iLife A80 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review with Room Mapping and Wi-Fi Remote Control

iLife A80 Plus is a new development from Chuwi, which is a slightly stripped-down version of the A9s, designed in the style of V7s Plus. The new robot vacuum cleaner performs a combined cleaning of the room with a turbo sh and a removable water tank. Building a map of the premises and planning a route is carried out on the basis of a gyroscope. The suction power of the A80 Plus is mediocre (1100 Pa), there is no data on the battery capacity yet, but the main question for the new model is related to its price tag. In the summer of 2020, this robot is offered on aliexpress for $ 340 (26 thousand ***). Let’s figure out if the assistant is worth that kind of money.

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  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Dock station.
  • Remote control (without batteries).
  • Adapter.
  • Water tank.
  • Fiber cloth
  • virtual wall.
  • Spare side shes — 2 pcs.
  • Spare filter.
  • Insction.
  • Appearance

    The A80 Plus belongs to the iLife lineup by combining several characteristic features: a round body with white sides, a black bottom and a pale pink lid, a classic C-shaped bumper, the design of which has not changed since 2017, and the usual end shes with three panicles. The body dimensions are average for robots without lidar – 330 x 80 mm.

    Of the controls on the front cover, we find the only round control button to start cleaning in automatic mode. Next to it is a simple LED Wi-Fi connection indicator, closer to the front edge is the company logo, on the rear edge is a locking handle that unfastens the working modules. The A80 Plus has two of them:

  • Folding dust collector with two chambers: a large compartment for wool, mbs and large specks, and a small mesh compartment with 6 cones for filtering fine dust.
  • Combined container with a water tank and a miniature dust collector. A washing cloth is attached to a wide platform on the bottom of the container with the help ofbber bands and Velcro.
  • Behind the tinted bumper window are 7 groups of obstacle sensors. Damage to mirrors and polishing in the apartment during cleaning is prevented by abber skirt. As a backup method of recharging, a socket for connecting the power supply is provided on the right side. There is also a switch that opens the electrical circuit between the battery and the central board of the robot. The exhaust grille is placed on the left side of the body.

    Putting the robot on the front cover, we can consider its working accessories:

  • drive wheels on independent suspension with a clearance of 15 mm;
  • two side shes, signed with the letters R and L;
  • tster and terminals for the charging station;
  • on the sides and in front – surface sensors;
  • collapsible block with a combined V-shaped turbo sh.
  • Brief tech. characteristics
    NameiLife A80 Plus
    Battery capacityLi-ion 2600 mAh
    Working hours90 min
    Charging time<6 hours
    Power600/1000/1100 Pa
    Waste bin volume450 ml
    Water tank capacity300 ml
    AppendixThere is
    Building a mapThere is
    Dimensions330x330x80 mm
    The weight2.5 kg
    Where can I buy:
    Official seller on Aliexpress20 THOUSAND. RUBLES

    The main purpose of the iLife A80 Plus is dry cleaning in a separate room with random surfaces and moderate difficulty of obstacles. A bell-mounted airflow sensor helps the robot identify carpets and self-adjust suction, while the floating frame of the work unit adapts to changing floor contours.

    The dry cleaning algorithm is traditional: a turbo sh collects hair and throws grains into the air duct, and a side sh helps to clean wall areas and increases the efficiency of one pass. The suction power of the Japanese NIDEC motor is adjustable in three positions:

  • 600 Pa – standard mode;
  • 1000 Pa – upon detection of a carpet;
  • 1100 Pa – when the maximum mode is activated.
  • The dust collector with a total volume of 450 ml is divided into two compartments: large particles of debris remain in the main compartment, while small particles pass through a strainer and are separated in six cyclones. Most of the dust falls to the bottom of the mesh filter, while fine particles settle on the pleats of the HEPA filter.

    After replacing the dust box with the combined module, A80 Plus starts vacuuming and mopping the floors at the same time. Water from a 300 ml tank is evenly distributed on a microfiber fixed under the bottom with an area of ​​260 When stuck or parked on the docking station, the fluid supply is cut off, which helps protect moisture-sensitive floors from leakage.

    The user can choose from 4 operating modes that differ in the trajectory of movement:

  • Classic – to the obstacle with a turn to the right (chaotic trajectory).
  • Automatic – cleaning in parallel passages without re-entering the treated areas (zigzag). In automatic mode, the robotic assistant marks on the smartphone screen the obstacles encountered and the areas passed, thus drawing a pixel map of cleaning. At each working cycle, the floor plan is drawn up anew. The lack of interactivity is designed to compensate for the virtual wall.
  • Spot – spiral cleaning of a small area around the robot.
  • Along the perimeter – along edge obstacles.
  • You can control the A80 Plus using an app or a traditional push-button remote control. Management options include:

  • setting the wetting intensity of the napkin and the suction power of the motor;
  • scheduling work for the week;
  • adjust the direction of movement with the joystick;
  • switching modes;
  • disable sound notifications.
  • The advantages of the application over the remote control are the ability to view a map of the room and receive reminders to service accessories.

    The robot uses 4 types of sensors as a navigation system:

  • Gyroscope – determines the position of obstacles and the direction of movement with a zigzag cleaning algorithm.
  • 7 frontal IR sensors – warn the robot about approaching obstacles.
  • Soft touch bumper – works on objects that are not in the IR sensors’ visibility range.
  • Surface sensors – do not allow the vacuum cleaner to leave the steps with a height of more than 80 mm. Chuwi claims that the surface sensors on the A80 Plus distinguish between black patterns on the carpet and real height differences, which allows the vacuum cleaner to successfully operate on patterned floors.
  • On a single charge, a smart vacuum cleaner can work from 100 to 110 minutes, after which it finds its base on its own and starts recharging.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Comparing the characteristics of A80 Plus with competitors, we can identify the following advantages and disadvantages of this robot.


  • small size, height 80 mm;
  • combined cleaning;
  • large water tank;
  • three levels of liquid supply;
  • increased power on carpets;
  • two end shes;
  • cleaning planning;
  • the presence of a virtual wall;
  • smartphone control.
  • disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • weak motor;
  • primitive cartography.
  • Conclusion

    The iLife A80 Plus handles smooth surfaces in small spaces and, as a nice bonus, removes surface dust from the floor. The original garbage distribution system in the dust collector simplifies the maintenance of the container as much as possible. But you should not count on high-quality cleaning of carpets – for this, the A80 Plus does not have enough motor power. In addition, the starting price tag for this model is clearly too high, and at the moment the new iLife robot loses to the vast majority of competitors in its price class. For example, Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 902, with a similar price tag and suction power, can also boast of laser mapping, and Xiaomi Mijia LDS for 20 thousand ***. equipped with lidar, 2100 Pa motor and advanced wet cleaning system. But, as mentioned above, the price of the robot will drop to 16.5 thousand in the near future, and I consider this an acceptable cost for an assistant with such functionality.

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