How to choose a home vacuum cleaner and what to look for when buying

Floors, the part of the house that is subject to the greatest accumulation of debris, and a vacuum cleaner makes it very easy to clean them. Previously, the market had a limited number of models and types of this home appliance. But now you can find a large number of vacuum cleaners from different companies, which will differ not only in firm, but also in appearance. It can be a vertical, manual or robotic vacuum cleaner, but which one the user needs will depend on his needs and the type of floors being cleaned.


  • Types of home vacuum cleaners
  • Vertical
  • Classical
  • Robot vacuum cleaners
  • Dust collector type
  • Vacuum cleaner with bag
  • Vacuum cleaner with container
  • Vacuum cleaner with water filter
  • Washing vacuum cleaner
  • Suction power
  • nozzles
  • Noise level
  • Filtration
  • Radius of action
  • Conclusion
  • Types of home vacuum cleaners

    They can be divided into three main types: vertical, classic and robot vacuum cleaner.


    This is a vacuum cleaner that has a stand with a control handle. To clean it, you need to push it in front of you, like a mop. Its main disadvantage is the weak suction power compared to a conventional vacuum cleaner. But it does its job quite well, and is suitable for those who need it: easy maintenance, compactness and light weight. There are also cordless, battery-operated models that add a plus to convenience.


    A vacuum cleaner familiar to many people, having a separate body and a hose with a sh connected to it. Unlike a vertical device, a classic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a more powerful motor and more functions.

    Robot vacuum cleaners

    Robot vacuum cleaners are modern devices that can automatically clean an apartment according to a given program. They vary in both price and technology, with the best models using advanced mapping technology to clean every part of the room.

    However, even the best robotic vacuum cleaners cannot replace a regular vacuum cleaner because they have less suction power.

    Ultimately, as mentioned at the beginning, the choice will depend on the need. But as is customary, most prefer the classic version for its effectiveness.

    Dust collector type

    For vertical types of vacuum cleaners, the container type of dust collector is most often used. But already in the classic one you can find both container and bag dust collectors.

    Vacuum cleaner with bag

    Bag is divided into three types: paper, woven and non-woven paper. The first one is disposable and not reliable, it breaks easily. Fabric dust collectors are usually standard, which are quite durable. The third type is already stronger than paper, and can be used several times.

    Vacuum cleaners with bags have a number of advantages, such as: sufficiently large suction power, low price, ease of use, and some even have a low noise level.

    And from the shortcomings, one can single out constant contact with dust, and a drop in suction power as the bag fills up. However, models such as the Philips Performer Compact are equipped with AirflowMax technology, which allows you to work at maximum power until the dust container is full.

    Vacuum cleaner with container

    The next type is the vacuum cleaner, which uses a plastic container instead of a bag. It is much easier to clean, but it still has to come into contact with dust. Also, the disadvantage is the filters that are located in the installation area of ​​the container. After a certain period of use of the vacuum cleaner, the filters will need to be washed. But about the drop in power is a moot point. Some models can work without losing suction power even when the container is full, others already halfway through begin to do their job poorly. The containerized Philips PowerPro Expert FC9734/01, which has PowerCyclone 8 technology, shows itself excellently in cleaning, which increases the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

    Vacuum cleaner with water filter

    In such a vacuum cleaner, a container barrel with water takes on the role of a dust collector. In addition, two types of filters can be used: separator and hookah. In the first, a water cyclone is created during operation, which purifies the air at the outlet. But the hookah filter needs to be in the water for a long time, which reduces its effectiveness.

    Such a vacuum cleaner not only does an excellent job of cleaning, but also perfectly cleans the air without losing suction power. Of course, there are also disadvantages – these are the dimensions, the need to wash the dust collector after each cleaning and often change the filter.

    Washing vacuum cleaner

    A 2 in 1 device that will not only collect all the dust, but also perform wet cleaning. All that is needed for work is to apply a detergent to the surface and walk over it with a vacuum cleaner. It perfectly cleans the apartment from debris, and can also wash mirrors and glass. But, like vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter, washing models are very bulky, heavy and not cheap.

    If the user prefers vacuum cleaners with a bag or container, then the volume of the dust container should be taken into account. It can vary from 0.5 to 8 liters. If the room to be cleaned is small, then 1-2 liters will be enough for several cycles of work, in other cases, choose a larger volume.

    Suction power

    Also, do not forget about the suction power. The main thing is not to confuse it with the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner itself. Regarding the types of devices, robots have the lowest suction power from 8 to 100 W, vertical 25-200 W, classic 100-750 (there are models for 2800 W). If the apartment does not have floor carpets, then a power of 200 W will be enough for high-quality cleaning. But for intensive cleaning of carpets, it is advisable to take a vacuum cleaner with more suction power. But the best option would be a model that has adjustable power, and thus will be suitable for any type of flooring.


    When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should not forget about the nozzles, and check the included kit. It is better when it consists of several nozzles such as: for hard and soft surfaces (usually a standard 2 in 1 nozzle), for furniture, crevices, corners, a scraper, and a nozzle for cleaning hair and wool (turbo sh).

    Noise level

    One of the most important parameters that a user can worry about. The noise level of quiet vacuum cleaners is at the level of – 60 dB, but the loudest – 80 dB. In any case, if the priority is the quality of cleaning and suction power, when choosing a container device, noisy work cannot be avoided.


    All types of vacuum cleaners have special filters that keep dust inside the device itself. Models equipped with a low-quality filter let the sucked-in dust through and throw it back into the room. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to the filtration system, and HEPA filters are best, which are able to contain up to 99.97% of dust particles.

    Radius of action

    During cleaning, a short cord can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if the apartment has more than one room. On average, the length of the vacuum cleaner power cable varies from 6 to 10 meters. There are also models in which the cord has a length of 15 meters. But definitely, the more the better, and less often you have to switch between outlets.


    If the apartment has only one small room, then a device with a medium suction bag dust collector and an 8-meter power cord is enough. But for high-quality cleaning and comfortable use, it is better to take a classic vacuum cleaner with a container-type dust collector, and also choose a model with adjustable suction power, a large number of attachments, the longest possible cord, comfortable dimensions and HEPA filters.

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