How to choose an iron and what to look for when buying

Elegant, unwrinkled clothing is what gives us extra comfort in everyday life, at special occasions or when meeting with friends. To make clothes look neat and well-groomed: you need the right iron. There are many options available on the market, but the question is which iron is right for you? Below we talk about some of the functions, features and characteristics of irons that you should pay attention to when buying a home assistant.

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  • sole quality
  • Power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Temperature control
  • Flexibility of movement
  • Iron weight
  • Water tank capacity
  • Superior Technology
  • Auto-off function
  • Warranty and price
  • Conclusion
  • sole quality

    The quality of ironing depends on the quality of the sole. The better the quality, the longer your iron will last and the easier it will be to care for. It also affects the resistance to scratches andst. Today you can find different coatings of the sole with different characteristics.

    Stainless steel:
    moves smoothly over the fabric and evenly distributes heat over the plate. Be careful as the stainless steel soleplate can scratch zippers, buttons, etc.

    Polished stainless steel has some of the smoothest surfaces. To further reduce friction, the soles may have a “dimple” pattern. Such irons are strong and durable, but if used improperly, soot can appear on the sole.

    Ceramics: a good alternative to stainless steel as it has a non-stick surface and distributes heat well. Some models on the market have a double layer of non-stick ceramic coating. Such an iron will prevent damage to your clothes due to overheating and will slide over the clothes during ironing. This coating requires careful care: if dropped or hit, chips, cracks and scratches may appear and the device may fail.

    There is also metal-ceramic sole, the properties are identical to the ceramic sole. It is resistant to damage and falls, but weighs much more.

    Aluminum: mostly found on basic level irons. May become “tacky” over time, which may cause wrinkles or damage to clothing during ironing.

    Teflon sole: according to its characteristics, it resembles an aluminum coating, differs in: resistance to carbon deposits, durability, easy sliding, but unstable to scratches and chips.

    Titanium outsole: one of the latest developments in the iron market. It is impeccable in all respects, except for the price. The price of these models is usually high. Features: perfect sliding, high level of heat distribution, durable, resistant to damage and aesthetic design. For example, one of these models is the Philips GC4564/20 Azur iron.


    The heating rate and heating level of the iron depend on the power and the powerful heating element. This applies to any iron you buy, and in the case of a steam iron, the wattage also determines the amount of steam produced. The higher the power, the better the performance of the iron. Power varies from 220W to over 3000W. For home use, an average of 2000 watts is enough.

    Ergonomic design

    The ease of use of the iron is an important factor when buying a unit. The handle of the iron must be designed in such a way as to provide comfort during ironing.

    The iron must be taken with an ergonomic handle that is heat-resistant and impact-resistant. This feature ensures that your hands are completely protected. Typically, these irons have a stainless steel body.

    Temperature control

    Since you will be ironing a variety of fabrics, flexibility in temperature control is extremely important.

    Choose a dry iron or a steam iron with a temperature control that is easy to control. There are usually six different settings to choose from: jeans, nylon, linen, cotton, silk and wool. The temperature can be adjusted according to the fabric so that it does not overheat and damage the fabric.

    Flexibility of movement

    For unhindered movement during ironing, you need a power cord of the appropriate type. Retractable cords are more convenient than regular cords.

    Some irons have a 360-degree swivel cord for smooth movement and comfortable use. This reduces the stress on the hands. The iron can be placed vertically, which will make it more stable. The time spent ironing is also greatly reduced since you can move it in all directions.

    Also, there are cordless irons on the market, which instantly solves the problem of hand stiffness and gives a pleasant freedom to your hands. One of these can be identified KELLI KL-1645. The seller of this iron, apparently, always provides a promotional code for a discount, do not forget to use the codes.

    Iron weight

    Although a heavy iron removes wrinkles faster than lighter irons, it can also cause discomfort. The iron weighing up to 1.5 kg is ideal for removing creases from clothes.

    If you have a lot of ironing to do on a regular basis, choose a lighter iron.

    Water tank capacity

    The bowl of the water tank should be selected with a higher capacity, this feature does not require frequent refilling of water, and you can iron a lot of clothes. Choose a steam iron with a tank capacity of at least 200-300 ml.

    Instead of dark or opaque water tanks, you can purchase an iron with a clear tank that makes it easy to check the water level.

    Superior Technology

    Hard water is whatins the iron. You will need to descale your iron regularly. Choose steam irons with an automatic self-cleaning feature that prevents hard water from scale build-up, increasing iron life and efficiency.

    You can also choose an iron with an anti-drip system that prevents water droplets from splashing. The water spray function takes care of any stubborn creases. You can vary the amount of steam you need. Some irons provide steam at least 15 g/min, others up to 460 g/min, which have the functions: “steam boost”, “constant steam supply”, “steam supply adjustment”. The higher the steam output, the easier it is to iron the clothes. For home use, 20-30g/min is enough with the “constant steam supply” function, with the “steam boost” function, 90g/min is enough for daily use.

    Auto-off function

    You are exposed to a potential fire hazard if the iron is not switched off. It is worth making sure that your iron has an automatic shut-off function to protect yourself and others from an accident. For example, one of the many options is the Tefal Express Steam iron.

    Warranty and price

    The best brands of irons can give you a 2-year service warranty. You should check the terms of the warranty before making a decision. The price of a steam iron and the price of a dry iron depend on the features you choose and can range from 1,000 *** to over 10,000 ***.


    Thus, when choosing an iron, you need to take into account the above characteristics and features, and, of course, focus on your budget. Then, the most unloved thing will become a pleasant and quick activity for you, and even a whole mountain of clothes, after washing, will not scare you! With this guide, you will be sure to choose the right iron for you and your family, and your clothes will always look immaculate and tidy.

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    Happy shopping and have an amazing day!

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