EASINE by ILIFE G80 Review Cordless Handheld Wireless Vacuum

Easine (iLife) G80 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review 2022. Recently I tested a budget vertical vacuum cleaner from the same company EASINE (ILife). I have never had this and I was pleasantly surprised by the convenience of this vacuum cleaner format. The only thing I wanted was an extra battery included. Cleaning time of 40 minutes (15 minutes of turbo mode) was enough, but still a spare battery adds convenience. At the same time, the top-end upright vacuum cleaner at the moment, the ILife G80, fell into my hands.

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  • Type cordless handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning type dry
  • Power 250 W
  • Pressure 22000 Pa
  • Charging time 3.5 h
  • Nidec engine
  • Rotation speed 70000 rpm
  • Battery life 10000 Pa – up to 45 minutes, 22000 Pa – up to 15 minutes
  • Filtration system 4 stage
  • Built-in 2500mAh battery
  • Battery indication
  • Automatic lock when the brush is dirty
  • Weight 1.95 kg
  • Wall mount yes
  • Washable accessories Before installation, make sure that the accessory is completely dry.
  • Dimensions 115 x 26.5 x 25.8 cm
  • Dust container capacity 650 ml
  • Noise level up to 75 dB
  • Vacuum cleaner nozzles Flexible crevice nozzle, For mattresses, For collecting animal hair, For furniture, For parquet, For dusting, Motorized turbo brush, Nozzle with LED light
  • Optional Side brush on the main turbo brush

Everything came in a branded orange and white box. The box was packed in a shipping box, so it was all flat and kept its presentation. Can be put on the shelf in the store.


The scope of delivery is quite extensive. From left to right: wall mount, tube with brush contacts, electric brush with side brush, floor mount, vacuum cleaner assembly with filter, spare filter, 2 nozzles, charger and instructions.

As usual, more about the whole set. There are already 2 mounts in this vacuum cleaner: one is wall-mounted, the second is for floor storage. For me, it would be better to come up with something universal and save on plastic.

Spare parts and charger. In general, I immediately thought that the brush was a spare one, but then you will see that the floor brush has solid bristles, and this one is wavy. That is, purely logically, wavy for carpets, and solid for laminate and other hard floor coverings. There is also a spare washable filter. Instructions included in many languages, including good Russian.

Replaceable nozzles. There is a thin crevice nozzle and a nozzle for furniture and car cleaning and other things. Nozzles with quick-release fasteners – very easy and quick to rearrange.

Appearance of the vacuum cleaner. As for me, the main disadvantage of this format (or rather, not the format, but the model) is a non-replaceable battery, there is no way to buy a replacement one. In this model, the washable filter was carried upstairs, and the coarse primary filter remained in the trash container. The case has become white-orange, high-quality matte plastic.

There is a dirty floor brush indicator, a trash can full indicator, automax operation indicators and a battery indicator. The trigger has 2 positions: normal 10kPa and turbo 22kPa. Top cover is removed counterclockwise. There is a washable filter underneath.

The coarse filter (cyclone) is located in the trash can itself. The tank opens downwards, it is convenient to throw out garbage. All parts of the filters can be washed under water, even the filter.

Floor brush bottom view. The roller stands solid here. Above showed a spare brush, which is not solid. There is also an angled brush for cleaning in corners and around the perimeter. The brush is motorized, there is also a backlight.

Complete vacuum cleaner. The pipe has contacts for supplying power to the brush from the vacuum cleaner. The length of the pipe is optimal, even with a height of 193 it is quite convenient to vacuum.

 Video demonstration of work

Motorized brush. There is also a backlight. Interestingly, the brush turns on first, and then the suction itself with a vacuum cleaner.

Garbage collection. As usual, I used paper and seeds. Removed instantly at normal power. All garbage collected in 1 pass.

car cleaning

There are 2 nozzles for cleaning cars – crevice (great for cleaning the floor and collecting basic debris: sand, stones, etc.) and a brush for collecting dust and hair from seats and plastic surfaces. Normal power is enough to clean the floor under the carpets, and it is better to use the turbo mode to collect dust from the seats. A huge plus of this vacuum cleaner is the cyclone filter. The smallest dust (I will show in the photo below) settles in the dust collector and does not clog the filter (all small hand-held vacuum cleaners, such as pocket ones, do not have a cyclone in their design and all the dust settles on the filter. This leads to overheating and increased battery consumption).

Sweeps mountains of dust, sand, hair. All micro-dust is neatly collected in the center of the dust collector. As I wrote above, this is the main enemy of small vacuum cleaners, since it clogs the filter in them and there is no more use from the vacuum cleaner. The filter of the engine itself, which is on top, remained almost clean, only slightly darkened from very fine dust, which still passed through the pre-filter. But the benefit of both filters are washable, so there are no problems.


Photo demonstration of car seat cleaning. It is better to vacuum in turbo mode, just wonder where there can be so much dust. If you want to collect as much dust as possible, it is better to knock on the seat a couple of times before cleaning.

Floor cleaning under carpets. It cleans even in normal mode, and here the turbo mode will not greatly speed up the process. It’s all about the high pile, you just need to hold the nozzle more times, even the most powerful vacuum cleaner will not collect all the garbage at a time.


This is the most advanced model from Easine at the moment. There is nothing to complain about even, the only cant, as for me, is the non-removable battery. Prior to this, all models had a removable battery (for example, the H70, which I recently tested), which in theory allowed you to change it and continue cleaning (but in practice it is almost impossible to buy a spare, so we write off this minus from the bill). There are no questions about the quality of cleaning, everything is at the highest level.

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