Amazfit Band 5 Review: What Is The Best Xiaomi Mi Band 5 And Is It Worth Overpaying?

Today we will look at the improved Xiaomi Mi Band 5, namely the smart bracelet from the sub-brand Huami Amazfit Band 5 Review 2022. What’s new and why has the price increased? Let’s figure it out. Go!Where can I buy?

You can buy Amazfit in the company store on the AliExpress website, by the way, on the 11.11 sale, discounts will reach up to 50%, and if you start throwing the right products right now, you can get promotional codes that will save even more!

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  • touch AMOLED screen, 1.1″, 126×294
  • incoming call notification
  • built-in memory: 16 MB
  • monitoring sleep, calories, physical. activity
  • water resistance: WC50 up to 5ATM
  • scratch resistant glass
  • battery capacity: 125 mAh
  • autonomy: up to 15 days
  • weight: 12.1g


The device is supplied in a white cardboard box with an image of the device itself printed on it. Also on the box there are basic specifications in the form of pictograms placed on it. The cardboard box is opened once like a blister, by tearing off the side zipper. This is a minus since the box immediately takes on an unpresentable appearance and it will be problematic to re-gift the device. The box contains the bracelet itself, a charger and thick insctions. Smart bracelet and accessories

Charging is as compact as possible and has a magnetic contact pad, which is well and fairly tightly attached to the bracelet capsule. To charge, the capsule does not need to be removed from the strap itself, and it takes only 2 hours to replenish the battery to 100%. The strap is made of soft silicone, which is very close in quality to Apple Watch silicone straps. At the same time, the quality of the strap is much better than that of Amazfit Bip S Lite a review of which was quite recently and you can see it – here. From the front, the capsule is completely covered with Gorilla Glass. The display is of good quality with a “dense” pixel and bright deep colors. However, this autonomy, unlike Amazfit Bip S decreased by at least two and began to amount to 15 days of work on a single battery charge. On the other hand, it is stated that this is 1 day more than Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (the difference is small, and even during operation it will not be very noticeable at all). On the reverse side are two sensors, one of which is responsible for measuring the oxygen content in the blood, and a microphone for using the Google Alexa voice assistant, which does not work in our latitudes. At the same time, it should be noted that this is one of the few microphones that is built into a smart bracelet that has IPX7 water and dust protection. Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5, respectively, has no microphone and the above sensor.Key features

On the main screen, depending on the selected watch face, you can see the time, date, remaining battery power and the number of steps taken. You can change the theme of watch faces on your smartphone. Navigation is easy. Swipe down or up to get to the menu. Clicking on the oval below the screen takes you back a step. The order of items is changed using a smartphone. Let’s go through the most interesting of them. The status section displays activity statistics and is quite informative. The PAI section contains individual activity plans for a certain period of time, which change depending on your rhythm. In other words, if you walked or ran one number of steps today, tomorrow you will need to cover a greater distance to complete the same section. So, the device helps you to increase the pace of training.In the “pulse” section, you can measure the number of heartbeats at the moment. In addition, the bracelet itself measures the pulse in tone mode and collects general analytics, which can later be viewed on a smartphone.But the “SpO2” section, which is responsible for measuring oxygen in the blood, can only be activated independently and does not work in the background. The measurement is slow and is accompanied by a loading scale.Also, the bracelet allows you to measure the level of stress. The calculation is based on the same heart rate sensor and is also accompanied by a loading scale. The succession of Apple Watch capabilities can be seen in the “breathing” section. It will help restore calmness and maintain zen. Of course, on the bracelet you can receive notifications and incoming calls, as well as receive information about events that were previously generated on your smartphone. You can set your own vibration for each type of notification. Also, the bracelet will let you know about the presence of an event that you previously created on your smartphone.The “training” section contains 11 main sports areas, namely: outdoornning, treadmill, cycling, exercise bike, walking, orbitrek, rowing machine, yoga , skipping rope, pool and free exercises in the gym.The “weather” section is fully loaded from a smartphone, and the indicators are available only when paired with it via Bluetooth.In the “additional” section, you can find an alarm clock, a stopwatch, control music and a camera on your phone, and also set the “do not disturb” mode.


Everything is standard in the Zepp application and its interface does not differ for different types of devices. An indicator for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood has been added to the main page. The most important thing in the application is the ability to analyze indicators and view statistics of previously made measurements.


Summing up, I can say that I don’t see much point in overpaying 20 bucks for the presence of an oxygen sensor in the blood and a slightly increased autonomy compared to the Mi Band 5. In fact, one day is leveled by some other factors. In general, the increase is extremely small. The hole for a useless microphone, which, despite the water protection, will get water, also does not raise the bracelet much among competitors. The main stration for the money was the lack of NFC and the possibility of contactless payment. On the other hand, if you’re interested in SpO2 stats, the good news is that the 11/11 sale will save you a lot of money and get this bracelet for over $10 less. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to get yourself an assistant who analyzes your condition 24/7.

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