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Review of Girer Wi-Fi Smart Touch Switch No Zero Line: Smart Home Automation 2022. Today we will talk about lighting automation. There are a lot of options for this, but I stopped at replacing the switches. I really liked these switches with touch buttons. The main arguments in the choice were the pretty appearance, but the most important thing was the absence of a zero line. My switches do not have it, so there may be nuances during installation. It will turn out to control the switch from a smartphone – the main intrigue for me.

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Wifi Wall Touch Switch EU No Neutral Wire Required Smart Light Switch 1 2 3 Gang 220V Tuya Smart Home Support Alexa Google Home


The switch is supplied in a simple cardboard box. On the back there should be marks on the color, protocol of work and the number of buttons on the front panel.

Inside is the switch itself, the instruction manual and the capacitor.

I highly recommend looking into the instructions to understand all the connection diagrams and other capabilities of our switch.

In a separate bag there is a capacitor that will “emulate” the zero line for our smart switch. In general, if you do not use LED lamps at home, which I doubt very much, then it will work without this capacitor.

The switch itself is available with one or three touch keys, as well as black or white. The front panel is plastic, somewhat reminiscent of acrylic. The touch buttons are backlit, when the light is on, the button is highlighted in red, when the light is off, in blue.

An additional plus is that there is no need to change the socket to a square one, as is the case with Xiaomi switches. On the back there is a terminal block with screws for connecting wiring.

If there are others or a group of outlets installed next to the switch, then before purchasing, check whether this switch will “fit”. Since the dimensions of the case are slightly larger than those of the standard ones. 86 mm. The thickness is 9.5 millimeters, the depth in the socket is 25.5 millimeters.



Gently snap off the upper part of the switches and set it aside. All the same, for editing it would have to be removed.

Next, carefully take out the insides of our switch.

We unscrew the 3 screws and take out the “power module” of the relay and the contact group.

A GOLDEN GH-1A-12L relay with a current of 10 A is installed on each channel. I don’t know why they wrote about 500W in the instructions, the relay allows switching up to 2.2 kW.

The reverse side of the board.

It is difficult to identify the brains of the device, since all the information on the chips is carefully overwritten.



Always work with electricity without its presence. Do not forget to turn off the automatic machine of this lighting group or the central automatic machine in the apartment. We check which of the two / three luminaires is connected closest to the switch. This is where we have to install the capacitor. If the lamp is 1, then we skip this step.

We dismantle the old switch, not forgetting the wiring diagram.

Now you need to remove the near lamp, and fix the capacitor from the kit parallel to the two wires. In my case, I just put it on the terminal block, next to the wiring from the lamp.

We connect the phase to L, the wire from the near lamp, where the capacitor is installed, to L1, the remainders to L2 and L3, respectively.

We fix the switch in the socket boxes with the screws included in the kit, however, I, however, fixed them with the ones unscrewed from the switch’s past. Savings should be economical =)

We check the work by first turning on the machine.



By default, the switch immediately goes into pairing mode. But if this does not happen, we hold down any touch button for 5-7 seconds until it starts blinking.
Open the Smart Life or Tuya Smart application, click the plus sign to add a new device. In the window that opens, select any device with Wifi support. We indicate our WiFi network and password to it. After 30-40 seconds, a new device will be added to the smart home ecosystem. I recommend immediately renaming the device.

In the main menu, the status of the switches is immediately visible, and you can also control them. Conveniently, there are two buttons on the sides for simultaneously turning on or off the lamps.

You can also set a countdown timer for each line of luminaires. An interesting function for the nursery. You tell the child, you have 15 minutes, and all 15 minutes have passed the light went out =). In fact, it changes the state of the device to the opposite, it was turned off – it will become turned on, and vice versa.

Additionally, for each line, you can create your own on or off timer, it can be quite useful for simulating the presence of a house, or for creating various time automation.

In the settings, you can create a whole association for multicontrol. Moreover, for each key of the switch, you can add the triggering of another device. As an example, they turned on the light in the bathroom and immediately, with the help of a smart relay, the hood turned on.

In addition, you can create a group of devices, both lamps and relays and other devices, and control them at the same time. After creation, a separate, virtual device for control will appear. You can quickly turn on or off a luminaire or a group of luminaires directly from the Smart Life application menu.

In smart scenarios, you can make our lamps turn on / off not only when any of the sensors are triggered, but also, for example, when it gets dark, or after a few minutes, turn on the lighting. The program takes data about sunrise / sunset relative to our location.

It turns out this is an example of automation.

The router is defined as based on the esp8266 chip.


Indeed, it has become much easier to make any lamp smart, hang various scenarios on it or banal control from a smartphone. A big plus is the ability to connect the switch to the wiring without a zero line. And in general, I like the appearance. I am satisfied with the purchase, I can recommend it.

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