How to choose floor scales for your home and what to look for when buying

When choosing floor scales for your home, you should first of all choose a model that has a set of functions and features that you (and other family members) need, and only then look at the color and design of the product.

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  • Types of floor scales
  • Mechanical or electronic scales
  • Advantages of mechanical floor scales:
  • Cons of mechanical floor scales:
  • Electronic balance
  • Types of electronic scales and the difference between them
  • What to look for when buying floor scales
  • Functions and features of smart floor scales
  • Conclusion
  • Types of floor scales

    Floor scales are generally divided into three types:

  • Ordinary;

  • Diagnostic;

  • Smart (they also contain diagnostic functions).

  • Mechanical or electronic scales

    Then the question arises regarding the type of scales – mechanical or electronic? Both the first and second types have their pros and cons. Let’s start with the mechanical ones. They are more than well known to each of us.

    Advantages of mechanical floor scales:

  • No dependence on power source. These scales do not need batteries or recharging, which is a clear plus;
  • Strength. Mechanical scales are famous for their durability, which is e. The device can withstand up to 250 kilograms;
  • Availability. The price of mechanical scales is low and affordable for almost everyone.
  • Cons of mechanical floor scales:

  • Limited functionality. All functions are limited by the fact that these types of scales are only able to show the user’s weight;
  • Springlocated inside the scales, wears out after a while and can start the weight with an error;
  • Electronic balance

    Electronic scales do not have such disadvantages. At present, there are devices in the trading space that have high accuracy in measuring weight. But it is worth saying that among them there are also models with an error.

    High accuracy is achieved with the help of special plates or voltage sensors, which passes an electric current through itself. The disadvantage of such models is the need for a power source.

    If, when choosing such a device, you want to save as much as possible, then the option of electronic scales will most likely not suit you. One of the most budget options for mechanical floor scales can be called Axion VNM21, which is available on AliExpress.

    Types of electronic scales and the difference between them

    Below are the types of electronic scales:

  • Ordinary. Their functionality is limited only to measuring weight. Pleasant additions and opportunities, such scales will not show;
  • Diagnostic. Not only measure body weight, but can also calculate the body mass index, but also the percentage of water, fat, muscle and bone tissue in the body;
  • Smart. It has all the additions as the previous types. But only smart scales have the ability to remote control by synchronizing the scale with your mobile device.
  • Necessarily! Diagnostic and smart scales have some contraindications for operation. This is due to the fact that it is not allowed to pass current through any body. Children under six years of age and pregnant women are not allowed to use these types of scales. Pregnant girls may not be prohibited, but this simply does not make sense, since the indicators will not be accurate.

    What to look for when buying floor scales

    Undoubtedly, the main criterion for scales is accuracy, but there are still other points that you need to pay attention to when choosing such devices. Below are those details:

  • Body material. On the market, there are usually bathroom scales made of plastic, wood, glass or metal. We usually weigh ourselves barefoot, so it is worth choosing the material that is able to keep warm and not cause discomfort. The first two are considered the most comfortable, but the case made of glass or metal is usually cool before use;
  • Strength. If you are the owner of a large weight, then do not forget to find out the maximum weight capacity of the scales. Usually it is up to 130-150 kilograms, but there are also models that can withstand up to 250 kilograms;
  • Error. Ordinary mechanical watches can be wrong up to 1.5 kilograms, while high-quality electronic ones are only 0.1. If this point is of great importance to you, then you should pay attention to models that give a smaller error;
  • Moisture resistance. This is an important point if the scales will be used, for example, in the bathroom;
  • Units. Often scales are capable of measuring in two measurement systems. Consider this point so that in the morning you do not have to convert pounds to kilograms.
  • No matter how strange it may sound, be sure to pay attention to the reviews before buying. I never review devices (and other products) with a rating below 4.

    Functions and features of smart floor scales

    Electronic floor models boast a huge number of additional features that are completely inaccessible to their mechanical counterparts. But you need to understand that with a high probability each of them will increase the final cost of the device, so before buying you need to think about whether you really need these or those features of “smart” scales? Below are some of the features that give these or other functions:

  • Hydration level. Simply put, this indicator shows how much fluid is in the human body. It depends entirely on body weight. With dehydration, we can already talk about the beginning of obesity;
  • Muscle percentage. Typically, models with such a function are considered by athletes;
  • Memory. The scale remembers your current weight and analyzes it/their changes forever. These types of devices can usually be tracked by multiple people at once. More advanced ones do not need settings, as they themselves determine the user;
  • Calculation of body mass index (BMI). Available in all scales that can be paired with a phone. To do this, you will need to enter gender, height, weight and other parameters. After each weighing, the scales will automatically calculate the BMI;
  • biological age. With the help of this chip, you can evaluate the correctness of the passage of metabolic processes;
  • Application. Synchronization between scales and smartphone/s. Yes, it is convenient, especially when the user of such scales goes in for sports, leads an active life, eats right and, in general, takes care of his body. But it is worth saying that many people who bought scales with this feature simply forget about this feature after a week.
  • Among smart floor scales, a model called Mi Smart Scale 2 from Xiaomi has become famous. It has a huge number of chips that are necessary for the average person.


    Currently, there are a huge number of floor scale models, and each of them has its own nice additions. Nevertheless, do not forget that their main task is accuracy. Therefore, if your budget does not allow, then it would be better to purchase a simpler model of scales (outwardly, or without any tricked-out chips), but on the other hand, it is of high quality and with a guarantee.

    Yes, manufacturers come up with and implement new features every day, but you need to build on your requests and requirements. Keep a cool head and only make smart purchases.

    Thank you for your attention. Have a good shopping! I also want to offer you an article about “10 smart speakers with voice assistant support” for viewing.

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