ILIFE A80 Plus Review Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

iLIFE A80 Plus – Chinese robot vacuum cleaner with gyroscope & app. iLIFE A80 Plus is one of the new products of 2022 from the Chinese company Chuwi. This robot is notable primarily for its design with a glossy lid, display and unusual button layout. The second important feature of the iLIFE A80 Plus is a cyclonic dust collector that traps fine dust and prolongs the life of the HEPA filter. Otherwise, this is a typical representative of the budget segment: with gyroscopic navigation, a 2000 Pa motor and three brushes. Today the price tag for this model reaches 19 thousand dollars. Is the A80 Pro worth the money, which apartments is it suitable for and how does it handle cleaning? We will answer all these questions later in the article.

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The set with the robot vacuum cleaner is supplied with:

  • charging station with adapter;
  • module for wet cleaning;
  • two microfiber;
  • full-size service brush;
  • spare end brushes;
  • spare fine filter;
  • remote control with batteries;
  • manual in English.

The only thing missing is the magnetic tape.


Compared to competitors with xiaomi-shny design, the iLIFE A80 Pro looks stylish and expensive. There are 5 buttons and a full-fledged display on the glossy blue-black lid, so you don’t have to constantly look for the remote control. The case is compact: 320 x 80 mm, you can count on good traffic in cluttered apartments.

The front side of the robot is covered by a soft touch bumper with a scattering of sensors. Outlets, a toggle switch and a socket for connecting the adapter directly are placed on the side panels. The dust collector is inserted from the back and is not like the containers of other vacuum cleaners. It has two chambers: a large chamber with a mesh filter, in which the bulk of the debris accumulates, and a small one with microcyclones that prevent fine dust from escaping. At the outlet, the air flow is additionally passed through a HEPA filter. The total volume of the dust collector is 450 ml.

To get the iLIFE A80 Pro to mop floors, instead of a dust collector, you need to put a module with a 300 ml tank. Above – a filler hole with a plug, below – a platform for attaching a napkin. There is no pump in the tank, the water supply system is inside the body.

The bottom of the vacuum cleaner is arranged traditionally:

  • two end brushes with clamps;
  • drive wheels and swivel roller;
  • charging terminals;
  • fall sensors: one in front and two on the sides;
  • a turbo brush with a floating frame.

Cleaning type dry and wet
Container type for dust 0.60 l and for water 0.20 l
Fine filter there is
Power consumption 40 watts
Noise level 70 dBA
Additional Information 3 modes: economical (1000 Pa), standard (1500 Pa), turbo (2000 Pa)
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 2600 mAh
Battery life up to 90 min
Battery charging time 120 minutes
Sensor type optical
Number of sensors 15
Building a room map there is
Movement type zigzag along the wall
Installation on a charger automatic
Jam alarm Yes
Low battery alarm Yes
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For orientation on the terrain, the iLIFE A80 Pro/Plus is equipped with a gyroscope. The robot moves in zigzags and makes a map, but route planning is not ideal. Firstly, the A80 Pro does not pass over the entire width of the room, but splits it into several separate sections, which creates unnecessary passages. Secondly, the sequence of the allocated areas does not correspond to the layout of the apartment, which is why the robot often travels from one end of the room to the other and back. In general, such navigation flaws are typical for most models with a gyroscope.

Average permeability: the assistant normally runs over 15 mm thresholds and rests against 20 mm high slats.

On the plus side, it can work well on black carpets and perform well. The battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh lasts for 60-100 minutes, depending on the selected mode.


The maximum control possibilities are opened when using the proprietary ilifehome application:

  • viewing cleaning data: map, time and battery level;
  • starting, stopping the vacuum cleaner and returning to the base;
  • switching modes: automatic (zigzag), point (spiral), classic (chaotic movement) and perimeter bypass;
  • manual control (joystick);
  • adjustment of the suction force and the intensity of the water supply;
  • setting a delayed start with a choice of time and day of the week;
  • activation of power increase on carpets;
  • cleaning history and assessment of the condition of accessories.

Some of these functions are available when controlled from the remote control or buttons on the body.

Dry cleaning

The principle of cleaning is traditional: end panicles rake debris under the bottom, and a turbo brush throws it into the air duct. The suction power is 2000 Pa, in theory this is enough for superficial cleaning of carpets. During the tests, the iLIFE A80 Pro showed the following results:

  • on a smooth floor, he collected 80% of flakes and cereals, as well as 85% of sand;
  • on a thin carpet, 75% test debris; on a medium pile carpet, 50%.

In general, the performance is about the same as that of most budget robots. The A80 Pro’s shaggy rugs are of little use, as the low rise prevents it from moving around and the brushes fail to pick up debris stuck in the fluff. But the robot is quite suitable for preventive cleaning of hard surfaces and carpets.

Reference! The noise level of the vacuum cleaner is standard – from 52 to 66 dB, depending on the selected power.

Wet cleaning

In the process of wet cleaning, the iLIFE A80 Pro doses water onto the napkin according to the selected intensity (3 levels) and moves in zigzags. With 1-2 passes, the assistant completely removes surface dust, but cannot cope with shoe marks and dried spots – for this he does not have enough downforce.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • interesting design;
  • rich equipment;
  • dust separation system;
  • two end brushes;
  • building a map;
  • three control options;
  • automatic intensification of suction on carpets;
  • the volume of the tank is enough for wet cleaning throughout the apartment.


  • no complex cleaning;
  • no magnetic tape.

The iLIFE A80 Plus, like most gyroscope models, is suitable for small apartments with simple layouts and few obstacles. The robot copes well with sand on a smooth floor and cleans thin carpets from wool, so it will become a reliable assistant for pet owners. When the dust container is emptied, no dust cloud is formed, which is an important factor for allergy sufferers.

However, despite a number of advantages of this vacuum cleaner, the price tag is 300 dollars. seems slightly overpriced. The iLIFE A80 Plus looks great, but it is no different from the cheaper models in cleaning and navigation. Therefore, everyone who is interested should wait for discounts of up to 250 dollars.

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