Home Electric Fryer: How To Get Your Favorite Fast Food During Lockdown

Now is the time to popularize healthy eating, everyone cares about their health, but there are still people who love to eat tasty and fatty foods. Today we will talk about cooking food in a huge amount of oil and deep frying will help with this. Many will say that you can cook in an ordinary deep frying pan and will be right, of course, you can, but why if there is a specialized technique that will eliminate the need to spread the finished product on a napkin so that it absorbs the flowing oil. Also, deep fat will heat the oil to the temperature you need and will maintain it. It is no longer necessary to constantly turn the food in the pan, everything is evenly coated with oil in the cooking bowl.

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  • Product name: electric deep fryer
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: metal + plastic
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 2000 W
  • Temperature: 90-190 ℃
  • Plug: EU plug

Packaging and equipment

The deep fryer comes in a cardboard box with vivid images of the device itself and those products that can be cooked in it. Also on the box are the characteristics and features of the product.

The kit includes only a deep fryer and instructions in English, in which you will find the characteristics of the device, information on how to work with it, as well as recommendations on the temperature and time frames for cooking some products.

Appearance and device


I’ll start with a basket that will hold the product. It is made of stainless steel in the form of a mesh, which allows oil and small particles of the product to pass through itself, which will come out of the basket during the frying process, so that at the exit you get a clean and beautiful product.

The volume of the basket is quite large for home use, it can easily fit a dozen wings. You can put more, but then there will be a loss of oil temperature, which is not recommended. The basket dimensions are 14 * 24 * 7 cm.

An important difference from cooking in a pan is the ability to drain the oil from the finished product without unnecessary dancing and laying the product on a napkin. To do this, there is a bracket on the basket that attaches the basket to the side of the bowl so that the oil is drained back.

To manipulate the basket, a handle is used, which is securely fastened to the lock on one of the sides of the basket. The handle is made of metal that is able to withstand a full basket of product and does not bend and the handle, a plastic handle that does not get hot at all when working with boiling oil.


The maximum volume of oil that can be poured into the bowl is 3.5 liters, the minimum volume is 3 liters, for ease of understanding how much oil is needed, there are “min” and “max” marks on the inside of the bowl.

The bowl is made of metal and painted black. A huge plus of this whole structure is the ability to disassemble it completely into its component parts. This is very convenient for servicing your fryer after use. I have experience working with a grill, from which the frying surfaces cannot be removed and I will tell you this is hell, only because of this I do not want to turn it on again, then the opposite is true.

The bowl serves as a container for oil and burnt food parts. After use, everything that has fallen off from the finished product settles on the bottom and, after draining the oil, is easily washed off. The volume of the bowl is quite large, because in addition to the basket, a heating element must fit into it.


For the arrangement of all parts of the fryer, a base is used, which is made of stainless steel and plastic.

For easy portability of the fryer, there are two plastic handles on the sides of the base that do not heat up during operation.

To install the control unit and the heating element, a platform is used, which is located on one of the sides of the base, which is also made of plastic.

To prevent the fryer from sliding on the surface, plastic legs with rubber pads are installed at the bottom of the base, which do an excellent job.

Control block

The control unit is a control regulator that can set the temperature from 90 to 190 degrees and a pair of bulbs. The red light comes on when the fryer is plugged in, the green light comes on when the selected temperature is reached.

A heating element and a thermocouple come out of the control unit, which goes into the bowl along with the heating element.

There are warning notices on the back of the control unit. as well as brief characteristics of the device.

The fryer is powered by a 220V network, a complete wire with a 16A corner Euro plug is used to connect to the network.


The supplied cover can be used to prevent contamination of the workplace. The lid is made of stainless steel, the handle on it is made of plastic, which is not exposed to heat while working with the fryer. For tight installation on the base, it has cutouts for the basket handle and the heating element.

This is how the whole device looks like, it’s time to start testing.


To begin with, I measured the temperature of the oil, the readings correspond to the declared characteristics. The oil heated up for 7-10 minutes, which is quite a long time, but the volume of 3 liters is not small either.

When the oil is heated to the desired temperature, the green light comes on, which means you can start cooking the product.

For the deep fryer dough, I chose perhaps the most popular foods, chicken and potatoes. The basket was filled about halfway so that it was possible to mix the products during the frying process. As you can see in the pictures, the oil reacts differently to chicken and potatoes. Despite the maximum set temperature, oil did not splash out of the bowl, only small splashes are noticeable on the case.

As for the cooking time and temperature, you should not rely one hundred percent on information from the instructions, there are too many factors that need to be taken into account and all this is learned empirically. But in the end, everything works out.


The deep fryer proved to be excellent in operation, the only drawback is the huge oil consumption. Yes, it can be reused by pre-filtering or using a special oil for deep fat, but this does not apply to this model, because all devices of this kind simply cannot work without oil.

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This model does not cause any difficulties in working with it. A very convenient bracket for hanging the basket, now you do not need to put food on napkins to get rid of excess oil. The temperature is kept within the specified range. A huge plus is the ability to disassemble the device into its component parts, which is very convenient for servicing the fryer after using it. I purchased a deep fryer using this link, but today they are not available, so you can consider the options that aliexpress offers, for example, by clicking on this link, you will find a very similar model.

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