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iLife A4s model is a budget robotic vacuum cleaner for daily dry cleaning of all types of flooring from accumulated litter, dirt, dust, hair and pet hair. The robot is an analogue of the previous development of Chuwi company – iLife A4 , however, the old model is not currently supplied and dealers recommend purchasing a new robot. Its difference lies in the increased operating time by about 10 minutes, as well as the presence of a mini-room mode. Today we will take a look at an overview of the packaging, features and functionality of the iLife A4s.

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Like most iLife robots, A4s comes with many useful accessories and consumables. It includes:

  1. The robot vacuum cleaner itself.
  2. Dock station.
  3. Power Supply.
  4. Remote control with two batteries.
  5. Additional side brushes.
  6. Spare wipes and HEPA filter.
  7. Brush for cleaning the dust container and body parts.
  8. User manual.

Islayf complete set

Islayf complete set

All components are neatly assembled in a branded box with a handle, and delivery is carried out in an additional protective box made of thicker corrugated cardboard.


The iLife A4s robot vacuum cleaner looks presentable and fresh. The vacuum cleaner is made of plastic, although this cannot be said right away, since there is a cover “under the metal” on top of the body. When looking at the robot from above, we do not see any unnecessary elements, there is only a cover for the compartment for storing garbage and a single button for starting the automatic mode of operation. On the side there is a protective bumper with sensors for proximity to obstacles, a connector for connecting a power supply and manual charging, as well as an on / off button.

View from above

View from above

Side view

Side view

Turning over the robot vacuum cleaner, we see two powerful drive wheels, a front roller for turning, a pair of side brushes, a central turbo brush, sensors against falling from hills. Also from here you can see the compartment of the dust collector with a three-stage filtration system (a fine mesh for coarse cleaning, a foam layer to protect it from dust and moisture, as well as fine filters).

Bottom view

Bottom view


An overview of the main technical characteristics of the iLife A4s will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the table below:

Manufacturer Chuwi (China)
dimensions 300х300х75 mm
Weight 2,2 kg
Source of power Li-ion rechargeable battery 2600 mAh; 14.8V; 38.5 W * h
Battery life 180-200 minutes
Duration of charging About 4.5 hours
Maximum cleaning area 180-200 m 2
Power consumption 24 watts
Suction power 1000 Pa
Dust collector Cyclonic filter (without bag) with a capacity of 450 ml
Noise level 65 dBA
Extra options
Filter HEPA filter
Cleaning schedule programming +
Control Mechanical button on the body, from the remote control
Notification system LED indication and sound signals



The iLife A4s robot vacuum cleaner is capable of dry cleaning of floors in the following modes, an overview of which is presented below:

  1. Automatic – the main mode in which the robot cleans the entire available area of ​​the room before the battery is discharged, automatically determining the optimal movement pattern for efficient energy consumption. After the end of the work, the device independently goes to the charging station.
  2. Corner cleaning mode – the robot vacuum cleaner moves along walls and furniture, cleaning out debris around the perimeter of rooms and in corners.
  3. Local (local) cleaning of the most dirty area of ​​the room – in this case, the iLife A4s thoroughly cleans a small area in the room, moving in a spiral in a circle with a radius of no more than one meter. Installation is done manually.
  4. Turbo mode – the device provides the ability to regulate the suction power and increase it to the maximum level. This is necessary for more efficient cleaning of carpets and in limited time conditions.
  5. The iLife A4s adds a mini-room mode that allows you to clean small spaces or one specific room.

Eylife operating modes

Eylife operating modes

The movement of the robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled manually from the remote control. There is also a function of programming the automatic start of the robot by time and days of the week.

The device is oriented in space thanks to an intelligent system based on the functioning of a large number of infrared sensors of obstacles and height differences. The robot prevents a protective mechanical bumper from rough collisions with furniture.

As the test showed, thanks to the presence of a turbo brush and high suction power, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans well not only smooth floors, but also carpets.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

User manual

A paper user manual is included with the iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This manual contains a description of the main provisions for the operation and maintenance of the product, its functions and characteristics are indicated. It also provides reasons and remedies for malfunctions of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Since there are no significant differences in the work, we suggest downloading the instruction manual for the A4 model in EU/US in electronic form: instructions for Ailife A4 .

Advantages and disadvantages

We conclude our review with a separate list of the iLife A4s pros and cons.


  1. Compact dimensions.
  2. Attractive appearance.
  3. Acceptable price.
  4. Extended complete set.
  5. High cleaning efficiency of different floor coverings.
  6. High (relatively) suction power and the function of its increase.
  7. Different operating modes, programming of the cleaning schedule.
  8. Copes with the cleaning of hair and wool.
  9. Automatic return to docking station for recharging.


  1. There is no movement limiter.
  2. Noisy when operating in turbo mode.
  3. The need for preliminary preparation of rooms (collection of unnecessary items from the floor).

You can buy a robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress for 190 dollars. This is a very lucrative offer, given the fairly good characteristics and functionality.

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