Hiper IoT Switch S02 RF switch overview

Devices for work in “smart home” systems become “smarter” every year and expand the range of tasks performed. Compatible devices are emerging that can expand the scope of functions performed by other smart elements. One such device, the radio switch (RF) HIPER IoT Switch S02, will be discussed in this review.

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In most cases, smart home devices work and communicate with each other through the home Wi-Fi network. There are very few options that can also interact via radio. And this option of work is quite in demand where there is no Wi-Fi or it is far away. IoT Switch S02 (model IOT-WS02) is just in this category. With it, you can control compatible modules both via Wi-Fi and via the RF channel.

The device is delivered in a compact branded package:

Inside is a two-button switch, insctions and a pair of double-sided tape stickers. In total there are three variants of execution: one, two- or three-key switch (models S01/S02/S03 respectively).

The device is a flat box that can be fixed almost anywhere:

The switch is compatible with HIPER IoT Switch M03 and M04 smart modules, which can control a variety of electrical loads, for example. lighting. The overview switch makes it possible to control these modules not only from a smartphone through the application, but also in the “analog” mode, using it as a regular key switch (only without extra electrical wires) via a radio channel at a frequency of 433.92 MHz.

You can read an overview of the module itself here: Overview of the Wi-Fi and RF module of the Hiper Switch M03 switch


Weight only 50g.:

The switch has return type keys, i.e. when pressed, they return to their original state. Key travel is small.

The device receives power from one CR2032 battery, to activate it you need to pull out the plastic tab on the back of the switch:

To disassemble the switch, you need to carefully snap off the keys. By the way, a couple of holes in the case allows you to fix the switch on the wall with self-tapping screws.

To pair the HIPER IoT Switch S02 switch via a radio channel with the HIPER IoT Switch M03 and M04 module, Wi-Fi is not required, it is enough to put the module itself into pairing mode and perform a “double click” on the switch. For each key, you can “hang” its own separate module.

When pairing, the blue LED inside the switch housing lights up.

After pairing with the module, the switch does not lose it even after disconnecting and restoring external power. The range of operation via a radio channel is significantly higher than that of Wi-Fi – I walked away with a switch at a distance of about 40 meters, the switch clearly turned on and off the incandescent lamp connected to the module. It is convenient to use, for example, in the country to remotely turn on the light in the gazebo or bathhouse.

If it is required that the Switch M03 or M04 module can be controlled not only by the switch via the radio channel, but also via Wi-Fi, then this can be done in the Hiper IoT application for iOS or Android. After connecting to Wi-Fi, it will be possible to control the module both through the application and over the air using the overview switch.

You can get additional information, download insctions and see where the HIPER IoT Switch S02 RF switch is available for purchase on the official website.

Switch-controlled HIPER IoT Switch M03 and M04 modules are sold here and here.

In general, the device is perfect for expanding the possibilities for controlling electrical appliances and lighting in conjunction with modules from the HIPER smart home system. The switch is easy to connect and use, you can install it anywhere. An important advantage is the absence of the need for Wi-Fi for control, as well as the range of the switch via the radio channel.

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