English students have created a refrigerator of the future with a manipulator arm

A team of students from EU-US has created a new “smart” refrigerator with a manipulator and other features.

The main task of the hand is the arrangement of products, which will help to use the interior space of the refrigerator correctly. The developers equipped the manipulator arm with a built-in video camera for reading bar codes and determining the type of product.

The refrigerator also has a voice assistant that will maintain and control the optimal temperature for storing food. If necessary, he can help you find your favorite recipe and order the necessary products online.

The developers believe that such an assistant refrigerator will be of interest to both people with disabilities and the average user. According to preliminary data, its price will be about 300,000 ***. There is no exact release date for the market yet.

Source: https://hi-tech.mail

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