Review Deerma DX700 DX700S Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Review Of Inexpensive Upright Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Deerma DX700 With Aliexpress 2022. I needed a vacuum cleaner to go to the house. Compact to store under the bed, and inexpensive – to the country all the same. 1200 (!) Generally good reviews prompted me to take the model from Xiaomi Deerma. If you want to choose an upright vacuum cleaner, I suggest looking at the review – maybe this one is just what you need.

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Declared characteristics:
  • Transparent 800ml dust bag
  • 3 filters
  • Large main and 2 additional attachments
  • 4.5m cord length
  • 600W suction power
  • 111.2cm maximum length
  • 2.2kg
  • Case – plastic
  • Noise level <75db

Packaging and appearance

Quite good packaging. However, given the fact that it will be recycled, the issue of its design is frankly secondary.

Both the main unit of the vacuum cleaner and everything included in the kit are neatly packed.

Actually, the kit includes:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • long tube with removable handle
  • big brush
  • carpet brush
  • crevice nozzle

The brushes are closer, there is nothing unusual here. The carpet brush rotates, you can adjust the angle you want.

It is on this nozzle, removable and crawling on the handle, that the 4.5m cord of the vacuum cleaner is wound.

And what is really worth noting is this fact, which is far from obvious from the specification and comments – the main large brush is not intended for carpets, it just sucks them in. Here you need to use a small attachment. And if we are talking about cleaning a large carpet, then you can hardly call it convenient.

It is also worth noting that the plastic is relatively soft here. Do not write it down as a negative – it will not affect the cleaning in any way, but if you accidentally hit the pipe, then the chances that it will crack will be less.

And here is the main unit of the vacuum cleaner itself. Visually does not seem cheap. The plastic doesn’t stink, the overall design is far from the basement. I did not find any visible defects in casting and assembly.

Do you know why this patch on the right? So that the vacuum cleaner does not slide along the wall if you lean it against it for storage. An unexpectedly pleasant and thoughtful little thing.

You can use the long barbell as usual.

You can insert the nozzle directly into the main unit, which is convenient for cleaning in a car.

To start the vacuum cleaner, there is a simple switch at its end.

Waste container is fixed with a latch

The manufacturer claims three degrees of purification.

So it is, in general, it is.

At the outlet-inlet of the container there is a removable foam filter

Inside the container itself there are two other filters. Fortunately, the outer is removable, and the inner is not made of cardboard, but of some kind of dense woven material, can be washed.

Well, the capacity itself. This is just a transparent piece of plastic with 800ml capacity, there is absolutely nothing to add to this.

Vacuum cleaner at work

So the good here turns into bad. If we talk about the latter, then we are talking about the fact that the main large nozzle with a brush is designed for smooth surfaces and is not suitable for carpets. I didn’t count on that. The complete nozzle is quite small and it is not tricky to clean relatively small surfaces such as a rug at the entrance with it.

If you are the owner of their full-size Tease, then this vacuum cleaner is not for you. And here it is appropriate to mention the good. Xiaomi Deerma has excellent, excellent suction. Dyson works as the main vacuum cleaner for me, so the comparison here, you understand, is not with some ordinary state employee. So, my wife, having tested Xiaomi Deerma, found both what to criticize and what to praise. I mentioned the first – and here is the second. I repeat, from her words the vacuum cleaner just sucks up the dust remarkably, from her words here it proved to be no worse than a Dyson.

Some kind of illustration is appropriate here … Well, here’s what I can suggest. Pushing aside the bedside table, I found a real fur coat. Who could it be…

“It’s not me,” says baby Pei Mei, “I’ve been here recently!”

The older comrade also indicates with a glance how he is surprised and insulted by suspicions of involvement.

As a result, only one suspect remains … Yes, it’s time to clarify the title of the text.

Occam’s razor cut off all the arguments of the dog – the corgi is to blame for everything, and the redhead goes home.

Actually, then all this garbage cheerfully moved into the container.

In the meantime, it turned out that the vacuum cleaner has undocumented functionality – as expected, Pei Mei was bewitched by the box

General impressions


In general, a good vacuum cleaner. But the wife was counting on more. Now in more detail.

Yes, it is lightweight, easy to operate and will not cause any difficulties in filter cleaning. He actually has good suction power and there is nothing to complain about.

But! Just because of its excellent power, it adheres tightly to the carpet and this is not encouraging. It is worth noting here that in the comments they write that Xiaomi Deerma normally vacuums carpets with low pile. It is quite possible that if the carpet is large, then it can be removed, it will simply outweigh the suction power and remain in place. In our case, there is only a rug at the entrance and the vacuum cleaner simply picks it up. On the other hand, with the size of the rug, it is not difficult to vacuum it with a special complete nozzle.

As a result, you will have to get to the dacha and try it there on a full-size carpet. But due to the season it will not be very soon.

Quality and appearance

Xiaomi Deerma DX700 Video Review

Decent appearance. Simple and neat appearance without a hint of a small price tag.

But the plastic of the tube is relatively soft. If you begin to peer and grope into the vacuum cleaner, then its budget cannot be hidden in any way. Fortunately, this did not affect the functional part in any way.

Eventually. If you need to choose a lightweight and powerful inexpensive vertical wired vacuum cleaner – you can look at Xiaomi Deerma. I outlined the nuance about working on carpets. There are no complaints about the rest. In any case, there are more than a thousand (yes, this is a very popular vacuum cleaner) comments on Aliexpress, you can follow the link and see the reviews of other people to get a complete impression.

The Black Friday sale on Aliexpress is coming soon, so just add the vacuum cleaner (and everything else) to your shopping cart – you can probably knock off the price with coupons and promotional codes. In order not to miss the latter, see the block “about the author” below, there is a link to the discount channel in the telegram.

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