Hiper IoT LED R2 RGB smart bulb: unpacking and connecting to smart home

Friends, I am glad to welcome all readers. Today we will take a look at the HIPER iot Led R2 RGB smart lamp. This device can be useful to many, but I will tell you exactly what I liked. Also don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments.


  • Main characteristics
  • Unpacking, kit overview
  • Appearance
  • Usage
  • Integration with the service “House with Alice” from
  • Minuses
  • pros
  • Where could I buy?
  • Conclusion
  • Main characteristics

    Model IoT LED R2
    Type of smart bulb rgb
    Voice assistants Google Assistant, Siri, Alice, Marvin from MTS, Msya, Salute from Sberbank
    ecosystems Smart home HIPER IoT, Smart home , Smart home Google Home, Smart home Mail, Smart home MTC, Tuya Smart, Smart home Sber
    Power 14 W
    Plinth type E27
    Colorful temperature 2700K – 6500K
    Light flow 1200 lm
    Form factor G125
    Lamp technology LED
    Additionally Smooth brightness control
    Internet connection WiFi 2.4 GHz
    Dimensions H x W x D 164 x 120 x 120 mm
    The weight 120 g

    Unpacking, kit overview

    The front side of the package shows the RGB backlit lamp itself, the name and model, the specm of RGB shades and the degree of brightness, power and luminous flux. The image is duplicated on the back side. On the side there is a brief insction on how to install the application and control the light bulb, as well as a list of supported voice assistants.

    On top of the package is a handle for hanging the box and a list of supported Google assistants. Serial number and legal information on the bottom of the package.

    Now let’s start unpacking. Packed inside and fixed on two cardboard sheets. Inside we are met by the lamp itself and the manual.


    On the base of the lamp, the HIPER logo and the model name are depicted on the front side. On the reverse side is a QR code with a link to the application.

    From the bottom we have a standard E27 base. In the upper part there is a plastic diffuser in the form of a ball G125


    To begin with, you need to carefully choose the installation location, since the lamp may not corny fit into many ceiling lamps.

    Use starts with installing and downloading the HIPER IOT app. I also want to note that there is integration with many smart home services and voice assistants, but more on that later. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

    Everything is intuitive. Download the app, register and create an account. Creating a profile will be useful to us for integration into other smart home services. I will say that there are several options for authorizing a device in the application: selection from the list and automatic search. Decided to use the first option.

    We turn on the light bulb in the network and follow the insctions in the application. We look at how the lamp behaves, blinks or just burns. After making sure, click “next”, enter your home wifi network and password from it.

    Immediately after entering the data, the network is scanned and the device is searched, added to the cloud storage and the device is initialized.

    Next, go to the main screen and see the HIPER IoT LED R2 RGB lamp. There is also a button to quickly turn on / off the lamp.

    Now let’s move on to the capabilities of the lamp. The first parameter is “White”, we have a choice of hue from warm to cold, and below is the brightness level adjustment. I especially liked that the control of the lamp is very simple and clear.

    At the very bottom, we can set up a timer for the lamp to work, an on / off button and a sub-item called “more”. In it we have the ability to configure various settings:

  • The first is the “work plan”, namely the setting at what time and days how the lamp will work.
  • The second sub-item is the “schedule” and in it we can add timers and lamp actions at the end.
  • The next sub-item “rhythm” in it, we set up round-the-clock operation of the lamp over time.
  • The sub-item “behavior when turned on” is clear here, how the lamp will behave when turned on, the default choice is “restore memory” (last color and brightness).
  • The last sub-item is “remote access”. In it, we just have a toggle switch for on / off the possibility of remote access.
  • The next option is Color. This is the choice of a specific shade from the color palette, brightness level and even contrast.

    Examples of the color palette of the HIPER IoT LED R2 RGB smart lamp.

    The “Scene” option has a number of scenarios for lamp operation, which can also be customized.

    The Musical setting causes the light to flash to music. You can turn on music directly from your phone or place it near a sound source to use the microphone.

    The app has a lot of possibilities. You can also add other users via a special invitation link or by entering a promo code. You grant these users rights.

    Integration with the House with Alice service from

    The first thing to start with is to log into the application. In the upper left corner, click “+” and select “smart home device”. In the search field, enter HIPER IoT, then log in and update the list of devices. We are thrown to the main screen and we see our device. Here, with the lamp, you can make less manipulations, namely on / off, adjusting the brightness and choosing a color shade. In the next tab, you can program which commands the voice assistant will execute.


    I did not reveal any negative points, except for the brightness in color modes lower than in standard white.


    I found a lot more positive points, namely:

  • Intuitive app with a wide range of lamp programming options
  • Integration with various well-known smart home services
  • Musical mode for lighting accompaniment of noisy parties
  • Lamp control via remote access
  • Possibility of grouping with other smart home devices
  • Where could I buy?

    More information about the HIPER iot Led R2 RGB product can be found on the HIPER website.

    Also, the HIPER iot Led R2 RGB smart lamp can be found in M.Video or Eldorado stores.


    Summing up, I will say that the HIPER iot Led R2 RGB smart lamp has excellent functionality and integration with various smart home ecosystems and many well-known voice assistants. This device is perfect for creating an atmosphere in the room according to your mood. Thanks to low power consumption and high functionality, you can easily control the light in the house and even in conjunction with other smart devices. Do not forget to go to my profile, there you can find reviews on other interesting technical devices.

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