EASINE by ILIFE H70 Review Cordless Wireless Handheld Vacuum

Review Easine H70 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2022. There was a need to buy some kind of vacuum cleaner for cleaning a frame cottage-bath of 35 squares. I didn’t want to take an ordinary wired vacuum cleaner – it is huge, it needs to be assembled / disassembled, it requires the constant availability of a 220V network. I also wanted something universal, so that, for example, it was possible to vacuum a car near the house. It is clear that such a vacuum cleaner is probably not suitable for a large apartment as the main vacuum cleaner, but for summer cottages / as a car vacuum cleaner it is ideal. As a result, the choice fell on the Easine H70 from ILIFE.

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  • Model: Easine (ILIFE) H70
  • Motor: brushless
  • Power: 250W
  • Suction power: 21kPa (turbo) and 10kPa normal
  • Operating time: ~ 45 min in normal mode and about 18 min in turbo mode (with a clean filter)
  • Waste container: 1.2 liters
  • Washable filter: Yes
  • Built-in LED backlight: Yes
  • Flexible brush: Yes
  • Interchangeable attachments: motorized main floor brush, compact crevice nozzle and furniture brush
  • Battery: 29.6V 2500mAh
  • Charging time: ~ 5h
  • Weight: 2.45 kg (not felt as it rests on the floor nozzle)
  • Dimensions: 25 x 23.5 x 125 cm

The box came inside another thick cardboard box, not a single corner wrinkled – you can put it on the store shelf. All parts of the vacuum cleaner in their bags, lie in the cells of the “egg” packaging. I ordered the vacuum cleaner in a gray-orange-metallic color – it looks much better than the usual monotonous gray.

All elements of the vacuum cleaner. From left to right: spare kit (washable filter, cutter for removing hair and debris from the bristles, spare bristles for the floor brush), battery 29.6V, slot nozzle, wall mounting kit (with dowel screws), furniture brush, pipe with electrical contacts (power for the floor brush. Yes, it has its own motor for rotating the brush), vacuum cleaner body assembly, instructions and warranty card.

More details about the complete set. Compact replaceable brushes. The shape is standard like all modern vacuum cleaners. The one with the furniture brush has 2 modes (you can lift the brush). Instantly installed on latches.

Main floor brush. Has a built-in motor for rotating the colored brush. Has a swivel mechanism. Roller head for easy cleaning. Bottom colored brush replaceable (left orange retainer) – can be removed and easily cleaned from hair and large debris. At the point of attachment to the pipe there are 2 contacts for powering the motor from the vacuum cleaner battery.

The video below shows how the floor brush works. It also has LED backlighting, not to say that there is nothing without it, but it is quite convenient – you can see all the dust where it is dark. The rotating brush helps to lift the debris off the floor, while the sucked-in air already picks up the debris and delivers it to the dirt collector.

Storage methods

The set includes a wall mount. Also, the floor nozzle has a vertical position lock, which allows you to store the vacuum cleaner in an upright position, the vacuum cleaner body itself is attached to the pipe, as in the photo below. Personally, the second option is more suitable for me.

Battery and charger. Charger 36V 0.5A 18W. European plug, vacuum cleaner for the CIS market. I personally ordered from EU-US to Belarus – it came home in 3 days without duties and other things. In EU-US this is the norm, but in Belarus – home delivery “free” is something unthinkable. The battery has 3 charge indicators. You can see the charge only in a vacuum cleaner. The indicators on the battery only light up during charging.

Instruction and warranty card. The instruction is in English. The guarantee seems to be valid in EU-US, although it may not work when buying through Alik.

Vacuum cleaner body. A tube with contacts is inserted in front. On the handle there is a trigger button for turning on, the bottom of the filter and garbage container cover. Above there are 3 charge indicators and a turbo mode button.

Filter element. The trash bin is 1.2 liters. The orange part of the filter prevents debris from damaging the engine filter element itself. Both elements can be washed under water, which is a huge plus – later, after the tests, you will understand why. Usually, a HEPA filter is installed, which, after washing, dubs and extinguishes the power. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the container every time and washing the filter after 4-5 cleanings.

Vacuum cleaner ergonomics

The vacuum cleaner is heavier than a regular household vacuum cleaner hose, but due to the vertical rigid construction, the weight is not felt. It is convenient to hold, the mop is swivel and easily directed where needed, it is convenient to clean under tables and chairs. The mop is not very wide, but this is even a plus – the vacuum cleaner is more maneuverable.

Replaceable nozzles

You can connect the main mop directly, but I do not see the point in this – it is more convenient to clean the floor while standing. Crevice nozzle and furniture quickly snap into place. They are convenient for vacuuming skirting boards, windows, cars, etc.

Vacuum cleaner testing

I took some black seeds, buckwheat and fine paper. We make a complete mess on the floor and prepare the vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Looking ahead, I will say that paper has turned out to be the most difficult garbage to collect.

Below is a video demonstration of garbage collection, which we prepared above. As I already wrote, the most difficult thing was to collect the paper, but such huge pieces are unlikely to be on the floor. They are lightweight and simply move the vacuum cleaner across the floor. And if you help and lift the brush, they get together without any problems, but then I noticed that half of the pieces of paper remained in the long tube.

As a result, all the trash is collected. They also collected dust, debris and hair that was on the floor before. The filters are as good as new so far. Then there will be a tougher test.

Car cleaning

We complicate the task. I already had a lot of small hand-held car vacuum cleaners. But they all suffer from fine black dust, which is in the car sea. Before their very eyes, the filter clogs up and begins to overheat. The same vacuum cleaner collected all the debris instantly. Probably 5 times faster than small car vacuum cleaners. Finally, I found a way to clean the car (wirelessly).

Driver’s seat. I also removed it in a matter of seconds. A small vacuum cleaner literally had to comb out stones and dirt, but here it was clean in 1-2 passes.

It is also convenient to vacuum the seats with the furniture attachment. They seem to be clean, but as you spend a couple of times, you get a lot of hair and dust. I clean everything at standard power, the turbo sweeps away the dirt even faster, but the operating time drops sharply there – the usual power is enough and so on.

This dust in the center of the container is the main enemy of small vacuum cleaners. It instantly clogs the filter and the power immediately drops, and the vacuum cleaner overheats. Here, the orange pre-filter most likely solves this problem, since the main filter element is still quite clean. I’m very happy, I didn’t even think about such vacuum cleaners before. I finally found something worthwhile.

Cleaning time

My cleaning time was 45 minutes in normal mode and 18 minutes in turbo mode. When cleaning with a floor brush only, it will take about 38 minutes in normal mode (the motor in the brush also consumes energy). I think to buy a second battery, although it seems that cleaning has never been interrupted due to a dead battery.


It may well replace the main household vacuum cleaner. Before testing, I didn’t believe it, but it’s a fact. There is enough power, the operating time is quite enough for cleaning a car several times or cleaning an average apartment (you can buy a battery for more rooms). Very handy vacuum cleaner – no wires, lightweight, well-designed attachments. The filter is washable, which is a huge plus. I really appreciated it when cleaning a car, now I won’t take a compact car vacuum cleaner in my hands. This is the golden mean that I was looking for. I can definitely recommend it for purchase!

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