iLife H70 vs Xiaomi Jimmy JV51: Review & Comparison Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Cheap But Powerful Wireless Vacuum Cleaner ILife H70 Vs Xiaomi Jimmy JV51: Review And Comparison 2022. Hello everyone! Today we will look at the most budgetary, but quite powerful vertical wireless vacuum cleaner ILIFE H70 and of course we will compare it with my irreplaceable Xiaomi Jimmy JV51. We will compare in terms of suction power, build quality and equipment.


To find out the price, as well as compare the cost of the ILIFE H70 and Xiaomi Jimmy JV51 vertical cordless vacuum cleaner on AliExpress, follow the links below.

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  • Color – silver chrome
  • Cleaning type – dry
  • Dust collector type – container
  • The volume of the dust container – 1.2 l
  • Battery type included – Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity – 2500 mAh
  • Battery life – up to 40 min
  • Battery charging time – 300 min
  • Power consumption – 250 W
  • Suction power – 300 W
  • Dimensions and weight WxHxD – 25x125x23.50 cm
  • Weight – 2.5 kg


The device is delivered in a cardboard box with colorful printing. On the front there is an image of the device itself with the main features. There is a convenient plastic handle on top for carrying the box.


Inside, we find a complete set that is quite rich for such a budget, namely: instructions with a small operating guide, a warranty card, a turbo brush with large wheels and LED backlighting, an additional nozzle with a thin nap for knocking out upholstered furniture, an extension pipe with contacts for connecting a brush, two slotted attachments, one of which has a sliding part with bristles, a simple bracket for attaching the vacuum cleaner to the wall, dowels and screws, an additional washable filter, a battery with charge indicators, a power adapter for charging, a brush with a blade for cleaning the turbo brush and the vacuum cleaner itself.

ILIFE H70 vs Jimmy JV 51 comparison

The main body of the vacuum cleaner is made of cheap but durable glossy plastic. The plastic and build quality of the Jimmy JV51 is slightly better. The ILIFE H70 is serviced through a waste container, which opens by swinging the lower sash. The container itself is not removable, but this does not greatly interfere with the cleaning process. Through it, you can remove the main filter and the plastic component with a metal mesh, which creates a cyclone.

On top of the handle there are three battery indicators and a tactilely pleasant turbo button. The cordless vacuum cleaner ILIFE, like Jimmy JV51, has only two modes of suction power: 1-10 kPa, 2- 21 kPa. The device is turned on by pressing the trigger. You do not need to hold the trigger to operate the vacuum cleaner.

The battery has impressive dimensions and is made in a case of low quality plastic, on which you can even notice the color stains that the plastic is painted with. The Jimmy JV51 battery is also removable, made in higher quality plastic and has only one discharge indicator.

But the extension pipe turned out to be much more practical than the analogous part of the Jimmy JV51 set. It is coated with a silvery paint that is difficult to scratch. Whereas the pipe of the Xiaomi sub-brand vacuum cleaner is painted with powder paint, which is scratched from the first contact with the sofa.

The turbo brush has large wheels, which negatively affects its maneuverability. On the lower part there is a rather strongly protruding fleecy strip, which always collects wool and dirt on itself. It cannot be hidden in the body of the turbo brush, which is not very pleasing.

The turbo brush itself can be easily removed by pushing back the spring-loaded plastic fixing plug. A really useful feature is the LED backlighting. She not only gives off dust in dark corners, but also in places where it would seem that she can be seen with the naked eye.

Unlike the Jimmy JV51, the ILIFE H70 has only one turbo brush. But there are two nozzles with a sparse and more frequent arrangement of bristles. One of the brushes can be used to knock out dust mites from upholstered furniture. There are also two crevice nozzles, but unlike the nozzles included in the set, the Jimmy JV51 has only one retractable brush.

Suction power

The suction power of both vacuum cleaners is the same, and in the box pull test, which can be seen in the video review below, the vacuum cleaners were on an equal footing. However, Jimmy JV51 was slightly stronger with the inclusion of the second speed.


Summing up, I can say that at the moment both vacuum cleaners are budgetary and one should not expect any outstanding characteristics from them. We must pay tribute to the Jimmy JV51 vacuum cleaner, which, despite years of operation, feels great and continues to cope with everyday tasks of cleaning an apartment paired with a robotic vacuum cleaner. ILIFE H70 pleases with a rich set and at a low price it gives out good suction power, which to this day is also enough to maintain cleanliness in the house. Therefore, both vacuum cleaners are worthy of choice in their budget segment. I hope the review was useful to you, and you spent your time well. Good luck and good mood to everyone. Bye.

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