Dyson V8 Absolute: Review & Testing, Scores on Different Criteria

The Dyson V8 Absolute model came to our review, the cost of which ranges from 750 to 900 dollars. This is quite a lot and puts the vacuum cleaner practically in the premium segment. Let’s take a look at how the Dyson V8 Absolute is equipped, what is interesting about the design, and most importantly, how this cordless vacuum cleaner copes with cleaning on different surfaces. So let’s go.


There are several modifications in the Dyson V8 line, the main difference between which is in the configuration and body color. So Dyson V8 Absolute, in my opinion, is the most optimal solution for a set of nozzles included in the kit. Now we will consider them.

The kit includes:

  1. The main block.
  2. Extension tube. The color is simply gorgeous, the golden finish adds sophistication to the vacuum cleaner. The tube itself is lightweight. made of aluminum.
  3. Bracket for attaching the vacuum cleaner to the wall. The design allows you to charge the vacuum cleaner in a suspended state, having previously secured the power adapter connector in the bracket itself.
  4. Power adapter for mains charging. Cord length 1.8 m.
  5. Main brush with wide nap roller. Recommended for cleaning on wood flooring such as laminate and parquet with this accessory. Thanks to the soft bristle, the brush gently picks up all debris without scratching the floor.
  6. The second nozzle is almost identical in appearance, only a pile brush is installed inside. It is recommended to use it to remove hair and wool from carpets. The brush is designed in such a way that hair and wool practically do not wrap around it and go straight to the dust collector.
  7. Mini electric brush for tough tasks. For example, cleaning furniture from animal hair, as well as collecting garbage in hard-to-reach narrow places where using the main nozzle will be problematic. Inside this mini brush head is an electric nylon bristle brush.
  8. Crevice nozzle. It is best used for collecting debris from the joints between sofa sections and for cleaning in the car.
  9. Brush for cleaning upholstered furniture and cleaning the car interior. The wide suction opening and soft bristles will effectively pick up debris from soft surfaces.
  10. User manual.

All components are shown in the photo:


The main unit looks stylish and from the first minutes of acquaintance you immediately understand what a premium handheld vacuum cleaner is. The plastic is very high quality, there are no backlashes or gaps of different widths. The fine filter is located in the end part and can be removed by unscrewing it counterclockwise. The vents are directed to the side, so that the air will not blow over the hand, as was previously done. By the way, users swore at this. Apparently, the manufacturers heard them.

By the way, to make it easier to install the filter back, the manufacturer put markings in the form of dots on the body, they need to be joined. Above, under the logo, we see a slider for switching the power of the vacuum cleaner. There are only 2 modes: normal and maximum.

A trigger-shaped power button is installed on the handle. When pressed, the blue LED lights up to indicate the battery level. Indicators are duplicated on both sides. Surprisingly, there is no button lock in the on position, but the button travel is soft, so the finger does not get so tired during prolonged use.

And now we will demonstrate one of the main features of Dyson hand-held vacuum cleaners – the system for emptying the dust container. To eliminate the contact of the user’s hands with the debris in the flask as much as possible, the engineers have developed the following mechanism. All you need to do is pull on the handle from above and the bottom of the dust container will open by itself. In this case, the main unit stretches at the top, so all the debris accumulated on the filtration system is scraped off, so to speak, and falls out through the open lid. This is definitely very, very convenient.

The charger connector is located on the back of the handle. Above, it is additionally worth highlighting the pre-motor filter, the cover of which is blue. This filter can also be removed for cleaning or replacement. In total, the vacuum cleaner has a five-stage filtration system.

Separately, I will show you how brushes are disassembled for maintenance and cleaning from hair and wool. For this, the manufacturer has provided special holes on the side that can be turned by any suitable object.

In principle, not difficult. But what if the coin is not at hand? It would be better to implement a simpler nozzle disassembly system.


Let’s move on to an overview of the characteristics of the Dyson V8 Absolute, from the main I would like to highlight:

  • NCA (cobalt-aluminum) 2800 mAh battery.
  • Suction power up to 115 AW in Turbo mode.
  • Working time up to 40 minutes (in maximum mode, working time up to 7 minutes).
  • Charging time up to 300 min.
  • Waste container volume 540 ml.
  • Noise level up to 82 dB.
  • Dimensions 1243 x 210 x 250 mm.
  • Weight 2.63 kg.


Test # 1 – Noise level

The first step is to measure the noise level during operation. For this we use a specialized application on a smartphone.

In standard mode, the noise level does not exceed 82 dB, as stated by the manufacturer. But in maximum mode, the noise level reaches 87 dB,


Test # 2 – Cleaning quality

And the most important thing I would like to show is how the Dyson V8 Absolute handles garbage collection. In the video review, we demonstrated the quality of cleaning on different surfaces and with different attachments.

In general, if we talk in general about the operation of the Dyson V8, then this cordless vacuum cleaner is really convenient to use. It vacuums very well, the power is not inferior to bulky wired vacuum cleaners, while the brushes are designed in such a way that wool and hair do not wind up on a roller or bristly roller. And if they are wound, then in a minimum amount.

Separately, I would like to praise the engineers for the competent weight distribution in the main unit. The hand does not get tired during long-term use of the vacuum cleaner. There are a couple of remarks regarding the ergonomics of the case, I will talk about them at the end, when I summarize. And so, in general, Dyson V8 pleasantly surprised and demonstrated how a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner should collect garbage.

By the way, Dyson has special engine protection. Suction is immediately shut off if the suction port is blocked. This protection system saves the engine from failure during overload, I have not yet seen this in other vacuum cleaners. Because of this protection, unfortunately, it was not possible to demonstrate clearly what can be lifted with a vacuum cleaner when the maximum mode is on. I think that he will be able to hold a kilogram pack of cereals without problems.


Summing up

We reviewed and tested the Dyson V8 Absolute in detail. Now let’s rate this handheld vacuum cleaner according to different criteria.

Ergonomics: 8 out of 10. The vacuum cleaner is convenient to use, the cleaning system and the docking of components are thought out to the smallest detail. But it is not thought out that the power button is not fixed, so you have to hold it with your finger during the entire cleaning. The manufacturer claims that this is done to save battery power. In addition, the battery heats up after 2 minutes of operation. The heating temperature can go up to 55 degrees Celsius, which is not very pleasant for the hand. So it is in this model that there are some flaws. But it is important to understand that they have been taken into account and corrected in the older V10 and V11 models.

The quality of cleaning is 10 out of 10. There are no complaints here. The vacuum cleaner does its job perfectly, leaves no debris and, at the same time, hair and wool practically do not wrap around the brushes. In general, the cleaning quality is high.

Reliability 10 out of 10. The warranty for the vacuum cleaner is 2 years, the assembly is of high quality, there are no backlashes. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the Dyson V8 with all the necessary attachments. So, of course, the manufacturer’s support and build quality are at the highest level.

Total 28 out of 30 points

For the money, this handheld vacuum cleaner is very good. The main thing is that it collects wool and hair without any problems, even from carpets. So lovers of reliable technology Dyson V8 Absolute will definitely like it.

That’s all for me. Happy shopping everyone! If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.

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