Colorful Silicone Train LED Night Light Review

Hello everyone! Today I present to your attention a review of the amazing Colorful Silicone Train children’s night light 2022. Such a night light will be a great addition to any nursery. Made of soft material, pleasant to the touch and completely safe for children. When you press the body, the night light either shines with a warm white light, or slowly changes 6 pleasant glow colors. The thing is interesting and inexpensive. So let’s get down to the review.

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Item type: Night light
Type of lamp used: Built-in LEDs
Nutrition: Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
Dimensions: 187 x 140 x 120 mm
Weight: 200 g

The night light is delivered in a box made of thick cardboard with color printing. On the box you can find the model name, brief specifications and information about the manufacturer. The box looks presentable and reliably protects the contents during transportation.

Opening the box, we will see that everything is folded neatly enough.

The package includes:

  • Night light;
  • USB cable;
  • The instruction is in English.

The night light has an interesting design in the shape of a train, which will please not only a child, but also an adult. We paid special attention to all the details. The main feature of this model, which is clearly visible even before switching on, is the material from which the night light is made. It is a fairly soft and pleasant silicone with a Soft Touch coating. This material is safe for children.

What is remarkable about this material, so that it can be easily compressed. This provides additional benefits for use.

Such a soft and safe lamp can be put in the crib next to the child so that he falls asleep faster if he is afraid of the dark. In addition, the silicone body is more difficult to damage. It will not break if it accidentally falls off a table, for example.

The night light turns on very simply with the power button, which is located at the bottom of the case. Black button, easy to press.

The microUSB connector for charging the battery is located at the back.

The engine is compact in size. Its dimensions: 187 x 140 x 120 mm. Equipped with built-in LEDs and glows very interestingly. However, it is not very bright, but do not forget that this is a night light.

In addition to white light, the night light shines in 6 more different colors. Switching modes is very simple, through a touch. To do this, it is enough to lightly tap the soft body. After the impact, the engine begins to smoothly change colors. Colors change slowly, creating a calming effect. If you knock on the body or lift it again, the night light will turn off. The next tapping on the body – the engine will glow warm white.

Different colors of the glow give slightly different brightness, but if we talk about the backlight, then it is uniform. You can admire such a night light for a long time, it literally bewitches. The battery lasts for about 25 hours of continuous use, so you often won’t need to recharge it.

The Colorful Silicone Train night light left a pleasant impression. He’s quite funny and original. Everything is interesting in it: from the design to the way of switching modes. In the dark, it glows with pleasant colors and does not irritate the eyes. The night light has no unpleasant odors and is safe for children, which is very important when using. The battery life is good enough that it can be recharged infrequently. There were no particular complaints about the work of the night light. Such a lamp will be a great gift for a child.

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