EASINE by ILIFE H75/H75PLUS Review Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning without nerves and effort: Review Ilife H75 Plus Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2022. ILIFE H75 H75PLUS handheld cordless vacuum cleaner has received a lot of positive feedback from users and has become a real bestseller. Only in the official ILife store on aliexpress, more than 26,000 orders have already been made, and the overall rating of the product was 4.9 points out of 5. 98% of buyers rate the vacuum cleaner positively (94% put 5 stars and another 4% put 4 stars). But vacuum cleaners of this brand are also sold on ebay, amazone and local hardware stores. Today we will understand the reasons for such popularity and see what the ILIFE H75 is capable of. We will find out if it is able to replace a classic vacuum cleaner and what are its advantages over robot vacuum cleaners that are gaining popularity.

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Without beating around the bush, I suggest you immediately familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the ILIFE H75 Plus:

  • Rated power : 250W
  • Suction power : normal mode – 10 Kpa, maximum mode – 21 Kpa
  • Waste tank volume : 1.2 l
  • Working time : normal mode – 40 minutes, maximum mode – 15 minutes
  • Rechargeable battery : 2500 mAh at 29.6V (charging time about 5 hours)
  • Dimensions : 125x25x23.5 mm
  • Weight : 2.5 kg

Characteristics can tell a lot to a person who understands technology. But for most users, these are just numbers and little useful information, so I will translate them into normal language. The vacuum cleaner is powerful and has 2 modes of operation: the normal mode is suitable for cleaning an apartment with such floor coverings: ceramic tiles, laminate, linoleum, parquet, carpets with a small pile. The maximum mode is suitable for cleaning carpets with high pile, upholstered furniture, cars. The trash bin is large and does not need to be cleaned every time after cleaning. The battery is enough to clean a large house or thoroughly clean a 2-3 room apartment a couple of times. If you use it occasionally, instead of a broom, for example for local cleaning, then it will be enough for a long time. The battery also takes a long time to charge: if the cleaning was thorough, then at the end it is better to immediately connect the charging. Main advantages: ease of movement when cleaning, maneuverability, compact size, the ability to use at home and in the car, a lot of nozzles for cleaning in hard-to-reach places. And most importantly, all this at a very affordable price (this is actually the main reason for such a popularity of the model). Please note: for fast delivery, there is a warehouse in the Russian Federation.



You can study the range of iLife products, get technical support and learn about authorized service centers on the official website of iLife in Russia .

Video version of the review

Well, let’s get acquainted with the device. My first acquaintance was successful when I picked up the vacuum cleaner at the post office. Unpacked, checked that it turns on. The battery was charged for 2 divisions out of 3. Mentally said thanks to the developer of the box, who provided a convenient carrying handle, because the total weight of the vacuum cleaner with the box and the complete set is 4.5 Kg.

Colorful strong packaging, description in Russian. iLife is officially sold in the Russian Federation, has its own service center and is already a well-known brand on the market.

The advantages of the model are highlighted in the form of small pictures with a brief description. In addition to what I noted above, the manufacturer focused on such things:

  • Flexible floor head. This is really important, because it helps when cleaning to get to hard-to-reach places.
  • Built-in LED lamp. Illuminates dark or dimly lit areas when cleaning, such as under a bed or behind furniture.
  • Washable filter. This, in my opinion, is a very important point. Filters, unlike the same HEPA, can be washed simply under water and their replacement will be required very, very soon.

Components and parts of the vacuum cleaner are placed in individual niches and are securely fixed with cardboard partitions. Above posted the documentation: warranty card and user manual.

The instructions have a section in Russian, which describes in detail how to connect, use and clean the vacuum cleaner.

I will go from the opposite and show the already assembled vacuum cleaner. In fact, even without instructions, it took me no more than a minute to assemble. Visually, this is a classic handheld vacuum cleaner with a battery. For spice, some elements are highlighted with bright orange inserts.

In the main part of the vacuum cleaner, we have an engine, a trash can and a handle with a convenient start and stop button.

In the upper part, you can see a button for switching power, it is marked as +- and three dashes that show the approximate residual charge. 3 bars = full charge, when the last bar flashes, it’s time to recharge.

