Review Greenworks G50 – Mini High Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is the dream of many car and private home owners. Today the market offers a wide variety of models from various manufacturers. Today’s review is dedicated to the Greenworks G50 mini pressure washer, which is one of the best options in the mid-range price segment. This device perfectly copes with cleaning the car, garden tools, decorative coatings and the surrounding area. So Greenworks G50.

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  • Power 2200W;
  • High pump performance – 440 l / h, maximum pressure 145 bar;
  • Pump material – stainless steel and aluminum;
  • Bypass valve;
  • Automatic shutdown when the trigger is released;
  • Coarse filter;
  • Suction function;
  • Quick attachment of attachments;
  • Hose reel;
  • Protection class IPX5-S1;
  • Maximum water temperature 50 ° С;
  • Durable PVC hose;
  • A set of accessories included;
  • 2 year warranty.

Packaging and delivery set

The pressure washer comes in a relatively small cardboard box in Greenworks’ proprietary colors. The box contains a picture of the device, as well as its main technical characteristics. Here you can also find information about the scope of delivery and the most important features of the sink.

Everything inside the box is packed very tightly. To ensure reliable fixation of each element during transportation, several cardboard partitions are provided. The package itself is quite good, it includes:

  • High pressure washer Greenworks G50;
  • Detergent tank;
  • Rotary nozzle;
  • Adjustable jet nozzle;
  • High pressure hose;
  • Start button and tube;
  • Water inlet connector;
  • Screw 4 pcs;
  • Manual;
  • Warranty card.

Somewhat upsetting is the absence of any detergent (foam) in the delivery set.

Assembly and preparation for operation

Since the device is initially delivered partially disassembled, it must be assembled before use. First of all, it is necessary to install the holder for the gun on the body; for this, it is necessary to align the latches with the mounting holes and press on the holder body until it clicks.

Next, you need to install the connector on the water inlet by turning it clockwise to fix it.

After the connector is installed, you can start installing the base, for this you need to align the mounting holes on the base body and on the pressure washer body, and then fix the elements with the supplied screws.

After the assembly of the main body elements is completed, you can assemble the pistol rod. To do this, it is necessary to combine and fix the elements of the bayonet connector on the extension tube and the pistol grip, after which it is necessary to press the rod against the pistol and turn it clockwise until it locks. This will ensure the tightness of the connection.

Next, you need to connect the high-pressure hose to the gun handle (to remove the hose, you must press the return button on the handle, and then pull the hose out of the mount).

The final step in preparing the Greenworks G50 pressure washer for work is to connect it to a water supply.


The pressure washer body is made of impact-resistant, matte plastic. The color scheme is fully consistent with the style of the Greenworks company. The mini-sink has compact dimensions and low weight, about 10 kg.

On the front surface is the body of the holder for the gun, a little higher is the power switch, which has an “On / Off” position.

An extension tube and a pistol grip with a start button are installed in the gun holder. In the lower part, at the base, there is an inlet pipe.

The rear of the device contains a hose reel and a high pressure hose.

Below is a compartment for storing accessories and a reservoir for detergent, on the sides, in the lower part there are wheels for transportation.

One of the side surfaces bears the Greenworks logo.

On the second surface there is a retainer for the power cord.

When looking at the unit from above, the retractable transport handle can be seen.

In work

Before proceeding to the description of the device operation process, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Greenworks G50 mini-high pressure washer is equipped with a powerful 2.2 kW motor, the three-axis piston is made of stainless steel, and the pump head is made of aluminum. The use of these materials significantly increases the service life of the device. The pump is equipped with a bypass valve (for protection against destruction) with overpressure relief, capable of operating both horizontally and vertically, with a capacity of up to 440 liters per hour with a maximum pressure of up to 145 bar.

Before each operation, it is necessary to check the condition of the input filter, and, if necessary, replace it. If everything is in order with the filter, you need to connect the water supply hose to the Greenworks G50, after which you need to connect the device to the mains.

