Hoto Smart Kitchen Home Scale Review with Bluetooth: Precise Conciseness

Household scales are an indispensable tool in almost any household. Of course, most of all they are in demand in the kitchen, when cooking, canning and other similar events. The main requirements for such devices are accuracy, ease of use and compact size. One such option is the “smart” household scale HOTO Smart Kitchen, compatible with Mi Home, and will be discussed in this review.

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The scales are delivered in an excellent, just like a gift, black packaging:

Inside the package are scales and insctions:

The device, in appearance, is somewhat different from the usual type of similar devices and is made in the form of a “round pancake” with a silver cylinder proding from the side:

Like all Hoto products, the scales look very concise, but very stylish and interesting. The upper part is covered with natural impact-resistant glass, the surface has a beautiful gray-smoky color. The scales are marked with the maximum allowable weight of 3000g for measurement:


  • Measured weight: 0-3000gr.
  • Bluetooth working distance: 8m
  • Automatic shutdown time: 180 sec
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries
  • The only control element is a cylinder proding from the side, rotating in both directions; during rotation, the transition from one position to another is clearly felt (like a computer mouse wheel). In addition, the cylinder is also a button, you can press it to turn the device on or off:

    On the reverse side there is a sliding cover for the battery compartment on which anti-slip pads are glued:

    By sliding the cover we get access to the installation of three AA batteries. When the batteries are low, the corresponding symbol lights up on the scale display. I consider this power supply option, in this case, more acceptable than the presence of a battery, which can be discharged at the right time, and the batteries can always be quickly replaced:

    The scale is very compact in size: 168*181.5*27mm

    Weight (without batteries) 338g.:

    The device is turned on by briefly pressing the cylinder, the display on the glass counts from 3 to 1 and the zero value of the weight is displayed. Turn off with a long press.

    By rotating the cylinder, you can change the units of weight between grams, ounces, pounds and milliliters:

    The LED display digits are clearly visible from any angle:

    Tare scales (i.e. zeroing the tare weight) is also performed by briefly pressing the cylinder button:

    Having removed the “container” you can see its mass:

    The accuracy of the scales was checked using a set of measuring weights:

    Scales measure to tenths of a gram. The error of high-quality kitchen scales should not be higher than ~ 1g per 1kg. In addition, a good household scale should not give a large measurement error in any part of its surface. Surveys are fully consistent with these conditions:

    Weight in 10g. in different positions on the balance surface:

    100 and 200 gr:

    500gr. in different positions on the scales:

    All weights in a bunch – 1000g. I note that if the object being measured is heavier than 1kg, then tenths of a gram are no longer displayed.

    I decided to test the accuracy on the lightest objects. Usually, household scales begin to “lie” if the object being measured is lighter than ~ 10g. Here, the HOTO scales surprised me quite a lot, accurately measuring the weight to almost 1 gram (compared with an accurate jewelry meter). Measurement of the mass of a bit for a screwdriver:

    Small screwdriver:

    4 seeds:

    The maximum changeable weight is slightly higher than the declared 3000g.:

    When exceeded, dashes are displayed:

    Now a few words about interaction with a smartphone. The device works with the MI Home application from Xiaomi. We just scan the code in the insctions or on the scale box and the device is added to the list of devices in the application:

    After adding the device, the scales immediately climbed to look for a firmware update that was found and installed:

    After pairing via Bluetooth, all changes can be committed and saved in the application:

    The application has the ability to create your own recipes from different ingredients, although the translation sometimes leaves much to be desired:

    HOTO Smart Kitchen scales with Bluetooth are on sale in the HOTO brand store on Aliexpress: HERE

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    In general, survey scales turned out to be of very high quality and modern, and most importantly, quite accurate for domestic needs, a device. They do not take up much space, simple operation, accurate measurements of even the lightest objects, interaction with a smartphone.

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