Seat for the battery and the battery itself. It can be charged both separately from the vacuum cleaner and directly in it.

There is an indication of 3 LEDs for process control. On the reverse side, the battery capacity is indicated – 2500 mAh and voltage 29.6V. I see the screws, so I can unscrew and check.

Inside is a battery of 8 18650 batteries, 2500 mAh each. Connecting in series raises the voltage to the required 29.6V. Everything is clear.

Controller board.

Consider a garbage container. To empty it, after cleaning, just press the button above the trash can. The lid will open and the contents will fall down. There are no bags and other nonsense here, a cyclone-type air filtration system is used.

There are 2 filters inside: a large one with a metal mesh – for coarse cleaning, traps 90% of all debris, dust and hair, a small filter made of fabric and synthetic lint for final air filtration from fine dust.

Both filters are unpretentious and perfectly washed under normal water. A large filter is actually eternal, the smaller one is also very tenacious, but someday it will require replacement. And the manufacturer took care of this by adding another spare to the kit.

We connect an aluminum tube to the main part – an air duct.

Once again, I draw your attention to the fact that all the elements that can be interacted with to assemble and disassemble the vacuum cleaner are orange in color.

The main nozzle has its own motor that rotates the brush. The power consumption is 15W, so the battery will drain a little faster with this attachment than without it. The nozzle is very cool and is suitable for basic cleaning of the room.

Inside is a flexible hose that allows you to change the level of inclination to the required.

There are rubber moldings that will protect your furniture from overly active cleaning. The wheels are made of soft plastic, more reminiscent of rubber, tenaciously behave on a smooth surface and do not scratch the floor. The large size allows you to easily pass bumps and sills.

There is a transparent window in the brush area, which allows you to assess its condition and take cleaning measures if a large amount of hair is wrapped around the brush. There are 5 LEDs that illuminate a small area ahead.

Even under normal cleaning conditions, backlighting is beneficial as it allows you to better see debris and not miss areas. In some moments, the backlight is simply necessary, for example, when cleaning under the bed. Not to say that the backlight is very bright, but sufficient for its purposes. You can’t turn it off.

On the reverse side, the nozzle looks like this. Again, the orange latch, it immediately makes it clear where you need to press or pull to remove the element. In our case, this is a rotating brush.

It is soft yet dense and handles dust and debris well.

Here, perhaps it is worth showing everything that comes in the kit: a power supply, a spare filter, a wall mount with dowels and screws, 2 interchangeable nozzles, a brush cleaning tool and an alternative coarse bristle brush.

This brush is more suitable for pet owners, because it picks up hair well.

For cleaning, there is a special tool with a hook and blade that will help cut off the hair and wool wrapped around the brush.

Now let’s look at additional nozzles. The first nozzle is two-position and can be used for different purposes. Pull out the brush and you can vacuum curtains or delicate surfaces you don’t want to scratch.

Lower the brush down and get a smaller inlet compared to the standard nozzle, with which you can clean in narrower places. It is also convenient for them to vacuum upholstered furniture and a car, due to the smaller area we get a greater retraction force.

Another nozzle, the so-called slit-like. The name speaks for itself. With its help, you can do spot cleaning in the most difficult to reach places, for example, between a chair and a car upholstery.

The vacuum cleaner in a couple of seconds transforms into a compact car, for this we simply remove the aluminum pipe and connect the nozzles directly.

The weight is quite adequate, with a short nozzle, the vacuum cleaner weighs 1650 grams and allows you to clean upholstered furniture in a car or thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture without unnecessary difficulties.

With a pipe and a large nozzle, the weight increases to 2.5 kg, but here you do not hold the vacuum cleaner on weight, but roll it on the floor, as a result of which the weight is almost not felt and even a fragile woman or child can easily cope with it.

A few words about mounting and storage. The vacuum cleaner is really very compact and practically does not take up space. You can store it in two ways. The first involves installing the mount on the wall and then you hang the vacuum cleaner on the mount. Cons: you need to drill the wall to install the mount. Pros: the most convenient and quick placement of the vacuum cleaner.

