How to choose a sandwich maker for home and what to look for when buying

A modern sandwich maker is not just two heating elements that turn on immediately after connecting to the outlet and fry as hard as they can. Now sandwich makers are multifunctional and rather complex devices that can perform certain tasks, and you choose the number of these tasks yourself. However, with such a variety, the question of choosing the best sandwich maker has become more acute, because the number of manufacturers and the models they produce is only increasing every year and, it would seem, such a common device now has such a huge number of different variations. If you are now at the beginning of your search and do not know how to choose a sandwich maker and which model you should pay attention to, then this material will be extremely useful for you.

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  • What to pay attention to

    Like many other modern household appliances, sandwich makers have a lot of parameters that you should pay attention to. If you want to purchase not just a sandwich maker, but a universal assistant that will help you prepare a lot of different dishes, we recommend that you spend at least a little time identifying the right device and searching for it in sted stores. The following will present the main factors that you should or should not pay attention to when choosing a sandwich maker, so as not to fall for marketing tricks and buy a really high-quality device.

    Device power

    Many are accustomed to the fact that the power of a kitchen appliance is the main indicator that you should pay attention to in the first place. In the case of sandwich makers, the power of the device is an extremely subjective parameter that must be taken into account along with the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe heating element and the presence of various functions. For this reason, we do not see much point in relying on power when choosing a sandwich maker or sandwich maker. If you take more or less proven models from famous brands, then you can generally ignore this indicator.

    An example of an inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality and versatile device can be a 650-watt Karsah sandwich maker. This is quite enough to quickly heat up and cook sandwiches or other desired products with such an area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe panel. If necessary, you can add interchangeable panels to its package, suitable for cooking not only sandwiches, but also waffles, donuts and eggs.


    The factor that is worth looking at is coupled with power. For example, a mini sandwich maker for 1-2 sandwiches will have enough power of 600 watts. For a larger model for 4-6 sandwiches, this power will no longer be enough, because of which the whole process can be greatly stretched, and such a sandwich maker will actually not differ in its performance from the first 600 W. As for the choice of device according to its performance factor, here you need to decide how many people in the family have and how many of them like sandwiches. If you take it only on yourself, then standard sandwich makers for 1-2 sections will be quite enough. If the whole family wants to taste delicious sandwiches, then 4-6 sections of a sandwich maker will perfectly cope with this task. This is especially e if the device will have other features, which we will discuss later in this material.


    If you don’t go too deep, then almost any kitchen appliances designed for cooking by heat treatment must be entirely made of heat-resistant materials. If before that you were already looking for and choosing a sandwich maker, you might have noticed that some models have a plastic case. Some sources claim that the material of such a plastic case, with prolonged use of the device itself, due to overheating, can release harmful substances into the air and directly into the food itself.

    In fact, the heat-insulating layer allows you to get rid of any risks of exposure to high temperatures on individual elements of the sandwich maker, which are not intended for this. Otherwise, the metal case has a more attractive appearance, and the device itself will remain in service longer, especially after repeated falls. Here the choice rests on individual requests and the allocated budget, but we believe that if it is possible to buy a sandwich maker with a metal case, then you need to take it, because the savings in this case will not be so great, and a model with such a case will last much longer.


    It is also necessary to pay attention to the functional component of your future sandwich maker. This parameter is already less subjective, because regardless of the performance, the composition of the sandwich itself or the type of bread used, functional equipment always makes the cooking process more convenient and enjoyable. For example, depending on the required level of roasting, you can set a timer yourself, after which the device will turn off. In the absence of a timer, you will have to constantly monitor the process. Some devices already have cooking modes with different power and time programmed into the program. By the way, controlled power can also be extremely useful: someone likes a standard sandwich with toasted bread around the edges, and someone wants to completely warm up the whole sandwich, only giving the bread a crispy golden st – these requests require different temperature conditions, so it’s worth it in advance define the moment.

    An important issue is the safety of both the surrounding people and the device itself. A good sandwich maker should be blocked during operation so that no one opens it and gets burned. Handles and other items that you constantly touch should also be made of non-conductive materials or insulated from the heating parts of the device. Be sure to check for the automatic shutdown function of the sandwich maker after a certain time or when a particularly high temperature is reached. This will allow you to play it safe and protect yourself from the risk of fire of the device itself if you forget to turn it off.

    Options and modes

    Modern sandwich makers are capable of more than just toasting bread and heating sandwiches, as the old models did. Now they are multifunctional devices that can make a crispy sandwich, and fry meat, and produce fragrant waffles in just a few minutes.

    If you don’t want to limit the functionality of your assistant to just making sandwiches, then we advise you to look at models with interchangeable heating plates and cooking modes. For example, by paying a little extra for a device with grill plates, you can easily convert a sandwich maker into a compact electric grill. Same with waffles and even hot dogs. Such a multifunctional assistant will cost a little more than a regular sandwich maker, however, if you take a separate device for each task, the amount will be many times more than the surcharge for a couple of additional nozzles. We recommend considering a multi-baker sandwich maker from a well-known brand called Hyundai HYSM-1302.

    Share this article with your friend so as not to lose the read material. And when the moment of buying a sandwich maker comes, you can always come back here and refresh your memory.

    Summing up

    Many still consider sandwich makers to be an extra household appliance in the kitchen, as a standard toaster does an excellent job of heating and toasting bread. Plus, it costs a little less. In fact, modern sandwich makers with a fairly compact size and low power consumption are able to take on the task of preparing not only delicious sandwiches, but also fragrant waffles, frying meat and vegetables, as well as hot dogs. The extra charge for all these features and modes is not that high, but in the longn it saves much more. It is important to outline in advance for yourself the desired model of a sandwich maker with all the necessary functions and modes, and only then start searching. So you can buy a really useful and effective assistant for many years.

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