Dr. Bei GF3 Review Oral Irrigator

Review of Dr. Bei GF3 Irrigator: is it needed? Today I want to tell you about my rather successful purchase of the DR.Bei GF3 irrigator. It is needed for additional care of the oral cavity, since it is the irrigator that cleans those places in the oral cavity where the toothbrush cannot reach. As in the joke:

“I use Rich’s brush, it brushes my teeth even in hard-to-reach places, don’t you?”
– And I have no teeth in hard-to-reach places.

I also do not have teeth in hard-to-reach places, but where they are, I brush them at least twice a day with an electric brush. And more recently, after cleaning, I also use an irrigator. It helps keep your teeth clean.

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But enough water, let’s get down to business. Let’s start as it should be with the characteristics:

Brand: Dr. Bei
Model: No. DR.BEI GF3
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Product net weight: 257.6g (host + 1 nozzle)
Input parameter: 5V = 1A
Rated Power: 5W
Water tank: 180 ml
Battery type: lithium battery
Dimensions: 70.5mm X 161.5mm X 40mm
Charging time: 4 hours
Pressure frequency: 1600 times / min (0.6mm dia.)

The irrigator comes to the buyer in this box:

Inside, the irrigator itself is on a plastic bed:

There is another box under the bed, which contains accessories from the irrigator:

All equipment in this case consists of an irrigator, instructions, a storage and carrying case, a USB MicroUSB hose, and a plastic nozzle:

By the way, the USB cable included is quite high quality. Soft braid. Good performance:

Fleece cover, also high quality and soft. It will definitely not lie idle.

The instruction is quite detailed, it has several languages, including English:

Plastic straw attachment. She’s a nozzle. Included is one, I think it would be nice to have a spare. At least in case of loss. Well, so that each family member has his own nozzle, if you look at it from the point of view of personal hygiene.

Now about the irrigator itself. It is a folding glass flask.
When folded it looks like this:

Here you can see the main unit in a plastic case, a hose with a spring, an external transparent glass.
On the other hand, the outer glass has a scale indicating the fullness:

On top of the irrigator there is a filler neck covered with a lid, a hole for a nozzle, and a small hole for pressure relief and excess water (if more water is poured than needed):

Below, on a flat and stable bottom, there are various service information, and you can also immediately notice a flexible hose for water intake, and a spring made of possibly stainless steel, which prevents the hose from bending and kinking:

On the right side there is a silicone plug, under which there is a MicroUSB port for charging the irrigator:

On the left side there is a lever button holding the nozzle, and in the unfolded form, access to the power button is opened:

When folded, the irrigator looks like this:

And like this, laid out:

To unfold, simply pull the top of the irrigator up, holding the bottom with the other hand.

Well, this is how the irrigator looks like when fully unfolded and with a nozzle:

When unfolded, access to the power button also appears:

This button turns on / off the irrigator and also switches modes. To switch, you need to press the button within 3 seconds after switching on. Long holding the button turns off the irrigator in any of the selected modes. There is also a memory of the last selected mode.

Each of the modes is indicated by an LED:

Now how to use the irrigator.

Pour water:

We turn on, put the nozzle in the mouth, direct it to the teeth and go around all the teeth with a thin stream from the nozzle. The force of the jet is not powerful, but it is not weak either.

At first, from habit, there is discomfort. Then after a few days of use, it goes away.
The fact that the irrigator is working is evidenced by sometimes noticeable food particles, which are washed away by a thin and powerful stream of water. And this is after brushing with a toothbrush. Naturally, I will not post photos of this here.


My personal opinion is that this irrigator is a useful thing. Teeth are already given to us twice by nature, the third time it is already expensive to make them. Therefore, it is better to spend $ 30-40 on additional dental care products, to choose the optimal brush, suitable toothpaste, than to spend a lot of money on teeth restoration later. Personally, I, as well as my wife, are happy with the purchase. The only thing I will note are two points, which, although with a stretch, can be attributed to the disadvantages:
1. Only one nozzle included. Not hygienic.
2. Small volume of water. 180 ml. I have to fill the irrigator twice to clean all my teeth.

Otherwise, this is a useful thing that I could recommend for purchase. It will help you take care of both at home and in, for example, on the road or while traveling, thanks to its autonomy and small size. Of course, perhaps this irrigator is somewhat weaker than large stationary options, but judging by the reviews, it is in this design that people like it more.

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