Hyundai HYD-1206 Drip Coffee Maker Review

Hyundai HYD-1206 Drip Coffee Maker Review 2022. It’s nice to start your morning with a cup of aromatic coffee. Someone just pours the instant into a mug, someone puts a Turk and hopes that the coffee will not run away, someone presses a button in the “machine”, where coffee is poured and water is poured in the evening. And there is an intermediate option, when coffee is brewed on its own, but you don’t need to watch. It’s about drip coffee makers. Let’s take a closer look at one representative of this class, namely HYUNDAI HYD-1206.

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Model HYUNDAI HYD-1206
Type of Drip coffee maker
Water tank volume 1250 ml
Tank volume for prepared coffee 1250 ml
Filter type Nylon, reusable
Anti-drip system There is
Heating There is
Auto power off There is
Dimensions W * H * D 15 * 22 * ​​31cm (measured)
The weight 998 g (weighed)

Packaging, appearance and equipment

The coffee maker is sold in a black box with good printing and two languages ​​of the text on it.

The package contains all the necessary information in two languages: English and English. You can find out the comprehensive specifications, as well as the features of the device. In addition, there is a color image of a coffee maker. Everything inside has individual packaging so that there are no scuffs during transportation, because there are glossy surfaces. The lidded bag has a warning that this bag cannot be played with. It’s hard to argue with that.

The flask is light enough and most likely due to the small thickness of the glass, or rather the walls. It is convenient to hold, the plastic handle does not look flimsy and guarantees that it will not be hot. There is a button under the thumb that flips the lid and you can see the cap in it. It is part of the anti-drip system. The small but sharp nose of the flask will allow you to conveniently pour the finished drink into the mug.

The body of the HYUNDAI HYD-1206 coffee maker is made of glossy plastic, so it looks good, but over time there will be traces and scratches, this awaits almost all glossy surfaces, not only this device. It is quite compact and lightweight. Lightness is achieved due to the fact that the internal cavities are mostly empty, because one contains a water tank, the other will contain coffee and hot water will be spilled. The length of the power cord is 86 cm excluding the plug.

The main color is black and it is diluted by an insert on the front of the silver color and the logo of the manufacturer. In addition, there is a red on / off button located at the bottom left. The rest of all elements are black and glossy. There is a lid on top that gives access to the water tank, inside you can see the gradation. From above, you can see the strip that fixes the coffee compartment.

A measuring spoon, a basket with an anti-drip valve and a reusable nylon filter are waiting for us in the coffee compartment. All this can be pulled out, including the sliding section itself and washed, this is undoubtedly a plus.


It is easy to work with the device, in short:

  • Pouring water
  • Pour coffee according to taste and volume of water
  • We put the flask, if suddenly it is not so
  • Turn on the power button
  • We wait
  • We drink

But a brief retelling is not enough, let’s go in order. We pour water into the designated tank. The minimum amount of water is 250 ml, i.e. essentially 1 circle, and a maximum of 5.

After that, add coffee. You can use the measuring spoon that comes with the kit, you can use your own. In principle, over time, you can most likely learn to pour it by eye, but it is still easier with a spoon, and it is more convenient to regulate the strength. Spoons are also more convenient for adjusting the coffee when you need to brew 2 or 3 servings.

After some time after turning on the HYUNDAI HYD-1206 coffee maker, we will hear the squelch of water, which, boiling, will be thrown onto the filter with coffee and then we will start dripping into the flask. Therefore, in fact, it is drip.

The coffee preparation time is 8 minutes 30 seconds, from pressing the button to the beginning of the air sloshing. After that, the heating of the flask begins to work for 30 minutes, then it simply turns off. If heating is unnecessary, then we can simply turn off the coffee maker. The coffee maker is easy and simple to clean, the filter too. As you can see, he colored from coffee, but without it, nowhere. There is no sense in washing it to white, so it will fail faster and that’s all. Even if it suddenly breaks, you can simply replace it with paper filters. There is no mention of the size anywhere, but a # 4 paper coffee filter will most likely work.


A simple but nice drip coffee maker that will infuse your kitchen with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The pluses include the presence of a nylon filter in the kit, which will last for several months, “anti-drop”, a sufficiently large flask, the presence of heating and automatic shutdown. The disadvantages include a thin (possibly) flask, you need to be careful with it. Although you must be careful with any glass container, a thick-walled decanter can also be broken if you drop it with a careless movement.

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