also pre-wet it yourself.


iLife V7s Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be operated with an infrared remote control. Management is clear and convenient.

Remote controller

Remote controller

User manual

Before starting the robot vacuum cleaner for the first time, we strongly recommend that you study the manufacturer’s manual that comes with the kit.

You can download the instruction manual in Russian by clicking on the link: manual for V7s Plus .

Advantages and disadvantages

In conclusion, let’s highlight the main pros and cons of the iLife V7s Plus, given the price.


  1. Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  2. Good equipment.
  3. There is a turbo brush.
  4. Cleaning quality is average.
  5. Automatic charging at base.


  1. Poor navigation.
  2. There is no movement limiter.
  3. Low suction power.

In general, for 11 thousand rubles, it is quite problematic to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning so that it can really perform the task at hand. The only significant competitor is only the new Mijia G1 . All other robots will be about the same level. And considering that the ILIFE company specializes in robotic vacuum cleaners, how best for me to choose their product. In addition, the reviews are mostly positive, and there are a lot of orders for Aliexpress.

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