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Review of Hobot 298 Ultrasonic Window Cleaning Robot 2022. Should you buy?. Hobot 298 Ultrasonic is Hobot’s flagship window cleaner. Unlike most models of this type, he does not just carry on the glass with a napkin, but soaks the dirt with an ultrasonic spray, and only then wipes it off. Therefore, in theory, the robot should cope even with stubborn dirt, and what results it will show in practice, we will find out during testing. I would like to note that the novot brand is the pioneer of automatic window cleaning robots. They invented, developed, created and patented this device. Therefore, it is not surprising that we bought this particular brand. Read about the configuration, design and functionality of the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic further in the article.

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They put in the box with the robot:

  • Three-piece power cord (adapter, extension cord, and plug cord);
  • remote control with batteries;
  • 3 wipes for wet cleaning;
  • a bottle of detergent from Hobot;
  • documentation.

A safety cord with a carabiner is already attached to the eyelet on the body. If desired, you can purchase an additional set of polishing napkins.


The manufacturer chose a square shape for the robot with a streamlined handle. Base dimensions – 240 x 240 mm, height – 100 mm (including handle). Dust and prints are not visible on the blue glossy surface of the case. The washer’s weight is relatively small – only 1.2 kg.

Of the controls on the body, there is only a start button and a toggle switch. There is a battery status indicator on the left side of the bezel. A tank with an ultrasonic nebulizer is built into the right side of the case. A threaded socket is provided for connecting the power cord.

Most of the bottom is occupied by microfiber mounts. In the slots of the napkin there are: the suction grill (in the center), surface sensors (in the corners) and two tracks (on the sides).


Type of food rechargeable / mains
Appointment windows, mirrors, tiles
Cleaning type wet and dry
Number of operating modes 3 pieces
Robot grip vacuum
Cleaning speed 0.42 m² / min
Peculiarities washing of frameless surfaces, automatic stop
Power consumption 72W
Noise level 64dB
Battery Li-ion, 14.80 V, 650 mAh
Battery life 20 minutes
Remote control app, remote
Where can I buy: Yandex Market


The main feature of the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic, in comparison with other washers, is the wetting system: the robot sprays water onto the surface, and then runs into the wetted area with a napkin. This allows you not only to wipe the glass, but to erode and wipe off dried dirt. In addition, passing through the ultrasonic sprayer, water droplets break into fine particles, which better soak the dirt.

You can control the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic both from the remote control and through the mobile application. Management capabilities include:

  • choice of direction of movement: vertically (N) or horizontally (Z);
  • automatic cleaning (N and Z in one cycle);
  • switching on / off the water supply;
  • cleaning with repeated pass;
  • manual control by means of arrow buttons.

Preparation for work

The algorithm for preparing for work is as follows:

  • Collect the power cord and connect the robot to the mains.
  • Wait until the battery is fully charged (at the first start up to 20 minutes).
  • Clip the free end of the belay to a battery or other secure base.
  • Fasten a napkin under the bottom and slightly moisten with a hand spray.
  • Press the washer against the glass, flip the toggle switch and wait a few seconds until it adheres securely to the surface.
  • Fill the tank with cleaning liquid using a bottle with a fine spout.

After that, you need to select the appropriate mode or press a button on the handle for the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic to start automatic cleaning.


During testing, we found that the robot successfully copes with windows more than 40 cm wide, in a smaller space it cannot turn around and gets stuck. Normal windows Hobot 298 Ultrasonic processed in strict accordance with the selected algorithm, without failures and navigation errors. The maximum window dimensions are limited only by the length of the power cord (6 meters), so the robot can handle display cases or walls in bathrooms.

Window cleaning quality

The inner side of the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic window washes with one go, and even without wetting, but on the outside, you cannot do without splashing water. One working cycle is enough for preventive cleaning and removal of surface dust.

On moderately soiled glass after the first pass, streaks and traces of dirt may remain – their occurrence is due to clogging of the pores of the napkin. To clean such glass to perfect condition, an additional working cycle will be required.

Hobot 298 Ultrasonic can wash glass that has survived a dust storm in just three passes, while about 80-90% of contamination will be removed. But it should be understood that no modern washer is designed to solve such extreme tasks.

On the tiles

The robot sticks to the surface reliably enough and does not fall, even when it moves over joints up to 1.5 mm deep. On the tiles in the bathroom, the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic feels confident and moves according to the selected algorithm along the entire wall. The tile remains completely clean after the first pass.

Emergency mode

In normal mode, the robot is powered from the mains, but in case of an unexpected power outage, it has a 5000 mAh battery. Hobot 298 Ultrasonic will not be able to continue cleaning on autonomous power, but it will stay on the glass for 20 minutes. This time is quite enough to finish your current affairs and calmly remove the washer from the window. The activation of the emergency mode will be indicated by a notification in the application, a sound signal emitted through the speaker on the case, and a blinking of the red indicator. If, for some reason, you did not manage to remove the robot in the allotted time, it will not break anyway – the insurance will work. Therefore, on the windows of high-rise buildings, the washer can be operated without any fear.


Hobot 298 Ultrasonic – a universal washer who can not only clean dirty windows, but also polish the mirrors to a shine or wipe the dust on the walls in the bathroom. Hobot 298 Ultrasonic compares favorably with the competition by a system of glass wetting during cleaning, so it can wash even heavily soiled surfaces. The robot has an attractive design, well-thought-out design and convenient control, so it can be recommended to everyone who wants to purchase a high-quality and functional washer. And it is important that Novot has service centers, dealers throughout the country and a guarantee for all products.

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