How to choose an air fryer for your home: we help you decide on the criteria

Many people are used to thinking that tasty and crispy potatoes or nuggets are quite unhealthy food that you can afford only with rare visits to fast food restaurants. Such food cooked in oil is really harmful, but only because of the very approach to this process, which is neglected by most fast food establishments in order to reduce costs. If you want to diversify your diet with similar dishes and at the same time not harm your health, then buying your own deep fryer will be a great solution. It remains only to figure out which deep fryer is best suited for home cooking and how to choose such a kitchen assistant for your needs. We will try to deal with these issues in this material.

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  • Why Buttered Eating Isn’t Bad
  • How to choose a deep fryer and what to look for when buying
  • Power
  • bowl volume
  • Functional component
  • Summing up
  • Why Buttered Eating Isn’t Bad

    For many adherents of a healthy diet, oil, and everything connected with it, is associated with a huge calorie content, heaviness in the stomach and harm to health. This is e, but only if you decide to buy french fries or breaded wings at a fast food restaurant or cook them in a regular frying pan. In the first case, the cookingles are tritely violated: the oil is rarely changed, the appliances are not washed thoroughly and often enough, and the temperature regime is not respected due to large amounts of cooking.

    In the second case, when cooking in an ordinary frying pan, it’s also simply impossible to control the temperature, because the oil releases ly harmful elements only when heated above 200 degrees, and it’s almost impossible to track and adjust it yourself. In addition, it is difficult to evenly fry foods in this way, and because of the small size, you have to cook either small portions or a very long time. And if we add to this the process of cleaning and laundering grease from all walls and dishes, then there is very little pleasure from such a process. A home fryer, on the other hand, allows you to control the temperature of the oil in a safe range, and cook a portion for the whole family at a time, and it takes several times less time to clean it. Here is just a small list of those dishes that you can cook yourself using a home air fryer:

  • french fries;

  • chicken wings;

  • nuggets;

  • chicken legs;

  • onion rings;

  • cheese sticks or balls;

  • pies;

  • fish;

  • donuts;

  • How to choose a deep fryer and what to look for when buying

    It may seem that there is nothing complicated in the process of choosing this device, because how can deep fryers differ in general? In fact, there are enough such differences, and all of them affect the final cost of the device, as well as the convenience of its use. In order not to overpay for unnecessary features and buy a really useful device for many years, we recommend that you spend a little of your time searching and choosing, with which we will try to help you.


    As with other kitchen appliances, the power of the deep fryer is one of the key characteristics. The power will determine how fast and how much you can cook. On average, the power of deep fryers varies from 700 to 2000 watts. It is important to consider this indicator not separately, but in conjunction with the volume of the bowl of the device. For example, why do you need an 800 W model with a bowl volume of as much as 4 liters, if it will take too long to cook such a deep fryer at full load? The same is e in the opposite case, when with a bowl of 1 liter the power will exceed 1500 W – a banal overpayment for a colorful parameter that is essentially not needed. For convenience, it is worth calculating the ratio, where approximately 800 watts of power will fall per 1 liter of bowl volume – this is the optimal value, which will be enough to cook all dishes and maintain high performance. fryer Kitfort KT-2018is one such example of the balance of power and volume (1800 W per 2.5 liters), and the presence of additional functions at its low cost make this model one of the best options on the market today.

    bowl volume

    As mentioned above, volume should be considered along with the power of the model. Otherwise, the volume of the bowl is a rather individual parameter, which you need to choose based on how often you will cook on the deep fryer, how many people you will cook for, and what budget is allocated for the purchase. Often the volume varies from 1 to 4 liters. In general, with constant use and cooking for 1-2 people, a device with a volume of up to 2 liters will suffice. If the dishes are being prepared for a large campaign and there is no desire to spend too much time on cooking, then it makes sense to consider options for 3-4 liters. Alternatively, a model from a famous brand is perfect. Xiaomi
    entitled Mijia Smart Air Fryer.It holds 3.5 liters and is able to work in different modes. It belongs to a higher price segment, but its volume, performance and versatility will quickly pay for itself.

    Be sure to pay attention to whether the bowl in the fryer is removable. Some models from the low price segment have bowls integrated into the body itself. If you are going to use the deep fryer rarely, then this moment should not cause much inconvenience. If you plan to use the device on an ongoing basis, then it will not be very convenient to wash the non-removable bowl together with the device, and it is necessary to wash it, because the used oil will gradually accumulate on the walls and not have the best effect on further cooking, both in terms of taste and smell, and and in terms of the benefits of such nutrition. It is important to completely remove used oil after 3-4 uses (if used frequently, otherwise after each cooking session). To do this, rinse the container with hot water, then fill the entire volume with soapy water and leave it in this state for half an hour, and then rinse again and wipe with a dry cloth until the walls are completely clean.

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    Functional component

    Modern technologies, even in such kitchen appliances as deep fryers, allow you to automate some moments and make the entire cooking process simpler and more enjoyable. The presence of a minimum indication, for example, will allow you to track the state of readiness of the device: turned off, warming up, ready, etc. Some models also report a lack of oil when cooking certain dishes, or when it boils away during cooking. A timer can also make the whole process easier. Its presence is unlikely to greatly affect the cost, but it will allow you not to stand and track the degree of readiness of potatoes, meat, donuts or other dishes – just set the right timer and you can go about your business. If it is important for you to control the entire process yourself, then we recommend that you look at models with special glass in the lid or side door of the case, which allows you to monitor what is happening in real time. One of the most successful and popular models with such a window is Electric Fryer Karsah.

    Despite the relative environmental friendliness and sterility of home fryers compared to, so to speak, production models or ordinary frying pans, many people want to completely get rid of the signs of boiling oil activity: smell, fumes and sometimes small drops. Manufacturers offer their own solution for such a case – replaceable filters. Reusable metal filters may be included in the package, but in most cases they are simply built into the case itself. If this is not enough, then you can separately purchase a carbon filter. Unlike a stationary metal one, it does not need to be washed, but you need to change it to a new one every 9-11 uses, and buy new ones accordingly when the old ones become unusable. Whether this is necessary or not depends on how often you cook and how important the disadvantages described above (if you can call them that) that arise when working with hot oil are important to you. In most cases, stationary filters will be sufficient.

    Summing up

    Modern deep fryers are a new step in the issue of cooking various products in oil. They allow you to minimize the harm from such cooking, but at the same time leave all those aspects for which we love deep-fried dishes – a juicy rich taste and an incredibly mouth-watering aroma. The process itself, thanks to the timer and other functionality, has become much easier and more enjoyable, which makes the purchase of such a device an even more rational decision.

    It is important to take time in advance and determine for yourself which model is needed, what functionality will be used, whether a window is needed and whether the bowl will be removed – the final cost of the deep fryer will be formed from all this. We also recommend that you consider only sted stores or marketplaces for purchase, which will definitely be able to provide all guarantees and help resolve disputes without losing money. In this case, it is better to pay a little extra for a model in a reliable place than to order cheaper and worry about whether the fryer will match its description on the site and whether it will come at all.

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