For the second type of storage, nothing needs to be drilled. At the bottom of the pipe there is a special hook that allows you to hang a container on it (it will partially rest against the nozzle).

Cons: you will need to disconnect the main part of the vacuum cleaner from the tube each time. Pros: no need to drill anything, you can put it in different places without being tied to one point.

Well, now some personal feelings and a comparison with different types of vacuum cleaners. A powerful SAMSUNG VC07M31 with a nominal power of 700W and a real suction power of 190W has been working for me as the main vacuum cleaner for several years now. At maximum power, it lifts linoleum off the floor and lifts lightly piled carpets. It is powerful and cleans well.

But it is somewhat bulky and takes up a lot of space on the balcony, during cleaning the hose often bends and you need to constantly monitor the wire, sometimes switch it between outlets. Compared to it, ILIFE H75 feels like perfection. No need to drag a huge “fool” behind you, no wires and a hose, just walk between the rooms and clean. I really get pleasure from such cleaning and there is no desire to get a huge vacuum cleaner. Yes, in terms of power it is noticeably weaker, but its power, even in normal mode, is enough to vacuum the apartment normally. It collects dust, wool, hair, crumbs, sand and large fragments, like grain (there is a rat at home) from any surfaces. There is one carpet, on which I turn on the maximum suction power. In general, there is enough power for “carpet” scenarios, but it is felt that there is no longer a reserve.

Also, from the latest models, I had a Liectroux ZK901 robot vacuum cleaner ( you can read the review here ), which I really liked, but which I eventually gave to my mother. With her, it fits perfectly into the home and has been clean for 3 months. He is very smart, powerful enough and, most importantly, cleans himself. But it is certainly weaker than the ILIFE H75 and requires a certain order on the floor, and since I have a son, cleaning the floor before cleaning is no less annoying than just taking a vacuum cleaner and cleaning it yourself.

I also have a Baseus A3 car vacuum cleaner ( you can read the review here ), which I have been using for a couple of months. With the advent of ILIFE H75, I understand that I simply no longer need a car vacuum cleaner. H75 is much more powerful and allows me to clean the car three times faster, I just don’t have to constantly move the vacuum cleaner back and forth, at maximum power it easily collects sand, small stones, leaves, dust and dirt and lint under the rugs. In 15 minutes, I can thoroughly vacuum the entire car and trunk. Baseus goes to the secondary market.

Obviously, ILIFE H75 Plus is definitely better for me than a car vacuum cleaner (because it replaces it) and better than a robot vacuum cleaner (because I can’t use it fully due to a child). The main question is whether it will replace a completely powerful samsung for me? Now I will definitely put it in the pantry and I will probably get it during general cleaning, while ILIFE H75 will be used for ordinary cleaning and daily cleaning as needed. In the kitchen, it’s easier for me to take a cordless vacuum cleaner and clean the floor than to sweep the crumbs with a broom or brush. Or in the corridor it is also very convenient to remove sand from shoes with the help of such a device. Perhaps my Samsung will lie in the pantry for a couple of years and I will understand that I really don’t need it, as usually happens with most things that we send to the pantry or closet …

Well, a couple of small examples of what a vacuum cleaner is capable of. Here is an ordinary cleaning in the apartment, in 15 minutes in a relatively clean room I collected such an amount of garbage:

And here is the result of cleaning under the rugs in the car (it was on the left, it became on the right).

And the amount of garbage that I collected in 5 minutes, vacuuming only under the front seats.


In general, I personally absolutely understand why the ILIFE H75 Plus is so popular on Ali. This is a versatile, incredibly convenient and relatively powerful vacuum cleaner that can do a lot and does not cost like a Boeing wing. I have nothing to compare it with among analogues, this is the first vacuum cleaner in a similar form factor that I had the opportunity to test, but I like what I get from using it. It will stand behind the closet without taking up space and can be used both at home and for cleaning the car. It is more convenient to use, there is less noise from it, it is easier to wash the filters. An excellent piece of iron that changed my attitude to cleaning. I really do not like to carry a huge vacuum cleaner, with a long wire and a clumsy hose. Therefore, in fact, I paid attention to robots at one time, but over time I realized that a robot vacuum cleaner and a child are poorly compatible things.

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