Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dreame Bot Z10 Pro: Overview of a modern model with a self-cleaning station 2022.  Dreame Bot Z10 Pro photo

The time has come for modern and independent cleaners. Now the robot does not need to be serviced every day by cleaning out the trash compartment. The self-cleaning station automatically removes the debris collected in the vacuum cleaner’s container, allowing it to work for a long time in the machine. Special sensors in the robot give a signal to return to the base for the purpose of recharging and cleaning, and navigation algorithms allow you to continue from the left cleaning place. To collect garbage in the station itself, a large-volume bag is used, which allows you to collect up to 4 liters of garbage. And periodic cleaning of the station itself is not difficult – about once a month or two (according to the degree of filling), we remove the bag and install a new one, without even getting our hands dirty.

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Self-cleaning process

The self-cleaning procedure is as follows. When cleaning is complete or when the dust container is full, the robot returns to the station to recharge. After parking on the station stand, the container cleaning process starts: the powerful motor of the vacuum cleaner built into the station column is started. Through special air ducts located in the base and column of the station, dust removed from the robot along with the air flow enters a separate garbage bag inside the station volume.



  • Brand: Dreame
  • Model: Bot Z10 Pro
  • Type: wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • Self-cleaning station: Yes
  • Cleaning function: dry / wet
  • Waste tank capacity: 400 ml + 4 l
  • Water tank volume: 150 ml
  • Battery capacity: 5200mAh
  • Working time: up to 150 minutes on a single charge
  • Suction force: 4000 Pa
  • Navigation: laser lidar, 3D scanning of premises, SLAM LDS
  • App Control: Yes, Xiaomi MiHome App
  • Noise level: 80 dB
  • Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 96.8mm

Complete set and appearance of the robot

The packaging is really bulky. This is due, first of all, to the presence of a large-sized self-cleaning station, as well as a set of accessories. In my opinion, this is a great housewarming gift, voluminous and useful.

The vacuum cleaner is built according to the classic scheme – a side brush, a turbo brush at the bottom, a tower superstructure with a lidar, contact and non-contact sensors, including fall sensors and a sensitive object sensor.

The instructions for use are quite voluminous. There is a section in English describing the main points of operation and maintenance of the robot, as well as information for connecting to a smartphone.

The appearance of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro robot is shown in the image below. The trash bin is located inside under the lid, and the wet cleaning plate is attached at the bottom of the back.

On the front panel there is a sufficiently sensitive optical sensor for recognizing objects on the floor. Such a robot vacuum cleaner will not collide with scattered toys or other objects, but will avoid them by re-routing.

There is only one side brush and must be installed in a special seat before using it. This decision is due to the overall saving of space inside the robot due to the used debris removal scheme at the self-cleaning station. But even with one side brush, the robot does an excellent job. Contour cleaning is carried out by turning the right side to the wall / skirting board.

The air outlets are located on the back of the chassis. The installed wet cleaning plate is clearly visible – it is thin.

The appearance of the working surface of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is shown in the photo below. The placement of the working bodies (side brush, turbo brush), electrical contacts and fall sensors is clearly visible.

The plate for washing is thin, contains 100 ml of water, which is enough for cleaning an apartment of a medium size. A dosing pump is located inside the module to regulate the fluid supply. The napkin is attached with Velcro and after cleaning, you should manually remove the plate and send the napkin to wash / dry.

Note the two holes located between the turbo brush compartment and the wash plate. These holes are used to automatically remove debris after the cleaning procedure. The holes are aligned with a special valve in the dust container. When the cleaning mode is activated, the valve opens, allowing the station to collect all the debris from the tank.

The waste collection compartment is located under the cover. It is enough to pull on the handle of the compartment, then remove it for cleaning.

The compartment holds 400 ml for debris and dust. Part of the compartment space is occupied by a special valve that is triggered when removing dust and debris at a self-cleaning station.

There is an information insert under the cover reminding the main points of operation. The dust collection tank can be rinsed with running water and then dried. The HEPA filter for fine cleaning is removable, it can also be washed and dried.

Self-cleaning station appearance

Appearance of the station from the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro kit. It is a vertical column with a large garbage compartment with a platform for installing the robot.

Two holes are clearly visible, aligned with the corresponding holes on the robot body. Inside are the air ducts of the vacuum cleaner built into the station. The station also contains a fill indicator and sensors for the robot’s navigation.

Of the useful points, I note the presence of an organizer for the wire. When placing the station against a wall and a wall outlet, any excess network cable can be neatly coiled up and secured to the back of the station housing.

The internal volume of the station is approximately 4 liters (1 gallon). Lid open / close sensors and a volume fill sensor are provided.

Garbage is collected in a special removable bag (disposable). The design of the attachment and the bag itself is such that it allows you to remove the filled bag with garbage without getting your hands dirty. The average time for filling a bag with a daily one-time cleaning by a robot is about 2 months (the declared value is 65 cycles). So it makes sense to purchase several spare bags for the station at once and ensure work for the next six months.

