Dr. Bei GY1 Review: A Budget Electric Sonic Toothbrush

Dr. Bei GY1 Review: A Budget Electric Sonic Toothbrush 2022. Electric, sonic toothbrushes are no longer a surprise. These are modern devices for oral hygiene, which differ from each other in operating modes, dimensions, weight, design, etc. etc. In today’s review, we will talk about the most budgetary model from a well-known manufacturer and market leader in the production of oral hygiene devices. It’s about the budget Dr. Bei GY1 toothbrush.

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DR·BEI GY1 Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 3 Modes 2 Mins Timer Rechargeable Whitening IPX7 Waterproof ToothBrush for Adults

Dr. Bei GY1 Specifications

  • Type: Sonic Toothbrush;
  • Amplitude of bristles: More than 5.5 mm;
  • The number of vibrations per minute: 18000;
  • Material: ABS, Dupont Nylon;
  • Charging time: about 4 hours;
  • Working time: about 30 days (4 minutes per day);
  • Charger: 5V / 1A;
  • Power: Built-in Li-ion battery: 700MAh;
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V;
  • Rated power: 2W;
  • Waterproof: IPX7;
  • Support for the Bass method.

Packaging and delivery set

The Dr. Bei GY1 Electric Toothbrush comes in a relatively small, sealed box made of fairly soft cardboard. The box is informative, contains basic information about the toothbrush.

Inside the box there is a kind of frame made of cardboard partitions, between which the delivery set is located, which included:

  • Carcass of Dr. Bei GY1 toothbrush;
  • Replaceable nozzle Clean;
  • Replaceable nozzle Regular;
  • MicroUSB cable for connecting to a charger;
  • Two user manuals (in English and English).


The handle of the toothbrush is made of matte, non-slippery, burgundy plastic (Burgundy wine). To protect the devices from damage during use, the manufacturer has made it waterproof and claims the case is IPX7 certified.

The body has the shape of a parallelepiped with rounded edges. On one of the faces there is a single control button, which is responsible for turning the device on / off and switching between modes. The button is grooved, easily felt with your finger even in complete darkness. In addition to the button on the edge, there are four indicators, three of which indicate the selected operating mode: Daily cleaning and plaque removal / Gentle cleaning, gum massage mode, SPA / Whitening mode, the fourth is the charging indicator.

At the base of the toothbrush, there is a hinged cover equipped with a special hook for convenience. By opening the cover, the user gains access to the charging connector. The microUSB connector and at the time of writing (mid-2021) is slightly outdated. The cover protects the charging port from moisture and dust. To prevent the cover from getting lost, the manufacturer has provided a special hook that fixes the cover on the device body.

On the opposite side there is a cylindrical connector with a guide for replaceable nozzles. The attachments are installed until they click.

The delivery set includes two replaceable attachments:

Regular – this attachment is designed for everyday use, great for cleaning teeth from food debris, etc.

Clean – this nozzle is primarily focused on deep cleaning of the teeth. The manufacturer himself says that the thickness of the bristle tips is only 0.01 mm, due to which they penetrate deeply into the gingival groove and the gap between the teeth, which allows you to achieve maximum effect when cleaning your teeth.

In general, the toothbrush has a classic, well-thought-out design, the Dr. Bei GY1 body fits perfectly in the hand, it is lightweight and not slippery. Protection against moisture and dust allows you to use the toothbrush in the bathroom, wash it under running water and not worry about moisture getting inside the device, provided that the cap is tightly closed.


The Dr. Bei GY1 electric toothbrush has a single control button. Switching of operating modes is carried out with its help, for this it is necessary to press the button again within five seconds after switching on. Please note that the last used program remains in the device’s memory after switching off, and after switching on it will be launched again.

The toothbrush has three different modes of operation:

  • Daily cleaning mode – high-quality teeth cleaning and plaque removal;
  • Gentle cleaning, gum massage, SPA – delicate mode, ideal for cleaning teeth and sensitive gums. During cleaning, a kind of massage of the gums occurs;
  • Whitening mode – designed to whiten teeth, in this mode the toothbrush is able to remove tartar.

For best results, the toothbrush is capable of delivering up to 18,000 pulses per minute with a noise level of less than 60 dB. For the convenience of users and in order to comply with the recommendations, the device is equipped with a timer that will automatically turn off the toothbrush two minutes after starting, and during the cleaning process, every thirty seconds the device will give a signal informing the user that it is necessary to change the position of the toothbrush …

Thanks to the matte surface, the handle of the toothbrush does not slip in the hand, even if you brush your teeth while showering. A reliable plug excludes the possibility of moisture penetration into the device. In this case, you should not deliberately immerse the base of the brush in water and observe how long the plug can protect the connector or how tightly the plug should be closed so that moisture does not get inside.

If desired, Dr. Bei GY1 toothbrush can be easily washed under a stream of warm water.

A full charge cycle is 4 hours and 15 minutes. A fully charged toothbrush lasts about 30 days, provided you use the brush twice a day for two minutes (four minutes a day).

In general, there are no complaints about the quality of the device.


  • Build quality;
  • Three different operating modes;
  • Two replaceable nozzles are included in the delivery;
  • Low weight of the device;
  • Ergonomic body;
  • IPX7 protection;
  • Low noise level during operation;
  • Price.


  • Not the most modern microUSB connector;
  • Can be used only with original attachments.


After using the Dr. Bei GY1 Electric Toothbrush, there is a pleasant sensation. The device has an ergonomic body and good battery life. After using the toothbrush, a feeling of freshness appears. The low cost of the device allows you to use this model as a backup toothbrush, for example, in the country, or on a business trip. Good autonomy allows you to keep your teeth clean for a long time. This model is perfect for users who do not need bells and whistles, users who need an electric, sonic toothbrush with a minimum of functions.

It is very important to understand that Dr. Bei GY1 is a sonic toothbrush (not ultrasonic), and as a result, it is excellent for cleaning teeth without destroying fillings.

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