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Review and test of robotic vacuum cleaners iLife V3S Pro 2022.
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iLife V3S Pro is a low-cost model from Chuwi designed for cleaning hard and carpet floors from dust, dirt, hair and wool. Despite the Chinese origin, the robot vacuum cleaner copes with its main functional duties and has good technical characteristics. You can learn more about the robot vacuum cleaner in our article by studying iLife V3S Pro review.

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The iLife robot is packed in two boxes at once: the first is a protective one made of thicker corrugated cardboard, and the second is made of cardboard with a plastic handle for easy transportation of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The scope of delivery includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Power adapter.
  3. Charging station.
  4. Remote control.
  5. Batteries.
  6. Two additional filters.
  7. Two side brushes.
  8. A brush for cleaning the dust container.
  9. Instructions.

ILife V3S Pro Accessories

ILife V3S Pro Accessories

As you can see, there is no movement limiter in the package bundle. However, given that the average price of a robot vacuum cleaner in 2018 is 250 dollars, now price 199 dollars , this is quite logical. In addition, the set includes a remote control; not all budget robots are equipped with a remote control.


iLife V3S Pro robot vacuum cleaner has a modern look and a round shape. As you can see from the photo, it is made of white plastic. The dimensions of the device are small (30x30x7 cm), thanks to which the robot freely drives under the furniture and carries out cleaning there.

View from above

View from above

When looking at the robot vacuum cleaner from above, we see the “Clean” touch button, the “Push” button for lifting the dust container cover, and also three pairs of status indicators. On the side of the device there is a soft bumper, a power connector, and an on / off button.

Side view

Side view

An overview of the robot vacuum cleaner from below shows us two drive wheels on a high suspension, one swivel wheel in front, two side brushes, a suction port and a battery cover.

Bottom view

Bottom view


An overview of the iLife V3S Pro specifications is provided in the following table:


Battery Li-Ion
Battery capacity (mAh) 2600
Battery life (min.) 130
Charging time (min.) 280
Cleaning area (m 2 ) 50-80
Suction power (Pa) 600
Rated power (W) twenty
Dust collector Cyclonic filter, capacity – 0.3 l
Dimensions (WxDxH, cm) 30x30x7
Weight, kg) 2.05
Noise level (dB) 65
Extra options Auto return to base, remote control, timer
Manufacturer country China


The robot vacuum cleaner has three operating modes:

  • Automatic cleaning. In this mode, the device moves chaotically from obstacle to obstacle, and when it collides with it, it changes the trajectory of movement to cleaning along the walls, and then moves chaotically again – and so on in a circle. The robot is removed in this way until the battery is completely discharged, after which it is sent to charge to the docking station. You can activate the mode using the touch button on the panel, or from the remote control.
  • Spot cleaning mode (local / local cleaning). In this mode, the robot vacuum cleaner increases the suction power, while the noise it produces increases. The mode is activated exclusively by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • The cleaning mode along the edges (along the walls) is also started only by pressing a button on the remote control. This mode allows you to thoroughly remove debris, dirt and dust along the baseboards, as well as sweep it out of the corners.

Remote control

Remote control

It is also possible to program cleaning according to a schedule; for this, the robot has a timer. This function will greatly facilitate the maintenance of daily cleanliness in residential and office premises, and will save time and labor costs. After finishing cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station. It is also possible to connect the device directly to the network using the power supply included with the iLife V3S Pro accessories.

Return to base

Return to base

Ailife is equipped with orientation sensors that prevent collision with surrounding objects and allow the robot vacuum cleaner not to fall down stairs and hills.

Sensor operation

Sensor operation

The robot has a fine air purification system, due to which the ambient air is subjected to maximum filtration. The system is based on the operation of two filters that require periodic manual cleaning. The first mesh filter can be easily washed with water, while the second must be cleaned with the supplied brush.


The content of the robot vacuum cleaner manual is standard for most automated cleaning robots, it contains a description of the functions, operating modes, delivery set, technical parameters, principles of operation and maintenance of the device. It is included in the delivery kit from the manufacturer.


You can download the iLife V3S Pro user manual in English on our website. To do this, follow the link: iLife V3S Pro manual .

Advantages and disadvantages

Chuwi iLife V3S Pro model of Chinese production is an excellent assistant for cleaning premises, having a pleasant appearance, good technical parameters and functions at its low cost. With its main function – dry cleaning of premises, the device copes almost perfectly: most of the garbage from the floor is sent to the dust collector in a fairly short time and the room shines clean.

Let’s highlight the main advantages of iLife V3S Pro:

  1. Modern design.
  2. Compact dimensions.
  3. Good overcoming obstacles, including the robotic vacuum cleaner, without any problems can drive on carpets, even with a sufficiently high pile.
  4. Powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  5. High quality filtration system.
  6. 3 different operating modes: automatic, spot cleaning, cleaning along the walls.
  7. Work on schedule.
  8. Remote control.
  9. Automatic return to the charging base.

In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner has a number of disadvantages:

  1. Small volume of waste collection container.
  2. Average noise level, which increases when the vacuum cleaner is in the stain cleaning mode.
  3. The plug is provided for the Chinese model, and most often requires replacement, or the use of an adapter.
  4. When cleaning the room, the robot can move the charging base.

This concludes the description of the characteristics of the considered robot vacuum cleaner. If you become the owner of this robotic assistant model, please leave your feedback on iLife V3S Pro in the comments below the article.

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