Electric Air Humidifier Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Review

Review of Popular Air Humidifier from Aliexpress 2022. A humidifier is an extremely important device for ensuring a normal microclimate in any home, however, many of us are not ready to purchase powerful and expensive models. Therefore, in this post I will describe my experience with a small but very popular humidifier that I purchased from Aliexpress.

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Brief technical characteristics

  • Dimensions: 110 * 110 * 115mm
  • Water capacity: 300 ml
  • Power: 2W
  • Evaporation rate: about 50ml / hour
  • Color: dark wood or light wood

The humidifier comes in a fairly tight cardboard box. The scope of delivery includes a humidifier, a pre-packed plastic bag, instructions, a charging cable and two consumable rods. I’ll tell you more about rods below.

The instruction is made in English, and it also contains schematic pictures, based on which, it is completely clear how to bring the device into working condition.

The charging cable is soft and elastic, we can say that it is of good enough quality and should last for a long time. This is a good thing since the cable has a standard USB connector on one side and a two-pin power connector on the other. And in case of failure, such a cable will have to be ordered separately. In my opinion, it would be more appropriate to replace the two-pin power connector with the more common micro-USB connector.

It is also worth noting that the cable is almost 1 meter long, which will allow you to install the humidifier in a place convenient for you.

The humidifier itself looks quite stylish and beautiful, it is made with a dark wood decor. On the conditionally front side of the humidifier there is a touch button that is responsible for turning the device on and off, and using this button, you can turn off the decorative lighting. On the case, it is worth noting the presence of a transparent insert through which you can observe the remaining water level. This transparent insert also acts as a decorative lighting lens.

On the back side of the device there is a power connector, and on top there is the evaporator itself.

As I said above, there are two consumable rods in the kit, which gradually wear out during operation, the first rod was already inserted into the device, and the second was in the box. These rods can always be purchased separately in the quantity you need, they are inexpensive. It is also worth saying that at the time of writing the review and using the humidifier for several days, I did not notice visual wear of the rod.

So, to start the humidifier, you need to fill it with water, the capacity of the humidifier is designed for 300 milliliters. Then you need to remove the replacement rod from a special cell and completely moisten it with water. After the rod is saturated with water, insert it back and assemble the humidifier.

A few drops of aromatic oil can be added to the water container to create a pleasant smell in the room.

Then we connect the power supply and start the device, the humidifier starts working immediately. This device can be operated from any charger or from other external power sources.

For the test, the humidifier worked in a 7.5 m² kitchen for 3 hours and my hygrometer showed the following readings. The first photo below shows the readings before turning on the humidifier, and the second after three hours of operation. Honestly, the indicators surprised me a lot, so I do not recommend taking them as one hundred percent reliable. However, in reviews, buyers also note that indoor humidity increases when using this device. It all depends on many factors. I can only say that even such a small humidifier will definitely not be superfluous in many houses and apartments.

Below I attach a few photos of examples of decorative lighting work.

Also, for clarity, I recommend watching a video review of this humidifier.

Summing up, I want to say that, in my opinion, this device is worth its money and copes with its tasks. You should not expect incredible results from this humidifier, but it should be noted that the device is fully functional, has a beautiful decorative backlight and a generally stylish appearance, and it can also be used with aromatic oil to create a pleasant smell in the room. Well, that’s all, dear readers, if you have any questions, I will try to answer them in the comments.

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