How to deal with seasonal allergies? Review of the Redmond RAC-3708 air purifier: a real salvation for an allergic person

Nowadays, the issue of seasonal allergies is no secret to anyone. With the advent of the season of revival of nature and the flowering of plants, many begin to experience discomfort from constant allergic reactions to dust, pollen and other allergens. I know firsthand what it is when you can’t breathe from a cold in the morning. And it would seem that there is no way out until this cleaner fell into my hands. Of course, this is also important for people who do not suffer from allergies, because everyone knows how much dust there is in an ordinary city apartment, especially in summer with open windows.


  • Installation: desktop, floor;
  • Control type: touch;
  • Power: 55W;
  • Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz;
  • Air purification efficiency: 99.95%;
  • Number of blowing speeds: 3;
  • Density of negative ions: ≥3,000,000 units/cm³;
  • Maximum air exchange: 215 m³/h;
  • HEPA filter class: H13;
  • Air purification filters: high-efficiency HEPA H13 filter, pre-filter, active carbon filter;
  • Noise level: less than 48 dB;
  • Recommended service area: up to 40 m2;
  • Overall dimensions: 324 × 162 × 409 mm;
  • Net weight: 4kg±3%.

Packaging and equipment

The air purifier is supplied in standard Redmond packaging. Sturdy box with colorful bright prints. The front side is traditionally decorated with a photograph of the appearance of the device and a photograph of the model. The side faces of the box are covered with data on the model, manufacturer, parameters, and the top of the product is drawn on the top of the box.

We open the boxes and see that the product itself is protected by a thick cardboard mold.

To protect the glossy body from scratches, they put a plastic bag on it. The standard package includes:

  • The purifier itself;
  • Combined filter;
  • Insction and warranty card;
  • Promotional information for a number of Redmond products

Euro standard plug without grounding, cord length 1.8m. The color of the wire and plug in the style of the device itself is white.


The gadget is quite stylish in appearance. It has a white glossy body, laconic design, minimalist controls and a short information about air purification printed on a sticker on the front side of the purifier.

From two sides of the housing, only a large slot is visible for the intake of not yet purified air. No more items stand out. Rounded corners everywhere.

On the back side is the same glossy white case. In the center is a sticker with power and assembly data. Top notch for easy portability. Bottom entry for power cord.

The sticker shows the date of manufacture, model, country of assembly and product nomenclature. The input for the network cable is protected by a cover so that you can get to the connection point of the contacts during repairs. The assembly screws are visible in the transfer recess.

At the top of the cleaner, a plastic grate is visible to prevent large objects from entering the work area. This is where clean air comes out. The exit channel occupies half of the entire space.

Below are two simple plastic legs. They are simple, but as stable as possible, since they occupy almost the entire area of ​​​​the base of the cleaner.

The legs are fastened with screws, you can get to the wire fastening contacts by unscrewing these screws from below, the legs are quite high about 2 cm.

The only thing that dilutes the strict laconic external fork of the cleaner is the inscription with the brand name on the front panel and the control unit. The control unit consists of 3 touch buttons. The first button (from left to right) is responsible for turning on air purification and activating the mode of desction of bacteria and vses by ultraviolet light and the ionization process begins. The button with the drawn fan is responsible for adjusting the speed of rotation of the engine. The third button selects the timer, this is the time after which the purifier will turn itself off. There are 3 timer options (2h, 4h, 8h).

In order to get to the filter, through which air will pass, you just need to pull the front cover towards you by the top. A view of the interior of the device opens.

The lid is mounted on magnets that resemble classic furniture magnets, the lid is mounted on plastic hinges from below, next to one of the magnets there is a cover of LED indicators with a diffuser so that the LEDs do not hit the eye with rays in the darkness of the night.

The filter has special straps to make it convenient to remove it from the body of the device. While it is in the bag, pull on it and remove the filter. The control unit and the plastic protection of the engine impeller were hidden behind the filter.

Below are more detailed photos. If you look deeper, you will see the fan impeller of the device.

The filter itself is not ordinary, it is combined. It consists of pre-filter, carbon filter, Hepa filter

The generation of the Hepa filter is indicated on the end, a polyethylene foam seal is glued on all ends. The black pre-filter protects the air from coarse dust, the filter can be pulled out by special tapes

We turn on the cleaner in the outlet and press the touch button. The mode of standard air purification without antibacterial treatment immediately turns on. Modes are displayed using blue LEDs. Plus, the ionizer can be seen through the grate from above.

The whole device looks stylish. Pointers intuitively suggest the selected mode, it is very easy to change the air purification speed and turn on ultraviolet treatment and air saturation with free ions.

We measure the power consumption in three modes. 1 – 20W, 2 – 30W, 3 – 40W.

After a day of operation in medium mode, the condition of the filter is not surprising, but already alarming.

We look at the condition of the filter after a week of continuous operation. (Modes change according to the situation)

But the main thing is the sensations after the first night with this purifier. For the first time in spring and early summer, I woke up with a feeling of purity of breath. Nonny nose, no itching. I can’t even imagine how I lived before that. Now the heat has come and the windows are constantly open. And next to the window is full of grace with the flowering of everything that can only bloom. And it is at this time that breathing difficulties appear in people with similar “features”

The filter just incredibly helps, the windows in the treshka are constantly open and there is a lot of dust. And after 2 weeks of constant operation of the cleaner, there are no longer these problems with wiping cabinets, shelves and window sills. Dust is simply many times less than before his work. The only thing is that in the third mode the purifier is already noisy. Talking is uncomfortable, but cleaning is as productive as possible, in the second mode you can calmly talk and lead a normal life without stress about this. In the first mode, I sleep peacefully under the lightstle of the cleaner.

Of course, the cost of this filter is not the smallest, but the sensations that people who have problems with pollen, dust and other things experience with it are simply incomparable. And it can also fight bad odors in the room, which is another big plus when working in the kitchen. In general, this thing should be number one if you are concerned about the issue of clean breathing.

You can see information about the cleaner on the official website, as well as on the Ya.Market, you can save a lot of money while the promotion is on.

Definitely recommend to purchase. Useful not only for those who already have allergies and those who do not want to acquire it)

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