iLife V5s Pro Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review iLife V5s Pro 2022 is a model of a robotic vacuum cleaner from the Chinese company Chuwi, which will interest any busy person who is kind to maintaining cleanliness in his home. A modern cleaning robot is able to clean the room even in the absence of its owner. And at the end of the work, the vacuum cleaner will independently go to the base for recharging. A description of the configuration, external and operational characteristics of iLife V5s Pro can be found below.


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The iLife V5s robot vacuum cleaner comes in a branded box with a plastic handle, packed on the outside in another box of thicker corrugated cardboard. The delivery set consists of:

  1. The very life of Life.
  2. Charging dock.
  3. Network adapter.
  4. Remote control with two batteries.
  5. A pair of spare side brushes.
  6. Two HEPA filters.
  7. Microfibre cloth holder for floor cleaning.
  8. Spare wipes.
  9. Separate water tank.
  10. Brushes for cleaning the dust collector
  11. instructions and warranties.

Vacuum cleaner delivery kit overview:

Ilife accessories

Ilife accessories


Externally, iLife V5s Pro looks very attractive and modern. The upper part of the body has a golden hue, which gives the robot vacuum cleaner a special sophistication and elegance. And the small dimensions of the device allow it to penetrate under the furniture and clean out the accumulated dirt and dust from there. A review of the front side of the case shows us the touch button for turning on the robot, the iLife branding, as well as the button for opening the dust collector compartment. The dust collector is taken out from above.

Top view

Top view

In the side part there is a soft bumper, an on / off button for the robot vacuum cleaner, a connector for connecting the power supply.

Side view

Side view

When reviewing the iLife V5s Pro from below, we see two side wheels, a front swivel roller, side brushes, a small hole for suction of debris, a pair of contact pads for installing the device on a docking station and recharging, two holes for supplying water to a napkin, space for installing a holder napkins, which is fastened with Velcro.

Bottom view

Bottom view


The robot vacuum cleaner, given its low cost, has very decent technical parameters, an overview of which is given below:

Cleaning Dry and wet
Battery Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Runtime on a single battery charge Up to 110 minutes
Charging time 280 minutes
Average cleaning area 80 m 2
Maximum suction power 850 Pa
dust collector Cyclone filter (without bag)
Dust container volume 300 ml
Water tank volume 300 ml
dimensions Diameter – 306 mm, height 76 mm
Weight 2 kg
Noise level Up to 50 dB
Extra options Remote control, soft bumper, two filters (including a fine filter), timer, cleaning planning, sensors and sensors against collision with obstacles and falls from a height, a separate water tank.


iLife V5s is able to clean the room in the following three main modes:

  • Automatic, until the battery is completely discharged: the movement is generally chaotic, the vacuum cleaner chooses the trajectory of movement based on the characteristics of the room.
  • Spot cleaning mode (local / local): in it, the vacuum cleaner moves along a spiral path in a given area of ​​u200bu200bthe room with a small area.
  • Cleaning the room around the perimeter: when the robot reaches the wall, it starts moving exclusively around the perimeter, cleaning debris along the baseboards and from the corners.

Sensor operation

Sensor operation

In addition, from the infrared remote control, you can schedule cleaning and set a specific time for the iLife V5s Pro to automatically start.

As the test shows, the device copes quite well with its main task – dry cleaning of hard floor coverings such as parquet, tile, linoleum, laminate, etc., but is also able to freely drive on carpets with not too high pile and clean them .

Cleaning under furniture

Cleaning under furniture

And thanks to the built-in wet cleaning function, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to wipe the floors and refresh them after dry cleaning. To do this, the robot has a separate reservoir for liquid with a volume of 300 milliliters and two holes on the bottom of the body for liquid to enter a microfiber cloth mounted on a special holder.

The dust collector has two stages of filtration: one is a mesh filter to collect the main, large debris that can be washed with water, and the second is a HEPA filter that traps smaller particles of dirt and dust.

User manual

The user manual is included with the robot vacuum cleaner, but it is only written in Chinese and English, so you will have to take care of the translation yourself. The information contained in the manual is standard: here is a description of the design, performance and functions of the robot, explanations for the use and maintenance of the device.

You can download the instruction manual for iLife V5s Pro in Russian on our website. To do this, just follow the link: manual for V5s .

Advantages and disadvantages

Summing up, I would like to consider the pros and cons of this robot vacuum cleaner with a hotel list.

Advantages of Chuwi iLife V5s:

  1. Modern design and small body size.
  2. Maneuverability and good overcoming of obstacles (the vacuum cleaner drives even on the most fleecy carpets).
  3. Powerful battery.
  4. The presence of sensors and sensors against falling and collisions with furniture.
  5. Remote control with batteries included.
  6. Equipped with a soft bumper.
  7. Separate water tank.
  8. Cleaning planning.
  9. Double filtration system.
  10. Increased suction power.

The main disadvantages of a robot vacuum cleaner:

  1. No motion limiter included.
  2. Small suction hole.
  3. There is no automatic water supply to the napkin.
  4. The scheduling function is not fully implemented, planning is carried out only for one day.

Considering that the average price of a model in 2018 is 12,500 rubles, the shortcomings are quite obvious and justified.

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