Hi-Tech mosquito control: Xiaomi Mijia DYT-90 mosquito lamp

“How to get rid of mosquitoes?” – a question that each of the readers asked himself. What are proven folk remedies against mosquitoes?

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Mosquitoes in their hunting are guided by smell. And, as ale, all traditional means of fighting mosquitoes are based on repelling them with unpleasant odors for insects. Under the spoiler I will list the main and most famous.

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Infusion of roots wormwood (0.5 l of water + 60 g of dry finely chopped roots, boil).

wormwood roots likewise

Lemon juice (1:1 with water)

Vanillin tincture (120ml vodka + 7g vanilla)

Carnation (5g boil in 0.2l of water). There is a combo option: cut a lemon into round slices, stick a clove into it and place it in key defense points.

It makes sense that they would fit perfectly. aroma oils: eucalyptus oil, lavender, anise, orange or cedar. Burn in aroma lamps, mix with creams, soak pieces of fabric and leave next to the bed for the night

Of course, known to allStar“Excellent repel mosquitoes, and help with itching after a mosquito bite.

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In nature, you can throw into the fire juniper branchesfir branches and cones.

Carnation. People like the smell of this spice, but midges cannot stand it. Take 5 g of cloves in a glass of boiling water, let it brew a little. With the resulting decoction, treat areas of the body vulnerable to midges or spray it on clothes. Phyto-decoction mixed with cologne enhances the effect of the product. If a cut a lemon into large pieces, and poke clove buds into the pulp, then an excellent mosquito repeller will come out.

Well, plants that drive away mosquitoes by themselves:

Ageratum, basil, marigolds, black elderberry, valerian, geranium, walnut, calendula, lavender, lemon balm, mint (marsh, cat, pepper), tansy, wormwood, wheatgrass, rosemary, chamomile (Caucasian, Persian), tobacco, meadowsweet, thyme (thyme), tomato, citronella, tea tree, bird cherry, garlic.

But the topic of the review is far from all this cedar-ringing and profane. Tea time is already such that soon it will be possible to spray yourself with an aerosol from nanorobots that will work as dynamic protection on a tank. What kind of louse flies up to profit and then a swarm of nanites flutters on it, sticks around it, processes it into fragrant dust, and itself disintegrates into this dust (the latter is important – otherwise mosquitoes will become the least of your problems).

Of course, Xiaomi, as the most prolific manufacturer in general, could not help but respond to the request of the masses and released their modern mosquito repellent.

So. Xiaomi DYT-90 mosquito lamp


Toxic-free and HarmlessEco-Friendly –Energy saving and environmental friendly10mA The electronic mosquito trap lures and kills annoying insects through light-wave. Nontoxic and chemical-free, healthier and safer than bug repellent spray. 2.5nm bead 365-395nm light wave induce the mosquito and kill them with static electricity99.99% Pure Gold Electron-Tube Heater 10000 Hours Endurance40m2 Range Cover Enough Room Fire-Resistant Material, Anti Shock, Tough And Durable,6mm Thin Slot, Specially Safe For The Children

Packaging and appearance The packaging is pretty badass. A white box with a pleasant minimalist design, a bunch of hieroglyphs immediately shows that this is a product for the domestic Chinese market.inside there is a foam shelf that contains a charging cable and a sh for collecting game. well, here is the whole kit, except for the above, it only includes the lamp itself. She looks very bad, and to the touch is not worse. A kind of white pear with a cataract diffuser on the bottom. Nothing creaks, does not play, does not stink. Quite at the level of Xiaomi. On top is a folding mount for suspension. Below it are two buttons. Since there are a couple of soft rounds next to them, I decided that these were buttons and came to the conclusion that the device was defective – pressing these rounds did not lead to anything. Then it turned out that the buttons are touch-sensitive, you need to hold your finger on the corresponding icon for 3 seconds. Through the slots, a wire is visible, which is the striking element of this device. The micro-usb socket of the charging connector is taken away by a good and tight plug. Accordingly, you can turn on the blue backlight + current and / or the lamp diffuser below. The diffuser is bright enough. Of course, there is no stabilization here, the brightness drops quite quickly. In country conditions, this lamp showed itself remarkably as a backlight on the arch above the path leading to the toilet. There is enough light for the whole night, you can see quite well around Functional. For the test, I took a lamp from mosquitoes to the country, and since, I’ll say it straight in advance, it didn’t show itself in the best way, I didn’t do any graphics, I don’t see the point. So. I hung up a lamp for the night. I hung it in a place where you just can’t sit out like that, they’ll eat it. In the morning I saw that: a) shock to death. it is what it is. Touched the wire, it feels pretty. b) Beckons with light all contract. Most of the dead are harmless butterflies. So there were a couple of mosquitoes, but this is more likely from the category of those who simply decided to fly through. Given the total number of bloodsuckers swarming there, this does not amount to a statistical error. here on both sides. General impressions. In principle, by the time of the night test, I already expected that nothing good would come of it. I have a couple of other mosquito lamps – and none of them generally does not help to get rid of mosquitoes. And so it happened. The lamp does not lure mosquitoes at all and fries them only in case of stupid blind (bad) luck. Butterflies fly up much more often, but they don’t harm me from them. This light does not play any role for mosquitoes. As a camping lamp, the device is also untenable, the brightness drops quite quickly. As a result, DYT-90, as mentioned above, went to highlight the approaches to the toilet. On this, I completed my experiments on finding a really working mosquito lamp. Everything that fell into my hands, I am ready to evaluate as not working as expected. Those. most importantly, namely, luring mosquitoes in blue does not work in any. So only repellents in their various guises: tablets, ointments, sprays.

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