Dreame Bot D9 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review Dreame Bot  D9 robot vacuum cleaner 2022: the company’s flagship with wet cleaning function. A few years ago, when robot vacuum cleaners were just gaining popularity in our market, they were a luxury item. Units of models were presented to the choice of the buyer, and the prices for them bite strongly. Now, the simplest electronic home cleaning assistant can be bought even for 5,000 dollars, but if you need additional chips, for example, wet cleaning, you will have to pay more. Today I will tell you an attractive representative of the middle price segment – Dreame D9.

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The vacuum cleaner comes in a white cardboard box, almost the entire area of ​​the upper part of the box is occupied by the image of the robot vacuum cleaner and the model name.

On the back side, the buyer will see how the vacuum cleaner looks in the interior, as well as the main features of the model.Contents of delivery

  • Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame D9
  • Charging dock
  • Dock power cord
  • Side brush
  • Mop and water tank
  • Documentation

All this is packed in bags and neatly packed in individual boxes.


  • Model Name: Dreame D9
  • Power: 40W
  • Suction power: 3000 Pa
  • Cleaning type: Dry and wet
  • Battery type and capacity: Li-Ion, 5200 mAh
  • Working time: Up to 150 minutes
  • Container capacity: For dust 570 ml, for water 270 ml
  • Size and weight: 350x350x96 mm, 3700 g


The robot vacuum cleaner is made of white plastic, on top there is a lidar navigation sensor and control keys. Below there is a lid, under which a container for dust is hidden, a hole for restarting the vacuum cleaner in case of a failure, a Wi-Fi indicator LED and a brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

The container is fastened with latches that need to be snapped off on the sides to remove it.

The filter box has a mesh for additional filtration from coarse debris and prolongs filter life.

At the front of the vacuum cleaner there is a damping bumper that protects the robot from damage in case of impacts. Before use, you need to remove the foam plugs from it.On the underside there is a brush covered with a protective cover, a side brush, rubber wheels and contacts for chargingThe brush cover is latched, the brush itself is installed in the grooves The brush has 2 cleaning parts: a rubber cloth and a fleecy brushThe charging station, like the vacuum cleaner, is made of white plastic; there are sensors in front, by which the vacuum cleaner finds charging. On the bottom edge there is a sticker with the characteristics of the docking station and safety precautions, along the perimeter there are glued anti-slip rubber feet.Features and Features

As I wrote earlier, the vacuum cleaner has a wet cleaning function. For this, the kit includes a 270 ml water tank and a microfiber mop, which, according to the manufacturer, is made from antibacterial materials and destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria. There is a silicone plug on the side of the reservoir that covers the filling hole

Water can be poured from the tap, but the manufacturer does not recommend using detergents, this can lead to damage to the pump.

On my own behalf, I want to add that wet cleaning is not a full-fledged sink. If you spill juice on the floor and decide to clean it up after a week, the robot vacuum is unlikely to cope with it.

The LDS 3.0 navigation system, consisting of 13 sensors, analyzing 2800 points / sec helps to determine the location of the vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner can also draw virtual maps. In the application, which I will talk about a little later, it looks like this:

In the application, the room map looks a little crooked, but in fact the vacuum cleaner is perfectly oriented in space. If a small object, such as a chair leg, is encountered on his way, he will not pass by, instead he will go around it throughout the entire area.

Large soft rubber wheels also have a positive effect on cleaning efficiency. They have an aggressive tread pattern that prevents them from slipping or getting stuck on the carpet. The vacuum cleaner can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it took 15 minutes to clean a room with an area of ​​14 m² (of course, we are talking about those places that are not crammed with furniture). Those. on average, a vacuum cleaner spends a minute per square meter, which, with a work reserve of 150 minutes, will allow it to vacuum approximately 150 m².

An important factor when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner is the noise level. As the manufacturer assures, the Dreame D9 does not exceed 65 dB, and my measurements even surpassed this result (I measured the noise level at a distance of about a meter from the vacuum cleaner operating in standard mode).

Mobile application and setting up the vacuum cleaner

Since Dreame is one of the sub-brands of the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, the vacuum cleaner is configured via the Xiaomi Mi Home app. Pairing with the device takes place via Wi-Fi and does not cause any difficulties.

In the tab with a paired vacuum cleaner, you can start and end cleaning, send the vacuum cleaner to charge during cleaning, as well as edit the map and set up the vacuum cleaner.

Let’s start by editing the map. The application has 2 buttons: map control and virtual walls. In the map management tab, you can divide the rooms into different areas, i.e. rooms, and create several different cards. This function will be useful if you live in a multi-storey building and cleaning needs to be done on different floors.

The point for adding virtual walls looks like this:

The virtual wall adds a partition to the map that the robot vacuum cleaner cannot cross. If you select a restricted area, the robot will only clean there. An impassable mop area creates an area on the map that cannot be mopped.

The settings menu looks like this:


In the device settings, you can set the range of time during which the vacuum cleaner will not clean if you have made a cleaning schedule, turn on automatic cleaning after charging the vacuum cleaner, if it is discharged during cleaning, and also turn on the enhanced suction mode when the vacuum cleaner runs over the carpet, in order to better vacuum it, as well as change the sound language of the robot (English language is available out of the box, you do not need to bother with flashing).

There are 4 modes available for cleaning:

Also in the menu you can see the history of cleaning and the state of consumables (mop and brushes):


A robot vacuum cleaner is not necessary, but very convenient. If you use it for a week, it will not be clear how you used to live without it. Of course, it is not a panacea: general cleaning will still have to be done, but if your floor is dusty or you spilled something in the kitchen, you will not need to clean it yourself – just press 2 buttons on your smartphone, and the floor is clean. And if you have animals in your house, then it will be a real happiness to have such an assistant – now you can simply appoint a scheduled cleaning every 1-2 days and forget about wool throughout the house.

Dreame D9 costs about 350 dollars, for this money you get a quiet, but at the same time powerful vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function, which perfectly orientates itself in space, has an intuitive application in which you can build a smart home ecosystem. In my opinion, at the moment this is one of the best offers in terms of price-quality ratio.

Thanks to everyone who read it, I hope my review was interesting and informative. I look forward to your comments, good luck everyone!

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