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Review Hobot 2s is a new robot window cleaner 2022. Double spray and English voice acting. The Hobot 2s Ultrasonic is a novelty from the Taiwanese manufacturer that continues the ideas behind last year’s Hobot 298 Ultrasonic. The new washer was equipped with a second sprayer, so it wets the glass twice as hard. The second improvement was made to the drop sensors – now they do not interfere with driving into corners. The manufacturer also worked on an application in which you can record unique voice notifications. I will tell you more about the design, functionality and operating features of the Hobot 2s later in the review.

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The delivery set, in addition to the robot itself, includes:

  • safety cord (it is already fixed on the body);
  • three reusable wipes;
  • detergent in a special bottle;
  • spray bottle (for those who want to spray detergent onto a napkin);
  • remote control with batteries;
  • spare ultrasonic sprayer;
  • adapter and composite power cord;
  • documents in English.

The manufacturer has put everything you need in the box. No complaints.


The body of the robot is a flat square box (240 x 240 mm) with a semicircular handle at the top. The height of the entire structure is 86 mm, so the Hobot 2s is suitable for barred windows.

The handle contains a start / pause button, a power switch and a power cord connector. On the sides of the body there are two ultrasonic nebulizers. This is the main feature of this model. The previous Trunk only had one sprinkler, and most robots on the market don’t have one at all. Each atomizer has its own small 26 ml tank.

The bottom of the Hobot 2s looks standard overall, with a suction grill, tracks and Velcro napkin mounts. But there is one fundamental feature: the manufacturer abandoned the drop sensors in the corners and installed air leakage sensors instead. It is for them that the cutouts in the napkin are intended. The advantage of the new design is that the robot now cleans the corners of the window better.


General characteristics Product colorblack, whiteTyprobotPower type rechargeable / mains Purposewindow, mirrors, tiles, complete setCleaner, remote control, washing cloth, safety cord, power adapterCleaning typeWet and dryGrip to the surfaceVacuumCleaning speed2.4 m² / min. frameless surfaces, avoidance of obstacles, automatic stop Power consumption90 W Battery fastening built-inBattery Li-ionRemote controlApplication, remote control Power cord length1 m Power cord extension length4 m Safety cord length4 m …


To control, you need to install the proprietary Hobot application on your smartphone. With its help you can:

  • start and stop cleaning;
  • choose the right side of the window;
  • change the direction of movement manually (joystick);
  • activate double pass cleaning;
  • enable / disable wetting;
  • forcibly spray water.

The application is fully Russified, including voice notifications. But if you are not satisfied with the built-in voice package, you can create your own by recording the desired phrases on the microphone. An unusual function that allows you to improve the mood of yourself and your guests.

Most of the functions of the application are duplicated on the remote control.

Preparation for work

Getting the Hobot 2s up and running is easy. It is enough to connect all parts of the cord, tie the safety cord to a secure base (for example, to the wardrobe leg) and set the napkin so that the holes coincide with the sensors. It remains only to bring the washer to the glass and flip the toggle switch. After the Trunk is sucked in, you can pour water into the tank. This completes the preparation.


Cleaning is carried out in zigzags until the robot has passed the entire available area. While driving, ultrasonic sprays spray the glass with an aqueous suspension, which washes away dirt well. Hobot 2s then picks it up with a napkin. The washer feels confident on any windows, from vents to shop windows.

Window cleaning quality

The robot flawlessly cleans the inside of the glass, and it does this from the very first pass. On the outside, two or more passes may be required, depending on the complexity of the contamination. With dried spots, the Hobot 2s is better than its counterparts, but not perfect. If the windows have not been washed for a year, it is better to wash them by hand for the first time, and then use a robot to keep them clean. It should also be borne in mind that the washer is of little use in windy weather, because the wind carries away the spray of water.

On other surfaces

Hobot 2s works effectively on any vertical surfaces, washes the tiles in the bathroom, tidies up the mirrors, and polishes the refrigerator door. Air leakage sensors prevent the washer from falling off frameless surfaces.

Emergency mode

In the event of an unexpected power outage, the Hobot 2s will switch to the built-in UPS. The battery charge is enough to keep the robot on the glass for 20 minutes. If during this time it is not removed from the glass, it will fall and hang on the safety cord.

Summing up

Hobot 2s is an unusual window washer with two ultrasonic sprinklers. It perfectly copes with keeping clean on windows of any size, it can work with tiles, mirrors, frameless surfaces. You can control the vacuum cleaner both with the remote control and through the application, and you can record your own voice packet.

1 thousand is a serious price tag, especially for a glass washer. But taking into account the wide functionality and unusual functions, such a price is perceived adequately. After all, this model has practically no competitors.

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