Compact and high quality gaming table. GameLab Monolith review

Gradually, bulky computer tables go out of fashion. Outdated wooden, massive, corner, with cabinets, upper shelves and all sorts of unnecessary functionality tables for home use. They are replaced by compact skeletal sctures. The review will focus on gaming furniture with an aesthetic and concise design, an ergonomic hydrocarbon-coated tabletop, a stable metal scture, intelligent cable management, gaming chips, such as RGB lighting and accessory mounts, I’m talking about the GameLab MONOLITH table.


  • Model Name GameLab MONOLITH

  • Table top finish Carbon fiber, 0.1 mm thick

  • Table top material MDF

  • Frame material Steel, robotic welding

  • Frame type Fixed

  • Maximum load, kg up to 150

  • Cable ducts Yes, 2 pcs., in the color of the worktop

  • Cable management Yes, tray at the back of the table

  • Headset holder Yes, detachable

  • Cup holder Yes, detachable

  • Table top dimensions (WxDxH), cm 114 x 60 x 1.8

  • Table dimensions (WxHxD), cm 114 x 75 x 60

  • LED lighting Yes, around the perimeter of the tabletop

  • USB lighting connection

  • Remote control included Yes

  • Backlight modes 22

  • Number of static colors 20

  • Backlight speed setting Yes

  • Backlight Brightness Adjustment Yes

  • Table weight without packaging, kg 16.1

  • Table weight with packing, kg 18.1

  • Package dimensions (WxDxH), cm 122 x 67.5 x 10.5

  • Warranty 1 year

  • Packing and scope of delivery

    The product is packaged in a compact, high-quality package, in accordance with the size of the countertop, and at first glance it may seem light. In fact, the package is heavy, the weight of the whole set: 18 kg.

    The table is delivered disassembled, inside the box there is a set that is securely housed, which also includes insctions and everything you need for assembly: screws and keys. All components are securely packed and additionally protected from friction during transportation.

    Strong carton packaging Safely packed

    Assembly process and appearance of the product

    After unpacking, I had the details of the designer in front of me, which are assembled into a single scture in just 20-25 minutes. The insctions clearly describe the assembly process.

    Designer details

    The biggest detail is, of course, the countertop. At first glance, and you can’t say that it is made of MDF, it seems that it is a strong plastic. The tabletop is one-piece, the coating is practical, with the addition of hydrocarbon fiber, textured, thus pleasant to the touch and, according to the manufacturer, wear-resistant. Table top length 114 cm, width 60 cm.

    Tabletop. Back view

    The weighty product is made by a metal support – these are 2 legs and a beam that connects them, as well as metal connecting elements for sctural rigidity.

    Please note that the base is equipped with 4 special screw-in feet that perform two functions: height adjustment and correction in case of uneven floors.

    For the greatest safety, convenience and ease of use of the workplace, in principle, like any modern computer desk, this one is equipped with high-quality cable management. A competent organization of wires and cords is implemented here, you won’t even notice if you don’t look closely: space for a cable inside the beam, a basket for cables under the tabletop, holes with plugs for the cable channel on the working surface, a hidden surge protector for power supply. If you take a little time, you can ensure that the playing place is very neat, without any hanging wires.

    The uniqueness and gaming atmosphere will help to create a zone built around the perimeter of the table top with RGB lighting. The control is carried out by the remote control, which is included in the kit. The user can set 1 of 22 programmed modes, change the backlight color, speed and brightness.

    In general, the materials from which the table is made look solid, the metal is strong, the tabletop is processed with high quality, I did not find any irregularities, glue, joints, or unprocessed elements. No backlash of parts, creaking. The strength of the assembled scture does not raise any questions.

    In assembly and operation

    In front of me is a stylish computer desk with a strong metal frame, stable consction, in black. It will perfectly fit into a modern interior in loft style or minimalism. This model is universal, and if you plan to focus on the play area in the room, it will serve as the main furniture and attract attention. But at the same time, this is an option that will be an excellent solution for organizing a work area in a small room where you can’t turn around, thanks to its compact dimensions. In any case, this is a neat design that does not clutter up the space, with hidden wiring, will satisfy the user, and he will comfortably fit behind him.

    When buying, pay attention to the height of the table – 75 cm, it is adjustable, but not significantly. The table is steady on a laminate and a tile, thanks to plastic legs. If the floor is not perfectly flat, it is possible to correct it. The table is heavy, thanks to the metal scture, it does not “ride” on the floor, but it is convenient to carry or move it, because. compact. If you place it along the wall, then it fits snugly against it due to the beveled legs and the proding tabletop. It certainly saves space.

    The tabletop is roomy, its depth is 60 cm, and its width is 120 cm. The absence of sides allows you to use its width to the maximum. On the tabletop, 2 monitors or a combination: monitor-laptop can easily fit. The tabletop is strong, 1.8 cm thick, can withstand a load, according to the manufacturer, 150 kg. I did not conduct such tests, but, having installed the necessary peripherals, working at the computer, I did not find any deflections or shortcomings. As mentioned earlier, the tabletop is made of MDF, but it has a reliable moisture-proof coating, I did not find any defects in the form of obvious seams, scratches, or glue. The cover is pleasant to the touch and practical. The black surface, however, collects dust particles, however, fingerprints do not remain. The coating provides easy sliding of the manipulator, I agree that you can refuse theg.

    The table is ergonomic, for ease of placement of the user, the tabletop has a recess, there is no back wall and side walls, the tabletop is “clean”, even if you use wired peripherals, thanks to hidden cable channels.

    Special attention should be paid to lighting and stands for accessories. The backlight has a standard design, around the perimeter, it is possible to choose a color and adjust the brightness. Bright mug coasters and a headphone holder will make your time at your desk more comfortable, and your work area cleaner and more spacious.

    You can find out the current cost and purchase this gaming table at WILDBERRIES GameLab MONOLITH here.


    GameLab MONOLITH is a classic gaming table that combines style, concise design and ergonomics. Classic form factor, lack of aggressive and massive moments, unnecessary niches, a wide curved tabletop with a high-quality non-staining coating, the ability to refuse ag. There is enough working space to accommodate 2 monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. The table is compact, easy to transport, but at the same time heavy for its design and stable on any flat surface, thanks to the screw-in legs that compensate for uneven flooring and minimally adjust the table in height. From gaming: high-quality and non-aggressive LED lighting for the atmosphere, hidden wires, a headphone holder and a stand for a large gaming mug, where without it? And yet, GameLab furniture is really affordable.

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