Dr. Bei C01 Review Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Continuing the topic of gentle oral care, today’s review will focus on the DB.BEI C01 cordless ultrasonic brush 2022. The features of the brush include 2 cleaning modes (standard and gentle), patented TORAY and DuPont bristles, the presence of two replaceable nozzles (for different needs), IPX7 protection, as well as up to 20 days on a single charge.

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Xaiomi Dr.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush 1C USB Rechargeable Adult Waterproof Ultrasonic Automatic 3 Mode with Travel Case

Factory packaging:

Features are placed on the side faces:


  • Toothbrush C01
  • 2 replaceable attachments
  • Wireless charger
  • Carrying case
  • English language instruction

So, the DR.BEI C01 toothbrush comes in a white plastic case with a transparent lid. A set of complete attachments allows you to use it for different purposes.

The first Gum brush — suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. It has in its arsenal a complex structure of bristles, patented as Toray Japan (sharp bristles and bristles with silver ions). The second “Clean” is a brush for everyday use, which has more elastic DuPont bristles and a different structure.

Side-by-side comparison of Toray and DuPont bristle tips:

Having finished with the attachments, we move on to the brush. Made of ABS plastic with a non-slip structured back. The control body is the only one and performs the function of on / off and mode change. Slightly below the indicator of the operating mode: charging, standard and gentle modes.

The standard brushing mode produces more vibrations than my regular Lenovo Lemei toothbrush. In this connection, one has to get used to her work and even the first time the gums were bleeding.

The sparing mode is characterized by a lower intensity of fluctuations, which is why the addiction was faster. But if you need “ultra” cleaning, then the standard mode is your case.

As with all electric brushes, there is a notification about the change of cleaning the area of ​​the oral cavity, every 30 seconds. After 2 minutes of operation, the brush turns off automatically.

Since the brush has an IPX7 protection class, the charging process is inductive and takes place through the hole in the bottom of the handle. The technical characteristics of the toothbrush are also shown there. The built-in 700mAh battery, according to the press release, should last for 20 days of regular cleaning. With standard cleaning 2 times a day, personally, it was enough for 15 days of work.

The charger allows you to charge the brush from any 5V source. Connection is via a standard USB connector.

When setting the toothbrush for charging, the corresponding indicator lights up, while the charging process is approximately 3–3.5 hours.

There is a metal spatula at the top. The base is easily washed out after the resulting deposits over time.

A feature of this brush is also a smooth start of the electric motor, which reaches its peak power in 2 seconds. The total number of vibrations of the bristles is 31,000 per minute. But as mentioned earlier, the intensity is different from my brush (although it has the same amount of vibration).

When installing the nozzle, the fit is not tight, in general, like all toothbrushes.

Due to its small diameter — 25mm, it can be easily operated by a woman’s hand. The overall dimensions are 232 * 25mm, while the weight does not exceed 90g.

I would also like to answer the small working field of the nozzles, which is only 17mm. Compared to Lenovo, which has a 25mm working field, this is damn inconvenient. After all, you have to make more forward movements for proper cleaning. But the very cleaning of the stars from the sky is not enough and is a sensation like an ordinary electric toothbrush. Yes, a smooth start is great and there is less splashing of toothpaste, you quickly get used to it and don’t even feel it (all the more, there is a habit of turning on the brush when the nozzle is directly in the mouth).

The bottom line is the classic electric Toothbrush with a minimum set of functions, good autonomy (although it does not reach the stated 20 days), as well as a decent vibration intensity. This brush can easily be used as an introductory brush before moving on to more “sophisticated” models from the same brand. But the smooth start is a rather interesting option, which is now lacking in the Lenovo brush …

That’s all for me, thank you all for watching!

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