How to choose a hair dryer and what to look for when buying

It is important to choose the right hair care device, because the constant use of the wrong hair dryer can damage both the hair and the hair follicles. With the right choice, you will be less likely to get damaged and burned hair. Let’s deal with everything in order.


  • How to choose a hair dryer
  • Choose Ionic Tourmaline for Thick and Curly Hair
  • Use ceramic or porcelain hair dryers for dry hair
  • titanium hair dryer
  • Choose a hair dryer with medium power
  • Choose light hair dryers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Styling nozzles
  • Conclusion
  • How to choose a hair dryer

    When looking for a hair dryer, of course, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made, weight, power and any additional features that make it easier to dry your hair. Below are detailed tips for those who really want to understand this issue in as much detail as possible.

    Choose Ionic Tourmaline for Thick and Curly Hair

    The negative charges of an ionic or tourmaline hair dryer saturate the air as it heats up, thereby neutralizing the positive charges for faster, gentler drying. Thanks to this process, the hair is not electrified, looks obedient, healthy and smooth.

    Other characteristics, other devices, are ineffective for thick wavy hair, after using inappropriate devices: the hair becomes stiff and dull. To obtain a result for this type of hair, it is recommended to use a hair dryer with tourmaline and at the end you will get the desired perfectly obedient, non-magnetized, thick and curly hair. Most ionic and tourmaline hair dryers are made from porcelain material, which will keep your hair dry. Tourmaline drying is more expensive than ionic drying.

    If you have curly or frizzy hair, a tourmaline dryer will suit you, it will smooth your hair, make it manageable and silky – it will be a good purchase for caring for your hair. For owners of liquid hair, a tourmaline or ion hair dryer is also suitable. Try to avoid the ion blow dryer if you have both thin and porous hair. They are not as effective as others when increasing the blowing speed.

    Use ceramic or porcelain hair dryers for dry hair

    If you have dry, porous, thin, or brittle hair, a porcelain or ceramic hair dryer is a great option. Hair dryers with a ceramic or porcelain coating on the inside, plastic or metal on the outside, produce harmless and even heat, so they absorb water efficiently and quickly and are one of the best for dry or damaged hair. If you’re not sure which hair dryer to get, go for porcelain or ceramic devices – they are suitable for all hair types. Negative ions are also used in porcelain or ceramic dryers to prevent tangling and speed up drying. Infrared technology is used in most porcelain or ceramic hair dryers to dry hair quickly and gently. In other words, they use maximum energy waves at low temperatures to penetrate the hair and help dry it properly and quickly without damaging it.

    titanium hair dryer

    The heat from the titanium hair dryer is stable and balanced. At the same time, this type of hair dryer is not the best option for liquid or brittle hair, because it heats up very much due to its coating. For thick and long hair types, a titanium hair dryer will reduce dryness. Because titanium is lighter than porcelain or ceramic, the dryer is often portable, making it easy to carry in a small bag to work out or on the road. If you need to dry a few strands, this hair dryer will do it quickly and efficiently.

    Choose a hair dryer with medium power

    The power of the hair dryer is a measure of how fast and how hard the engine isnning. You will be able to dry your hair quickly if the power is high. The presence of temperature regimes and the blowing speed depend on the power of the device. Appliances that use fewer watts are usually less expensive, but they perform their function using the heat generated during operation of the appliance, and not from the energy of the air. High power devices are great for drying thick and wavy hair in a short time.

    For example, the budget hair dryer REDMOND RF-536 and at the same time high-quality, will suit many who want good and fast drying. For this price, we get a device with a power of 2000 W and an AC motor inside it, which in turn ensures the durability of the hair dryer. And this, as you already know, is also very important.

    Often, a hair dryer with a power of 1600-1800 watts is suitable for personal use. But, if your hair is thick and long, then it would be better to purchase a more powerful model. For such hair, use a hair dryer with a power of 1800-2000 watts.

    Stylists generally use very high power (more than 2000 watts) hair styling appliances. But, for daily care at home, this technique will give your “hair” dryness, dullness and unkempt appearance.

    Choose light hair dryers

    Some people think that the weight of a hair dryer is insignificant, but weight matters a lot when choosing an appliance. Choose a light and easy-to-use model. This greatly simplifies the operation of the hair dryer during drying or styling. Choose an appliance with a weight of about 0.3 – 0.5 kg with the most optimal blowing performance. Your hands will quickly get tired if you use a device weighing more than 0.8 kg.

    Ergonomic design

    In terms of ergonomics, you should definitely pay attention to:

  • on its appearance, handle: what material they are made of, so that during drying the device does not overheat and burn your hands;

  • how the buttons are located: is it convenient to switch them during drying, to understand this, test the hair dryer in your hands;

  • of course, there must be a long cord, and even better if it rotates 360 degrees, so that during drying or styling it is possible to manipulate the hair dryer in different directions and not sit near the outlet.

  • some models have a foldable handle that makes the hair dryer compact, others have a loop on the cord for hanging, third models have a removable dust filter, humidity control sensor, cold air blowing – finishing function for resistant styling, sensor system, ozone drying, which has a healing effect.

  • Styling nozzles

    There are many types of hair dryers on the market today. Let’s analyze the more popular models of styling assistants.

    The first nozzle that everyone needs to get acquainted with is the concentrator nozzle. This is the one with the flat shape of the vent, a bit like a funnel. Basically, the concentrator nozzle changes the direction of the air coming out of the hair dryer. Instead of just blowing hot air, the concentrator, as the name suggests, focuses the airflow for more targeted drying. The concentrator nozzle allows you to dry certain areas of your hair. It can also add extra volume at the roots if used properly.

    The best nozzle for curly hair is a diffuser. It has the shape of a bowl with proding teeth. It has holes in it so that the air from the hair dryer passes through it and reaches the strands. This nozzle provides fast drying without frizz, as the shape of your curls stays the same during the drying process. The diffuser head causes the air exiting the dehumidifier to spread and rise through the pins. Therefore, when it is used to dry hair, less air passes through one area. Instead, the air is distributed, which makes this drying method more gentle on the hair.

    Just like the concentrator, the clip attachment is used to create volume in the hairstyle. Shorter strands work best with narrow attachments, while longer hair requires a wider option.

    The sh attachment is like a comb and a hair dryer – two in one! This tool has gained a lot of popularity as it is the perfect choice for those who want to get a dramatic look in a simple way. Instead of holding a round sh in one hand and trying to tilt the dryer with the other, this handy tool lets you do both at the same time!


    So, if you go for a hair dryer, you need to understand that in the first place it should be suitable for your hair types. Thus, improve their quality without damaging or overdrying, but rather making them smooth, silky, shiny and obedient. I really hope that helped you in choosing the right hair dryer!

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