Hyundai HYK-G3802 electric kettle review

Hyundai has been known for a very long time and produces a huge variety of equipment that is used everywhere both in everyday life and in professional activities. A lot of models of this brand are also presented in kitchen appliances. Today we will consider a novelty electric kettle with attractive lighting, a glass flask and an honest power of 2 kW. In the review, of course, there will be power consumption tests, noise measurements and testing the speed of boiling water.

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Packaging and equipment

The kettle comes in a branded black box, on the front side of which a photograph of the equipment itself is printed. On the reverse side, they painted the equipment and data on the model.

The kettle itself is protected from all sides by polyethylene foam inserts, so you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of the glass flask. The kettle is firmly inserted into the seal. Having immediately opened the box, we will meet the insction in English, in which there is a page with warranty information.

Separately, in terms of equipment, I will name the base-base for the kettle and the lid. The lid is included in the package because it is removable and is not attached to the body of the device in any way.

On the top side, the lid is decorated with stainless steel inserts, and on the reverse side, only white matte plastic.

The base (base) is made in a round plastic case, standard for such devices. Above we see a contact group, standard for disk kettles and nothing more. Below is a device for winding the power cable and a sticker with data on power and manufacturer. It is also worth noting that the bottom of the base has silicone legs, which exclude the possibility of the kettle sliding on the smooth surface of the table.

The power cable has a European grounding plug, 0.75m long

This is where the set ends. We turn to the consideration of the appearance of the device.


Kettle Hyundai HYK-G3802 has a beautiful glass flask. The shape resembles a jug with a narrowed neck. The remaining components of the body of the kettle are made of white matte plastic, these are the handle and spout. And the strip under the glass flask is decorated with stainless steel, on which the company logo flaunts

The lid is simply inserted from above into the neck of the kettle, and the installation of the lid is accompanied by a pleasant click. To ensure that water does not splash out of the top of the lid when boiling, the neck is equipped with silicone gaskets. And the spout spout itself has a plastic mesh for water purification from mechanical impurities. The mesh is removable, in order to get it for cleaning it is enough just to push it deep into the body of the kettle, and it will come out of its fasteners. It is inserted exactly the opposite, from the inside of the kettle to the characteristic clicks.

A scale is printed on the glass of the flask, according to which we understand that the maximum volume of water that can fit in the kettle is 1.7l

To turn the kettle on or off, a mechanical white plastic button on the handle is used. The switch positions are marked on the handle body. It works as standard, as in many kettles, it is fixed in the work position and snaps back when the boiling temperature of water is reached.

From the bottom of the kettle, everything is also clear, the contact group, plastic recesses for smooth installation on the base and holes for condensate drainage. Also posted here is a sticker with the parameters of the model.

Let’s move on to the process of boiling water.

Operation and tests

First, pour water into the kettle according to the upper mark on the scale. The kettle is quite comfortable to hold in your hand. The handle is comfortable and shows a firm grip. At the same time, even after boiling, it is not hot and you can safely pour water.

We turn the mechanical button on the handle to the on position, and the kettle is illuminated by a beautiful blue backlight that plays nicely in the water bubbles. During boiling, the wattmeter displays 1963W of power consumption, which is conditionally equal to the declared one.

Illumination is implemented using LEDs around the circumference of the heated disk. The glow is unobsive and does not cause negative emotions when working in the dark.

We note the time of boiling the maximum amount of water. It takes exactly 5 minutes for the whole process from pressing the button to automatic shutdown, which is generally quite a universal indicator with such a power of the heating element and the amount of water that can fit. At the same time, the kettle has a clear volume of 82 dB.

Immediately after boiling, you can admire the subsiding formation of bubbles for some time.

I was wondering how you can get the lid right after boiling, because it just gets a hand from above, despite the fact that it is decorated with metal inserts. But surprisingly, it is not hot for the hand to remove the lid immediately after boiling. I will provide photo proof)

All the necessary tests have been carried out so that there is an understanding of the power of the device and its operation. There is one not unimportant factor left, how the kettle spout is implemented, because it cannot be simply understood by its appearance.

Pour water into a mug of cocoa for children and observe a smooth stream. The water pours predictably, with no splatter and no tricks to pour properly.

You can see everything live in the video version of the review below. The process of boiling water is fully captured there, you can watch live how the stopwatch time isnning, what is the power consumption of electricity on the wattmeter display throughout the entire process. Of course, you can see the play of illumination in the water bubbles. And then the process of pouring into a mug.

In addition to testing, we will weigh the kettle with water so that it is clear how difficult it is to carry it by the handle. We will also measure the diameter of the neck of the teapot to understand how convenient it will be then to wash it from the inside. Well, since we are armed with aler, we will measure the diameter of the base of the teapot. As a result, we get a weight with a total volume of water of 2480 grams, a neck diameter of about 11 cm, while an inner diameter of about 10 cm. And a base diameter of about 15 cm.


As a result, I can say that Hyundai turned out to be a nice kettle with high-quality assembly and well-thought-out ergonomics. It has a power equal to the declared one, a beautiful glass bulb and a nice blue backlight. Definitely recommended for purchase.

Information about the kettle and where to buy can be found on the official website of the company

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