eufy Smart Scale C1: learn to control yourself

Self-control is an extremely important feature of a person’s character. But not everyone is ready to pay much attention to this, especially in an office or remote work environment, when all actions come down to the bed-refrigerator-office/desk route. There are quite a lot of gadgets that in one way or another force us to lead a proper lifestyle, but this particular material will be devoted to Anker’s eufy Smart Scale C1 smart scales.

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There are several reasons for this, each of you will need to prioritize them yourself. For me, this is st in the brand (as the owner of the eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid vacuum cleaner, which is characterized by high quality and good functionality for relatively little money), ease of use with a sufficient number of functions, modern appearance and, of course, cost. The latter is listed on the product page on the official website for one English store/aggregator. It is less than 2,000 ***, but taking into account discounts, you can get scales for less than 1,500 ***. Agree – for a product of an American brand with a fairly rich functionality, this is even surprising. In a good way, of course. What, so to speak, hooked me in this model? Did youn into any problems? And I will talk about one and the other in this short material.

To begin with, a few lines from the manufacturer. The list of the main features of the model was taken from the official website of the manufacturer:

  • Holistic approach: instantly gives 12 health parameters of your body.

  • Free EUFYLIFE APP & 3RD-PARTY APPS: Sync with Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit.

  • Accuracy increased by 10%: Two pairs of ultra-sensitive G-shaped sensors provide more accurate measurements.

  • For the whole family: tracks health trends of up to 16 users from one account, recognizes each family member automatically.

  • Box outside and inside

    And now – to business. The scale comes in a small box with the manufacturer’s branded design that is relevant for different products (for example, the box of my vacuum cleaner looked similar). On the front, the manufacturer shows the scales and an application that shows all the results obtained. The connection is made using the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, the speed of which is quite enough to transfer a small data packet from the scales to a smartphone.

    On the other side of the box, the manufacturer tells a little more about the device – four sensors are used, it is possible to choose a unit of measurement, all corners of the case are rounded, and the application can show not only current indicators, but also their dynamics.

    Inside the box, in a cardboard cradle, there are scales, under which there are two user manuals and a set of batteries.

    Appearance, design features

    Scales have an average size for this kind of devices. The length of any of the four sides of the glass panel is 28 cm. The distance between the sensors is 18 cm horizontally and 15 cm vertically (center to center of the sensor). The bar isn’t big, but weights can only be an issue if you have a size 46 or larger foot. With my 45th there are no stability problems on the scales. The overall color of the scales can be called white, but it is implemented in two shades – real white and warm white.

    Measurements are taken using two pairs of sensors that stand out in the case in terms of design, but not height relative to the surface (in the photo below it may seem like the sensors are slightly higher, but they are not).

    Demonstration of weight, unit of measurement, connection status and data transfer status is made using the built-in block of numbers with white backlight.

    The scales are mounted on four supports. Near the screen there is a compartment for installing batteries and a button for selecting the unit of measure.

    All four supports havebber pads with a textured surface. They do not slip on dry matte or wet glossy tiles.

    Weight measurement should be carried out on a flat hard surface. If you move the scales to different places, then you should calibrate them – press a little on their center (so that the display lights up) and release, waiting for zero readings.

    A distinctive feature of this model compared to many competitive solutions is also the design. It is difficult to come up with something extraordinary in this category of devices, but it is possible to realize a stylish appearance and compact body. For example, the eufy solution under study weighs about 1.3 kg, and an analogue from another brand with similar functionality and a similar panel size is already 1.7 kg. By design, as they say, the taste and color, but I prefer the thin Smart Scale C1 plate with small supports.


    Without connecting to a smartphone, the scales can only be used as a scale. Full functionality is available in the application. His name is EufyLife. If you already have an account in the manufacturer’s system, you can log in using it. To go to the main screen, just enter the standard data about you.

    Up to 16 users can be added to the account profile, switching between them manually is not required – the balance adds the measurement result only to the desired user, automatically determining the weighed one. The only thing that someone may not like is that you will see all the indicators of all users who are added to the account. In general, nothing critical, but for some it may be unacceptable. The scales have a minimum of parameters and settings – for such a category there can be no frills in this regard. In fact, you can only select units of measure and add/remove users. It would be nice to add the ability to hide your indicators from others.

    Using the scales is as simple as possible – we stand on them, wait for the measurements to finish and transfer the data to the smartphone, get off them and look at the result in the application. You can set yourself a goal for weight and body mass index.

    For each measurement, a detailed report is available, which contains 12 indicators of your body.

    By clicking on any of the indicators, information about it will open – what it means and what limits are acceptable.

    The application allows you to keep statistics so that you can track your performance over time. Two types of display are available.

    A reminder to weigh yourself is also enabled by default. Here lies the second, but already a minor flaw in the program – this notification appears even if you have already weighed yourself. At what, even if it happened just 5 minutes before the notification. On the other hand, this approach will allow you to stand on the scales at the same time so that the statistics are the most correct.

    Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of integrating the results into some global applications, such as Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit. Personally, I really miss the integration into Samsung Health, since it is Samsung that is used as the main smartphone.

    Final opinion

    eufy Smart Scale C1 is a smart scale from the lower price category that is able to offer the functionality of much more expensive competitive solutions: more than a dozen body measurements, easy-to-use and data-sharing software with high-quality localization, fast operation and stylish appearance. Measuring body measurements takes a few seconds, transferring data to the application takes even less. And you do not need to look for a smartphone to activate the start of measurements – even if the smartphone is out of range of the Bluetooth network, the scale will store the result obtained “offline” in memory and send it when the connection with the smartphone is established. On the software side, there are a couple of comments that were mentioned earlier, but with their exception, there is nothing to complain about this model. In terms of ergonomics, no problem if you have a foot no larger than 45 sizes. In terms of design, this is everyone’s business, but in my opinion, as already noted, the scales look modern and even elegant (for the male part of the planet there is an option in black). As a result, eufy Smart Scale C1 can be an excellent choice for little money if you have long wanted to try such a device, but did not want to shell out several thousand ***.

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