ENCHEN Boost USB Electric Hair Clippers Trimmers Review

Review of Hair Trimmer Xiaomi Mijia Enchen Boost 2022. I have long wanted to buy myself a trimmer in order to level the whiskey and cut the abundant hair on the body. Well, in the next sale I saw a good coupon for the ENCHEN Boost trimmer, without hesitation I ordered it.
I don’t know what it’s connected with, but the package went to me for 2 months, but it did. Well, once you have arrived, why not tell us about this wonderful machine? After using it for several weeks, I really appreciated this device.

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I’ll start with the characteristics:

  • Xiaomi’s partner is ENCHEN.
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Slider switch
  • Pitch from 0.7 to 21 mm
  • High hardness ceramic knives
  • 2 operating speeds: standard 4500 rpm and turbo 5800 rpm
  • Noise no more than 55 dB
  • Supports fast charging, 100% charge in 1 hour. Battery life is 90 minutes.
  • USB charging via built-in Type-C port

The trimmer is supplied in this box:

The package contains a trimmer, cleaning brush, instructions in Chinese, USB Type-C cable, oil for lubrication:

More details below.

Brush for removing residual hair from knives:

To be honest, I didn’t like the brush. It is small, not comfortable, has a very thick nap, and it is also very hard. I will not use this brush, I have better quality razor brushes with a more comfortable shape and normal bristle.

Type-C cord for charging the trimmer:

The cord is not bad, dense.

Instructions in Chinese. Unfortunately, I don’t know him, so I can only look at the pictures:

Oil for lubricating knives. It has a rather pronounced smell of engine oil, but at the same time it is very transparent. Although thick:

This oil should be used to reduce wear on the knives as they touch each other. I do not know. Is this information indicated in the instructions (instructions in Chinese), but it is believed that it is best to lubricate the knives after each haircut, or at least after every two haircuts. Then the machine will serve for many years, do not warm up, do not pinch, and do not jam. To lubricate, you need to clean the knives from the hair with a brush, apply a drop of oil directly to the knives and turn on the oil distribution machine for 15-20 seconds, then turn off the machine and wipe the knives with a cotton cloth to remove excess oil. I personally use this technique on my electric shaver. I lubricate the knives every 3-4 shaves, and my razor has served me wonderfully for 6 years.

Well, the trimmer itself:

The body is made of dense plastic. Nice to the touch. The overall workmanship is good here. All parts fit well together. On the front side there is a power button, which has two modes: the main 4500 rpm and the turbo 5800 rpm, which is turned on by holding the button for a long time. There are two LEDs under the button to indicate the battery charge.

The trimmer’s sides are empty. And on the back there is a plastic regulator for the cutting height of the hair. If I understood correctly, it has a scale drawn in millimeters:

This adjustment will come in handy when cutting. But it seems to me that this trimmer is not as convenient for cutting as professional clippers. Although I am not a professional hairdresser and may be wrong.

If necessary, the regulator can be removed without any problems:

With the adjuster removed, you can see that the trimmer blade is really ceramic. True, only the top one. The lower fixed knife is metal. At the very least, from this you can understand that it is better not to drop the machine on a hard floor. Ceramics may break. This is a minus. But on the other hand, ceramics does not dull as quickly as metal, and does not rust. This is a plus.

At the bottom of the car there is a Type-C port for recharging the built-in battery:

A full charge takes about 90 minutes. On a full charge, the trimmer can work from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the selected operating mode. True, in my case, when the charge is below about 20%, the machine has a noticeable decrease in power. Therefore, it is better to make sure that it is charged before use.

I want to note one minus trimmer in my opinion. It has no moisture protection. Well, that’s not entirely a minus. But, for example, sometimes it happens that moisture protection is needed.

Now about the impressions of use.

The trimmer cuts very well. Here’s an example. Male and very furry hand:

Just one pass:

All hair is cut in one movement and only bristles are left less than a millimeter.

If you think that soft hair on your hands is within the power of any machine, then I will say that with this trimmer I cut weekly stubble without any problems. He copes with her without straining. I will not attach a photo, but believe me. It is also convenient to use a trimmer to level the hair at the temples, to make a contour on the overgrown hair on the back of the head and to remove excess vegetation on other parts of the body (I will not specify which ones) The trimmer cuts any hair without problems and quite quickly.


I am personally very pleased with the purchase. The thing is not expensive, but useful. For people like me, too shaggy people, the trimmer helps a lot. I found reviews on the net that he did not cut anything, but there were a minority of those. Generally, ENCHEN Boost has very good reviews, and let my review also add to the treasure box of good reviews about this trimmer. Therefore, based on personal experience, I can safely recommend the ENCHEN Boost trimmer for purchase.

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