Classic Five-leaf Foldable LED Light Lamp from Aliexpress

Review of Five-leafed lamp: wild Chinese chamomile 2022. I was interested in the vastness of AliExpress, a funny lamp in the form of a five-leafed leaf with adjustable “petals”. It seemed to me a very interesting and simple option for increasing the brightness (compared to a conventional light bulb) in the presence of one electric lighting cartridge. This “device” will be discussed in this review.

Buy Five-leaf Foldable LED Light Lamp from Aliexpress

The packaging promises us incredible brightness and financial savings compared to simple LED lamps, and as much as 40,000 (forty thousand) hours of operation:

Inside there is such a structure made of plastic:

Around the central part of the “flower” there are five “petals” – lamps. Each light element can be bent at an arbitrary angle regardless of the adjacent ones:

The petals do not dangle and hold well in the position in which they were turned:

However, after reading the characteristics of the lamp on the product page, we see that the box, to put it mildly, greatly overestimates the average “lifetime” and, instead of 40,000 hours, we see a rather modest 5,000 (which is 208 days of continuous operation).

Declared characteristics:

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Power: 75W
  • Luminous flux: 4800LM
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Light source: 2835SMD LEDs – 140 pcs.
  • Color temperature: cold white (6000K-6500K)
  • Color rendering index: RA> 80
  • Average service life: 5000h
  • Base specification: E27


Weight is only 216 grams:

The lamp has no moisture protection, so it can only be used indoors. From the central block to each petal there are two wires laid in grooves:

Let’s take apart the lamp to see what’s inside. Due to the high declared power (as much as 75W), I assumed that at least some kind of radiators would be provided. parts of the body are closed. However, the structure does not smell like a heat sink. The petals are still somehow passively cooled due to the metal substrate on which the LEDs are located (21 pieces on each petal) …

… but the control board located in the central part will have a hard time, given that there is also a matrix with LEDs above it and the metal substrate transfers heat directly to this board:

There are doubts that the lamp “departs” and the declared 5000 hours:

When you turn it on for the first time, the lamp causes some shock – it is really very bright, I honestly did not expect such a brightness:

Both the petals and the central part glow, the color temperature is cold, but without obvious blue. PWM or squeak was not noticed during operation.

White polycarbonate, diffuses light well and individual LEDs are not visible, only if you take a photo with a twisted aperture, on it the lamp looks like a starfish from a science fiction movie:

The lamp does not give out the declared 75 watts. The wattmeter shows 47W:

Although this is quite enough to illuminate a large room well:

I measured it with a lucosmeter at a height of 60 cm from the table, it turned out 2630 Lux (not to be confused with lumens) and this is really a lot for a household lamp. In the photo below, the number 263 needs to be multiplied by 10 (the luxometer automatically changed the digit capacity):

As for the temperature, here, in principle, everything is expected, the measurements were taken at room temperature 20 minutes after switching on. Outside and inside the petal about 60 ° C:

The temperature of the central part in the unfolded form is 63 ° С, but if you close the petals, then strive for 70 ° С:

For LEDs, the temperature, although high, is not critical (which is 80-85 ° C), but how long the central control board will live at such a temperature is a big question. Alternatively, you can try to modify it by adding several radiators with fins and a thermal interface to the design.

In general, this is some kind of wildly bright Chinese “chamomile” or “starfish”, which is convenient to use for good lighting of the room instead of a single light bulb, for example, during construction or in a household room. It does not differ in special aesthetics, and the question remains open how long it will work with such heating. I bought it here, but I will not recommend it (too controversial option, and there are questions about fire safety) everyone decides for himself 🙂

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