After completing the cleaning procedure, the robot returns to the base to recharge. Simultaneously with the start of charging, the self-cleaning process starts – the station turns on and begins to remove the collected garbage from the robot’s container. The procedure lasts a few seconds, the motor is powerful enough and removes almost all debris and fine dust from the container.

In order to understand the process, I show the very holes located both on the bottom surface of the robot and on the station itself. It is through them that garbage is removed to the station.

Robot control app

When you turn it on for the first time, the robot will ask you to connect to the app. To do this, we activate the power of the robot, and scan the QR code in the instructions for setting up the application.

To control the robot, download and install the Xiaomi Mi Home app . Just add the robot following the instructions. Pay attention to the recommendations for using the robot, including placing the station against a wall.

The first time it was turned on, the new firmware was automatically installed. A number of robot settings are available in the menu, including interface settings, settings related to the operation of the navigation algorithm, and options for cleaning. I will note the possibility of setting up work scenarios for a smart home, when cleaning occurs after a number of conditions are triggered.

The application allows you to set virtual barriers and no cleaning zones. This is great if you have an animal corner, toys in the nursery, or a ladder. You can also separate an area for additional cleaning.

The application interface allows you to control the robot for both automatic cleaning and manual movement. Various cleaning options are available (water dosing, suction power). Cleaning logs can be viewed, including a cleaning card. I would like to note the possibility of teaching the robot three variants of maps at once, which can be saved separately. It can be used for completely different rooms or floors. Also in the robot “out of the box” is available English-language voice acting.

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Working with Yandex Smart Home and managing voice assistant Alice

I add my smart devices and other IoT equipment to the smart home system from Yandex. At its core, the Yandex.Quasar environment allows you to work with APIs of applications from different manufacturers, as well as load plugins for accessing devices. Most smart devices from the Xiaomi Mi Home environment can not only be launched from the Yandex environment, but also controlled using a voice assistant. Click on the “Add” button in the corner of the interface, select Xiaomi devices, select your model from the list. Basic commands are available for Alice – starting cleaning and selecting an operating mode, canceling, pause and returning to the base station. The command format itself is available in several versions, for example: “Alice, vacuum cleaner!” Or “Alice, turn on the vacuum cleaner!”.

Comparison with other robot vacuum cleaners

In order for you to make the right choice, I am adding a visual comparison with an interesting model of the Midea M7 Pro functional robot vacuum cleaner .

Both models are quite functional, both are equipped with modules for both dry and wet cleaning. And if Dreame has a self-cleaning station in the kit, then the Midea M7 comes with an additional module for thorough vibration cleaning.

If you look at the configuration and placement of the sensors, you can clearly see the presence of optical sensors of things not removed from the floor.

Another unusual Yeedi robot vacuum cleaner is the advanced Hybrid model with a camera that is used for navigation instead of lidar. Yeedi has an even lower profile due to the lack of a superstructure and can clean under furniture with legs in such cases when vacuum cleaners with lidar get stuck.

In terms of equipment, the robots are about the same level. I note that Yeedi has two side brushes at once. Also striking is the lack of a hole for a self-cleaning station in Yeedi – this is the prerogative of only the new Dreame Bot Z10 Pro.

Robot testing

If you already had a robot vacuum cleaner, then using the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro will not cause any special problems. If you purchased the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro as your first vacuum cleaner, then just read the instructions and understand the application.

The robot itself has three buttons (start of work, return to base, etc.), as well as an indicator of work. An indicator is also provided at the station itself, at the same time signaling that the container is full.

To do this, scattered a mixture of cereals and grains. Next, I start the robot in the local cleaning mode – I select a small rectangular area with garbage.

There are no problems – during the local cleaning cycle, everything turned out to be inside the tank. I would like to note a fairly large amount of fine dust that has collected on the filter after cleaning the carpet – this indicates a really high suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

To start wet cleaning, install a floor cloth and fill the plate with clean water. You can add some floor detergent. Wet mopping is usually started after a dry mopping cycle.

We install the plate on the robot, start the second cleaning. In the application, you can select the degree of intensity of the water supply. After the robot, the floors are clean and slightly damp.

Conclusion and conclusions

Thus, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is a very affordable model with a self-cleaning station included. The robot is independent and maintenance is required only in cases of replacing the dust collection bag (4 liters is enough for 2 months of daily cleaning) and changing / refilling the floor plate. The robot not only orientates itself in the whole room, but also allows you to memorize up to 3 independent cards at the same time, that is, you can purchase it for a 2-3-storey building. With a single charge, the robot can work almost up to 2.5 hours, cleaning according to a schedule or at the command of a smart home. As I said above, robots can be added to your Yandex-based smart home and controlled using voice commands. Also, don’t forget to purchase in advancedust bags, filters and consumables for the robot.

You can find other reviews and tests of smartphones, tools and gadgets in my profile and on the links below.Thank you for your attention!

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