Before starting work, you need to bleed off the remaining air in the high-pressure washer system by pressing a button on the handle, then you can turn the switch on the device body to the “ON” position.

The first test is a car wash.

To begin with, a nozzle tip was installed on the Greenworks G50. With this nozzle, the dirt was washed off the car. I would like to note right away that the pressure created by the Greenworks G50 is sufficient for work, but it is somewhat lower (subjectively) than on stationary high-pressure washers. This feeling is probably due to the fact that the Greenworks G50 does not have a specialized nozzle that creates a stream of water in the form of a “razor”. In any case, the dirt flew off the car perfectly.

In the next step, a foam nozzle (foam generator) was installed. The device does an excellent job with this action. It is very important to decide on the proportion of water and detergent if you are using a concentrate. By and large, the quality of the foam depends on the concentration of the detergent in the water.

It is a little upsetting that the capacity of the foam tank is too small, and in order to wash even a small car (wash it well), it is necessary to pour foam into the container 2-3 times, while installing another bottle for foam on the nozzle will not work, due to the fact that it uses a special clamping mechanism.

At the final stage, the car was washed again using a nozzle with a nozzle. The pressure washer did an excellent job and cleaned the car perfectly. At the same time, this nozzle was knocked down by dirt and icing located under the wheel arches.

The delivery set also contains a nozzle – a cutter. Its main purpose is to clean sidewalks, walls of facades from dirt, with the help of this nozzle you can knock down paint, etc.

To test the quality of this attachment, an attempt was made to remove ice chunks frozen to the asphalt. The cutter with sufficient ease cut pieces of ice 10-20 mm thick, throwing them away from the asphalt. We can also say that the device will not have any special difficulties with cleaning.

In general, this nozzle is capable (in theory) of removing a layer of paint from the foundation.

A very important functional feature of the Greenworks G50 mini-high pressure washer is its ability to work without being connected to the water supply system. The sink is capable of sucking water from water tanks.

To assess the quality of this function, a simple test was performed:

The bucket was filled with water, after which a hose connected to a pressure washer was immersed in it, after which the device was turned on. Tiles in the bathroom were washed during testing. For these purposes, nozzles were used: a foaming agent and a standard nozzle with an adjustable nozzle.

The sink coped with the task without much difficulty, perfectly cleaning the tiles from dirt, while taking water from the bucket.

During operation, the “Full Stop” function has proven itself well, thanks to which the system completely stops the pump when the trigger is released. This solution allowed the manufacturer to achieve a reduction in water consumption during operation, moreover, this function is designed to prevent the build-up of excessive pressure. Greenworks G50 is capable of working with water, the temperature of which can reach 50 ° C.


  • Contents of delivery;
  • Pump material;
  • Hose reel;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Convenience of transportation;
  • Thoughtful, ergonomic body;
  • Quick change system for attachments;
  • “Full Stop” function, which automatically stops the water supply when the button is released;
  • The function of taking liquid from the container;
  • High working pressure;
  • High performance;
  • IPX5-S1 protection;
  • Reliability;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.


  • Lack of a fine filter in the delivery set;
  • Lack of nozzles for cleaning pipes;
  • Small capacity of the foaming agent.


The Greenworks G50 pressure washer has shown its best side. First of all, this applies to the scope of delivery and the quality of the device. One feels that the engineers at Greenworks have worked hard on the production of this model. A special drum is located on the body, thanks to which it provides convenient storage of the high-pressure hose. Also on the case there is a special clamp for the power cord. Removable nozzles (cutters, foam generator) have a quick fixing system, for their storage, on the back surface, there is a special compartment, and for storing the pistol, there is a removable pocket on the front surface. The device has a very powerful motor and decent performance, which is perfect for domestic needs. Protection according to the IPX5-S1 standard allows the owner not to worry about the ingress of dust and dirt on the device case. A very important feature is the ability to work not from the water supply system, but from reservoirs (barrels and various containers), when the device takes water on its own – Greenworks G50 is equipped with a water suction function. In fact, this feature is a key advantage of this model.

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